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Intuitive Counseling, Intuition Development Courses, Personal Development & Metaphysics Resources, Free Intuition Test, Online Spiritual Community, And More
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Intuition Course - Develop Intuition & Psychic Ability. 25 Years Of Research. Attract What You Want In Life
contact1 page
Contact LifeLeap Institute
intuitive-counselor1 page
Intuitive Counselor - 25 years of training & experience. See endorsements from celebs, CEOs, police & people just like you. 100% guaranteed. Get help today.
mastery1 page
Intuition Course - Develop Intuition & Psychic Ability. 25 Years Of Research. Attract What You Want In Life
community2 pages
Online Spiritual Community - Free Psychic Readings, Law Of Attraction & More
start1 page
Start Page - LifeLeap's Free Online Spiritual Community
lifeleap-cafe1 page
LifeLeap Café
community-area-tutorials-guidelines1 page
Tutorials & Guidelines
21 page
Tutorials & Guidelines
get-to-know-everyone1 page
Get To Know Everyone
21 page
Get To Know Everyone
131 page
Get To Know Everyone
111 page
Get To Know Everyone
31 page
Get To Know Everyone
101 page
Get To Know Everyone
41 page
Get To Know Everyone
91 page
Get To Know Everyone
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Get To Know Everyone
81 page
Get To Know Everyone
61 page
Get To Know Everyone
71 page
Get To Know Everyone
121 page
Get To Know Everyone
141 page
Get To Know Everyone
151 page
Get To Know Everyone
free-psychic-questions1 page
Free Psychic Questions
21 page
Free Psychic Questions
1351 page
Free Psychic Questions
1071 page
Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
1061 page
Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
1051 page
Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
1471 page
Free Psychic Questions
1461 page
Free Psychic Questions
1491 page
Free Psychic Questions
1481 page
Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
1541 page
Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
1551 page
Free Psychic Questions
1581 page
Free Psychic Questions
1571 page
Free Psychic Questions
1601 page
Free Psychic Questions
1591 page
Free Psychic Questions
1621 page
Free Psychic Questions
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Free Psychic Questions
1631 page
Free Psychic Questions
1661 page
Free Psychic Questions
1641 page
Free Psychic Questions
1651 page
Free Psychic Questions
1681 page
Free Psychic Questions
1671 page
Free Psychic Questions
1701 page
Free Psychic Questions
1691 page
Free Psychic Questions
1721 page
Free Psychic Questions
1711 page
Free Psychic Questions
1741 page
Free Psychic Questions
1731 page
Free Psychic Questions
1751 page
Free Psychic Questions
personal-growth-help1 page
Personal Growth Help
21 page
Personal Growth Help
41 page
Personal Growth Help
31 page
Personal Growth Help
lifeleap-institute-related1 page
LifeLeap Institute Related
21 page
LifeLeap Institute Related
metaphysics-and-paranormal1 page
Metaphysics and Paranormal
psychic-development-forums1 page
Psychic Development Forums
21 page
Psychic Development Forums
41 page
Psychic Development Forums
31 page
Psychic Development Forums
51 page
Psychic Development Forums
spiritual-manifesting1 page
Spiritual Manifesting
21 page
Spiritual Manifesting
metaphysical-healing1 page
Metaphysical Healing
21 page
Metaphysical Healing
31 page
Metaphysical Healing
family-support1 page
Family support
hi-everyone-71 page
Hi, Everyone!
will-he-contact-me-again1 page
Will he contact me again
making-money1 page
making money
best-psychics-online1 page
Best Psychics Online
the-study-of-witchcraft1 page
The study of witchcraft
how-can-i-manifest-my-best-friend-away-from-the-evil-woman-in-his-life1 page
How can i manifest my best friend away from the evil woman in his life
healing-request1 page
Healing request
reading-31 page
twin-flame-101 page
Twin flame
feel-so-depressed-and-dull-and-overwhelmed-right-now-dont-know-how-to-cope1 page
feel so depressed and dull and overwhelmed right now ...don't know how to cope
working-with-spirit-guides1 page
Working with spirit guides
anyone-want-to-test-their-physic-senses1 page
Anyone want to test their Psychic Senses???
request-for-healing-for-and-friend1 page
Request for healing for and friend
hello-everyone-i-just-signed-up-nice-to-meet-you-all1 page
Hello everyone! I just signed up ~ Nice to meet you all
is-it-going-to-get-better1 page
Is it going to get better
reshiad831 page
help-spell-misscarrige1 page
Help spell misscarrige
healing-available1 page
Healing Available
21 page
Healing Available
new-friends1 page
New friends
possible-entity1 page
Possible Entity
entities-gargoyles1 page
Entities - Gargoyles
help-151 page
i-think-i-have-a-gift1 page
I think I have a gift
poll-let-the-lifeleap-community-know-what-you-want1 page
Poll: Let Us Know What You Want
just-want-to-say-hello1 page
Just want to say hello )))
ex-fiance-21 page
Ex fiancé
bereaved-and-lost1 page
Bereaved and lost
forum-rules-and-guidelines1 page
Community Rules and Guidelines
51 page
Community Rules and Guidelines
21 page
Community Rules and Guidelines
31 page
Community Rules and Guidelines
41 page
Community Rules and Guidelines
brand-new-member-☺️1 page
Brand new member ☺️
my-life-81 page
My life
numerolgy1 page
familiars1 page
help-request1 page
Help request
need-help-using-the-lifeleap-community-area1 page
Need Help Using the Lifeleap Community Area?
new-here-61 page
New here
should-i-keep-waiting-for-him1 page
Should I keep waiting for him
how-to-make-a-ex-what-you-back1 page
how to make a ex what you back
meditation-3rd-eye-visions1 page
Meditation/3rd eye/ visions.
obe-experience-help1 page
Obe experience help
guardian1 page
am-i-in-danger1 page
Am I in danger
money-is-corruption-the-minds-of-my-brothers1 page
Money is corruption the minds of my brothers
told-i-can-sense-things1 page
Told I can sense things..
help-someone-put-the-evil-eye-on-me-and-my-life-is-in-shambles-i-cant-live1 page
Help someone put the evil eye on me and my life is in shambles I can't live
main-activity-wall-tutorial1 page
Main Activity Wall – Tutorial
hi-everyone-newbie-here1 page
Hi Everyone, Newbie Here!!!!
relationship-491 page
picture-viewing1 page
Picture Viewing
i-love-him-and-i-dont-know-why1 page
I love him and i dont know why.
secrets-to-communication-mastery-free-download1 page
Secrets To Communication Mastery - Free Download
law-of-attraction1 page
Law Of Attraction - the best free download you’ll find
spirit1 page
want-to-make-friends1 page
Want to make Friends
should-i-be-worried1 page
Should I be worried
questions-on-energy1 page
Questions on energy
health-problems1 page
health problems
profile-pictures1 page
Profile pictures?
financial-41 page
self-love1 page
self love
feature-request1 page
Feature Request
psychic-seer-and-precognition1 page
Psychic seer and precognition.
21 page
Psychic seer and precognition.
hello-everyone-111 page
Hello Everyone !
navigating-and-posting-in-the-forums1 page
Main Activity Area – tutorial
member-profiles-tutorial1 page
Member Profiles – Tutorial
managing-your-friends-tutorial1 page
Managing Your Friends – Tutorial
community-menus1 page
Community Menus
receive-regular-community-updates-giveaways-etc1 page
Receive Regular Community Updates - Giveaways, Etc
breaking-news-mobile-friendly-lifeleap-community1 page
Breaking News - Mobile Friendly LifeLeap Community
have-another-question-on-how-to-use-community-area1 page
Have Another Question On How To Use Community Area?
member-journals-tutorial1 page
Member Journals – Tutorial
uploading-and-editing-your-profile-photo1 page
Uploading and Editing Your Profile Photo
editing-your-profile-info-your-name-location-etc1 page
Editing Your Profile Info – Your Name, Location, etc
children-21 page
follow-us1 page
follow us
new-here-51 page
New here!
hi-161 page
greetings-new-member-here1 page
Greetings, new member here!
hi-151 page
hello-everyone-101 page
Hello Everyone
new-and-happy-to-be-here1 page
New and happy to be here!
good-evening-😁im-new-here1 page
good evening.😁I'm new here!
test-21 page
hello-211 page
hello-world1 page
Hello world!
greetings-precognition-is-my-gift-of-foresight1 page
Greetings, Precognition is my gift of foresight
read-before-posting-any-psychic-insights-to-others1 page
Read Before Posting Here!
31 page
Read Before Posting Here!
21 page
Read Before Posting Here!
41 page
Read Before Posting Here!
curious1 page
pregnancy-171 page
divorce-for-him1 page
divorce for him?
wait-or-move-on-21 page
wait or move on
did-i-end-it-the-right-way1 page
Did I end it the right way?
happy-new-year1 page
Happy New Year
how-many-kids-am-i-going-to-have1 page
How many kids am I going to have
cheater-or-no1 page
so-confused-21 page
So Confused
how-long-will-he-be-away-or-coming-home1 page
How long will he be away or coming home
does-he-love-me-truly-what-he-feels-and-thinks-about-me-will-he-marry-me1 page
Does he love me truly ? what he feels and thinks about me ? will he marry me ?
love-lust1 page
will-this-relationship-work-out1 page
Will this relationship work out?
will-me-and-him-work1 page
will me and him work?
how-do-you-control-your-mind1 page
How Do You Control Your Mind? [video]
personal-growth-articles1 page
Personal Growth Articles
how-can-i-grow-when-my-pain-took-over-my-life1 page
How can I grow when my pain took over my life
whats-my-purpose-on-the-planet1 page
Whats my purpose on the planet?
how-can-i-improve1 page
How can I improve???
healing-21 page
feeling-stuck1 page
Feeling stuck
a-few-days-ago-i-connected1 page
A few days ago I connected
letting-off-emotions1 page
Letting off emotions
struggles-with-personal-growth1 page
Struggles with Personal Growth?
feeling-free-somewhat1 page
Feeling free somewhat
eternity-and-grace-to-manifest-on-earth-in-my-vision-of-calling1 page
eternity and grace to manifest on earth in my vision of calling
help-111 page
receive-the-life-enrichment-guide1 page
Receive the Life Enrichment Guide
free-psychic-tests-and-development-tool-psychic-project1 page
Free Psychic Tests and Development Tool - Psychic Project
activism-resources1 page
Activism Resources
facebook-closed-group1 page
Facebook Closed Group
using-credits1 page
Using Credits
the-psychic-project-wants-you1 page
The Psychic Project Wants You!
new-avatars-are1 page
New Avatars are!
talkers-type-of-easier-to-use-forum-site1 page
Talkers type of Easier to Use, Forum Site
easy-psychic-development-method1 page
Easy Psychic Development Method
famous-people-and-psychics1 page
Famous People And Psychics
wuld-like-to-see-these-added-to-site1 page
Would like to See these added to site
your-psychic-project-is-awesome1 page
your psychic project is awesome
new-article-posted-getting-unstuck1 page
New Article Posted - Getting Unstuck
how-is-this-possible1 page
How is this possible?
free-psychic-development-guide1 page
Free Psychic Development Guide
metaphysics-personal-growth-resources1 page
Metaphysics & Personal Growth Resources
help-on-a-love-situation1 page
Help on a love situation
relaxation-technique1 page
Relaxation technique
help-with-activation-21 page
Help with activation
career-insights1 page
Career Insights?
psychic-tips-guide1 page
Psychic Tips Guide
realization1 page
the-difference-between-imagination-and-psychic-messages1 page
the difference between imagination and psychic messages
im-better-than-youre-second-thoughts-and-youre-maybes1 page
I'm better than you're second thoughts and you're maybe's
metaphysical1 page
intuitive-ability1 page
Intuitive ability
paranormal-experience1 page
Paranormal experience
meditating1 page
is-it-against-the-universal-law-to-manifest-a-specific-person-into-my-life1 page
Is it against the universal law to manifest a specific person into my life?
about-my-relationship-career-and-money-problem1 page
about my relationship career and money problem
are-you-able-to-tell-me-what-spirits-are-around-me1 page
are you able to tell me what spirits are around me
secret-of-attraction1 page
Secret Of Attraction
help-51 page
a-work-in-progress1 page
A work in progress.
manifesting1 page
attraction1 page
changing-idle-thoughts-into-beliefs1 page
Changing 'idle' thoughts into 'beliefs'.
just-when-i-thought-i-was-winning1 page
Just when I thought I was winning!
marketing-the-law-of-attraction1 page
Marketing the law of attraction
hello-i-an-alcholic-and-also-have-problems-with-anxiety-and-deppresion1 page
hello i an alcholic and also have problems with anxiety and deppresion
feeling-down-and-out1 page
i-need-emotional-healing1 page
I need emotional healing
healing-request-for-my-mental-agony1 page
healing request for my mental agony
healing-for-my-daugter1 page
healing for my daugter
anyone-help-me-with-whole-body-and-soul-and-heart-healing-please-i-beg-you1 page
Anyone help me with whole body and soul and heart healing please I beg you
feelung-all-out-of-sorts1 page
Feelung all out of sorts
curses1 page
need-sum-prayers1 page
how-can-you-use-this-to-heal-a-relationship1 page
How can you use this to heal a relationship?
newbie-who-needs-some-help1 page
Newbie who needs some help
remote-healing1 page
Remote Healing
am-i-coming-into-a-gift-abilities1 page
Am I coming into a gift/abilities?
love-relationship1 page
Love relationship
love-651 page
cat-question1 page
Cat question
attachment1 page
mr-s1 page
Mr S
a-little-help-please1 page
A little help please
my-sons-suicide1 page
My sons suicide.
hello💖💖💖love-light1 page
my-question1 page
My Question
help-with-a-friend1 page
Help with a friend
relationship-461 page
love-721 page
hi-131 page
love-701 page
twinflame-connecetion_-lovers-united1 page
hi-all-need-a-answer1 page
Hi all need a answer
new-love-31 page
New love
personal1 page
hello-191 page
will-i-have-a-relationship1 page
Will I have a relationship
will-my-lover-return1 page
Will my lover return?
am-i-on-the-right-path-21 page
Am I on the right path?
should-i-take-a-step-to-this-new-relationship1 page
Should i take a step to this new relationship .. ?!
desperately-need-advice-and-insight1 page
Desperately need advice and insight
relationship-411 page
hellooo-is-it-me-your-looking-for-peace-to-all1 page it me your looking for...Peace to all
crushes1 page
new-41 page
message1 page
my-and-my-ex1 page
My and my ex
where-is-he-21 page
Where is he?
new-here-41 page
New here...
is-this-my-soul-mate1 page
Is this my soul mate?
exam-results1 page
exam results
does-he-still-love-me-even-when-were-apart-as-if-holding-back-feelings1 page
Does he still love me even when we're apart as if holding back feelings
hello-to-everyone-very-excited-to-be-here😊1 page
Hello to everyone, very excited to be here😊
well-he-want-a-relationship-again-his-name-is-ricardo-goodwin-5-17-771 page
Well he want a relationship again his name is Ricardo Goodwin 5-17-77
is-carl-the-one-for-me1 page
Is Carl the one for me
how-to-get-back-your-ex-free-guide1 page
How To Get Back Your Ex (Free Guide)
21 page
How To Get Back Your Ex (Free Guide)
new-here-31 page
New here
newbie1 page
new-31 page
hi-there-may-u-all-b-blessed😇-im-new-to-the-site-so-far-i-like-it☺1 page
Hi there ..May u all b blessed😇...I'm new to the site so far I like it☺
hi-there1 page
Hi there.
hello-181 page
hello-141 page
hey-31 page
hi-everyone-51 page
Hi Everyone
hi-everyone-from-cape-town-south-africa1 page
Hi everyone from cape town south Africa!
hi-111 page
check-out-my-new-website1 page
Check out my new website ;)
hello-161 page
Hello! :)
will-i-ever-be-stable-in-work1 page
Will I ever be stable in work
how-does-my-future-career-look-like-will-i-ever-find-a-good-husband1 page
How does my future career look like? Will i ever find a good husband
does-he-think-about-me1 page
Does he think about me?
pregnant-21 page
will-we-reunite-21 page
Will we reunite
when-will-he-come-back1 page
When will he come back
when-will-i-get-my-daughter-back1 page
When will I get my daughter back
lingering-questions1 page
Lingering questions.
will-we-be-ok1 page
Will we be ok
question-about-my-boyfriend1 page
Question about my boyfriend
test1 page
questions-about-pregnancy1 page
Questions about pregnancy
help-please-31 page
Help please
love-601 page
can-i-have-the-best-of-both-worlds1 page
Can I Have the Best of Both Worlds?
feeling-stuck-financially1 page
Feeling Stuck Financially
cochlear-implants1 page
cochlear implants
using-creativity-to-deal-with-stress1 page
Using creativity to deal with stress
sensitve-to-noise1 page
sensitve to noise
trouble-visualizing1 page
Trouble visualizing
path-21 page
money-problem1 page
Money problem
how-to-release-the-old1 page
How to release the old?
upcoming-childrens-class1 page
Upcoming Children's Class
guided-by-light-and-grounded-by-our-earth1 page
Guided by light and grounded by our Earth ;)
a-date-from-the-past1 page
a date from the past
would-a-spirit-ever-introduce-itself1 page
Would a spirit ever introduce itself
could-i-have-extra-abilities1 page
Could i have extra abilities
innerthird-eye1 page
Inner/third eye
precognitiveprophetic-dreams1 page
Precognitive/Prophetic Dreams
twin-flame-21 page
Twin Flame
how-do-you-convince-yourself-that-you-havewill-have-somethi1 page
How do you convince yourself that you have/will have somethi
helaing1 page
i-raymond1 page
I & Raymond
id-like-to-hear-what-you-think1 page
I'd Like to Hear What You Think!
hello-intuitive-here💮1 page
Hello! Intuitive here💮
hello-171 page
b1 page
hello-151 page
newbie-hi-everyone1 page
Newbie hi everyone!
i-have-a-joke-thought-it-was-a-funny1 page
i have a joke thought it was a funny
hello-everyone-ive-had-an-odd-experience1 page
Hello Everyone...I've had an odd experience...
just-trying-lol-new1 page
Just Trying lol & New
hello-131 page
introduction1 page
hello-121 page
thankyou1 page
hello-everyone-91 page
hello everyone!
hello-everyone-81 page
Hello everyone
hi-everyone1 page
Hi Everyone
one-org-and-nature-canada1 page and nature canada
welcome-to-the-lifeleap-institue-forums1 page
Welcome to the LifeLeap Institue Forums!
seeing-small-circles-of-light1 page
seeing small circles of light.
relationship-and-marriage-21 page
Relationship and Marriage
pregnancy-121 page
baby-dust1 page
Baby dust
fertility-21 page
will-this-work-out1 page
Will This Work Out?
sudden-death-of-mother1 page
Sudden death of Mother
i-think-i-met-the-woman-im-meant-to-be-with1 page
I think I met the woman I'm meant to be with.
someone-new1 page
Someone New
pet1 page
love-life-101 page
Love life
my-boyfriend-21 page
My boyfriend
does-he-love-me-and-want-to-be-with-me-and-what-problems-he-is-having-now1 page
does he love me and want to be with me and what problems he is having now ?
career-111 page
seeing-numbers-1111-and-9-11-daily-and-awakening1 page
Seeing numbers 11:11 and 9.11 daily, and awakening
a-few-questions-can-someone-please-help1 page
A few questions....can someone please help??
marriage1 page
psychic-question-about-life-path1 page
Psychic Question about life path
need-psychic-advice-about-a-relationship1 page
need psychic advice about a relationship
financial-questions1 page
Financial questions
money-problems1 page
Money problems
past-love1 page
Past love
struggling-with-remaining-optimistic-in-a-situation1 page
Struggling with remaining optimistic in a situation
experiences-on-the-path-of-enlightenment1 page
Experiences on the path of Enlightenment
why-do-i-hate-being-rejected1 page
Why do I hate being rejected
im-starting-to-learn-i-need-work1 page
Im starting to learn i need work
money-issue1 page
money issue
paying-more-attention1 page
Paying more attention
my-problem-is-having-close-friends1 page
My problem is having close friends!
a-friend1 page
A friend
why-am-i-in-a-rut1 page
Why am I in a rut
talker-on-health-emotional-factors1 page
Talker on Health & Emotional Factors
talker-on-to-ophiuchus-or-not1 page
Talker on : To Ophiuchus or not?
can-medication-impede-psychic-development1 page
Can Medication Impede Psychic Development?
how-do-i-get-over-my-depression1 page
How do I get over my depression?
quick-psychic-development1 page
Quick Psychic Development
struggling-with-a-weight-issue1 page
Struggling with a weight issue
wanting-to-learn1 page
Wanting to learn
easy-psychic-development1 page
Easy Psychic Development
the-power-of-suggestion-and-telepathy1 page
The power of suggestion and telepathy
telepathy1 page
has-anyone-purchased-the-program1 page
has anyone purchased the program
reoccurring-dreams1 page
Reoccurring dreams
i-do-not-like-experiencing-my-visions-and-dreams-coming-true1 page
I do not like experiencing my visions and dreams coming true.
dream1 page
psychic-test1 page
Psychic Test
willing-to-learn1 page
willing to learn
psychic-sensitivity1 page
Psychic Sensitivity
chakra-healing1 page
Chakra healing
crystals-with-a-field1 page
Crystals With a Field.
spirit-guide-or-protector1 page
Spirit Guide or Protector
psychic-block1 page
Psychic block
i-found-an-amazing-book-on-alchemy1 page
I found an amazing book on Alchemy
how-do-i-know-this-is-real1 page
expect-miracles-in-your-life1 page
Expect Miracles in your life.
need-healing1 page
Need healing
healing1 page
super-anxious-and-depressed1 page
super anxious and depressed
talker-on-true-healing-modalities1 page
Talker On True Healing Modalities
to-work-a-healing-or-not-to-even-try1 page
To 'Work' a Healing or Not to even try!
talkers-metaphysical-healing-overview1 page
Talkers Metaphysical Healing overview
recommended-book-for-spirtual-healing1 page
Recommended book for spirtual healing
hello-101 page
hello-just-joined-i-was-naughty-and-looked-up-my-witch-name-and-it-said-cursed1 page
Hello just joined. I was naughty and looked up my witch name and it said cursed
hello-91 page
newbie-from-uk1 page
newbie from uk
im-brand-new-anday-nervous1 page
I'm brand new anday nervous
🌹1 page
hello-71 page
hello-fron-sweden1 page
Hello fron sweden
psychic-insights1 page
psychic insights
a-little-about-myself1 page
A little about myself.
reebee1 page
hi-everyone-41 page
Hi everyone!
so-its-not-just-me-how-about-that-jim-carrey-video1 page
So it's not just me! How about that Jim Carrey video?
hey-everyone-💜1 page
Hey Everyone 💜
hello-newbie-here1 page
Hello..newbie here :)
hello-to-all1 page
Hello to All
hello-21 page
hi-51 page
hey-guys1 page
hey guys
hello-everyone-31 page
Hello Everyone
new-here1 page
New here
hi-everybody-21 page
Hi Everybody
hi-everybody1 page
Hi everybody!!
hello-my-friends1 page
hello my friends!
hi-my-name-is-shenice1 page
Hi My Name is Shenice
hi-from-india1 page
Hi from India
www-endhomelessness-org1 page
hello-everyone1 page
Hello Everyone!
greetings1 page
hi-31 page
me-and-my-bf1 page
Me and my bf
love-life-71 page
love life
clarity-21 page
bad-feeling1 page
Bad feeling
question-about-mother1 page
question about mother
will-he-contact-me1 page
will he contact me
confused-121 page
questions1 page
surgery1 page
pregnant1 page
location1 page
paula1 page
my-daughter-21 page
My daughter
my-love-21 page
My love
help-with-buying-a-house1 page
Help with buying a house
newly-single-will-my-new-interest-be-a-match1 page
Newly single, will my new interest be a match?
i-need-advise-please1 page
I need advise please!
future1 page
location-and-things1 page
Location and things
my-love-and-school1 page
My Love and School
daughhters-life-choice-career1 page
daughhter's life choice career
please-help-me1 page
Please help me!!
hi-21 page
pregnancy1 page
seeking1 page
relationship-confusement1 page
Relationship confusement?????????
im-confused1 page
I'm confused....
wondering1 page
desperately-seeking-the-real-thing1 page
Desperately seeking the real thing.
dreams1 page
general-future-reading-please1 page
General future reading please?
talker-on-filters-of-lifes-reality1 page
Talker on Filters of Lifes Reality
prior-religious-experience-impede-psychic-growth1 page
Prior Religious Experience Impede Psychic Growth?
how-to-know1 page
How to 'know'
lifting-of-the-veil1 page
Lifting of the veil
floating1 page
how-do-you-know-if-you-are-really-a-medium1 page
How do you know if you are really a medium?
sixth-sense-not-the-movie-but-true-real-life-events1 page
Sixth Sense (not the movie), but true real life events
easy-way-to-clear-your-mind-get-in-touch-wthe-divine1 page
Easy Way to Clear Your Mind & Get in Touch w/the Divine
quantum-physics-article1 page
Quantum Physics Article
here-is-a-great-metaphysics-blog1 page
Here is a great metaphysics blog
colour-co-ordinated1 page
Colour co-ordinated!
hello-51 page
hello-everyone-71 page
Hello everyone
hii-everyone♡1 page
Hii everyone♡
hi-everyone-aloha-from-hawaii1 page
Hi everyone aloha from Hawaii
single-new-mother1 page
Single new mother
hello-im-rob-i-new-to-this-site1 page
Hello im rob i new to this site
hi-everylone1 page
Hi everylone
new-here-intro1 page
New Here. Intro
hello-everyone-im-amanda1 page
Hello everyone Im Amanda!!
wazzzupppp-everybody1 page
Wazzzupppp everybody!
hello-everyone-im-new1 page
Hello everyone I'm new!
confused-71 page
new-here-21 page
New here
hello-81 page
hi-everyone-21 page
Hi Everyone!
hello-from-ontario-canada1 page
hello from ontario canada
hi-from-the-northeast1 page
Hi from the Northeast!!
hi1 page
Hi :)
hi-im-mark1 page
Hi I'm Mark
introductions1 page
me1 page
hello-from-indiana1 page
Hello From Indiana
hi-nie-to-be-here1 page
Hi! Nie to Be Here
lost-in-the-bamboo-forest1 page
Lost in the Bamboo Forest
hi-all1 page
Hi all
hello-from-crete1 page
Hello from Crete!!
hi-friends1 page
hi friends
hello-31 page
new-here-trying-to-find-out-if-i-really-am-a-medium1 page
New here trying to find out if i really am a medium
clarity1 page
engagement1 page
i-have-a-feeling1 page
I have a feeling.
cold-case-from-1976-girl-who-haunts-me-second-opinion-please1 page
Cold case from 1976, girl who haunts me, second opinion please.
new-doctor1 page
New Doctor
my-beatiful-son1 page
My beatiful son :(
twin-flame-41 page
Twin flame
new-chapter-new-beginnings1 page
New Chapter, New Beginnings
when-will-i-get-married1 page
when will I get married
a-beautiful-love-story-hopefully-to-be-continued-😊1 page
A Beautiful Love Story hopefully to be continued....😊
am-i-falling-for-the-one1 page
Am I falling for the one?
twin-flame-61 page
Twin Flame
cherry-ann-greenman-second-opinion-please-21 page
Cherry Ann Greenman, Second opinion please.
clarification1 page
do-not-know-where-to-turn1 page
Do not know where to turn
need-advice-on-teenagersespecially-my-son1 page
Need advice on teenagers,especially my son
true-love1 page
true love
our-home1 page
friendship-in-trouble1 page
Friendship in trouble
single-for-life1 page
single for life?
telepathic-more-intuitive1 page
so-confused1 page
So confused
health-issue1 page
Health Issue
need-help-very-confused1 page
Need help! Very confused!
speaking-of-love1 page
Speaking of Love?
i-need-some-insight1 page
I need some insight
re-my-health1 page
RE: My Health...
help-with-my-boyfriend1 page
help with my boyfriend
could-use-some-help1 page
Could use some help
could-really-use-some-insight1 page
Could really use some insight.
hello-61 page
new-here-hello-from-indianapolis1 page
New here...hello from indianapolis
peace-im-new1 page
peace im new
hi-im-new-21 page
Hi, I'm new
hi-101 page
my-quick-intro-a-big-thank-you1 page
My quick intro & a Big Thank You!
intro1 page
help-71 page
im-new-21 page
I'm new
ready-to-mingle1 page
Ready to mingle
hi-im-new1 page
Hi im new.
new-here-i-hope-to-meet-some-of-you1 page
New here, I hope to meet some of you.
hi-91 page
new-21 page
im-new1 page
I'm New
good-morning-vietnam1 page
Good Morning, VIetnam!
hello-everyone-im-new-here1 page
Hello Everyone I'm New Here
new1 page
hello-everyone-41 page
Hello Everyone :-)
hello-from-california1 page
Hello From California
hello-from-finland1 page
Hello From Finland
annie-from-australia1 page
Annie From Australia
hello1 page
hey-everyone1 page
Hey everyone! :)
hey1 page
Hey :-)
hello-and-thank-you1 page
Hello and thank you
hello-thanks1 page
Hello & THANKS
super-stoked1 page
Super Stoked
hi-61 page
hi-41 page
Hi :)
will-we-have-a-family-and-have-a-future1 page
Will we have a family and have a future
bad-things-happen-to-me1 page
Bad things happen to me
my-ex-41 page
my ex
can-i-win-her-over1 page
Can I win her over?
pain-in-right-eye1 page
Pain in right eye
family-31 page
love-life-91 page
Love life
stay-separated-or-get-back-together1 page
Stay separated or get back together?
please-in-need-of-guidance-and-advice-alot-thanks1 page
Please in need of guidance and advice alot thanks ....
hospital1 page
job-71 page
our-friendship1 page
Our friendship
married-21 page
my-friend-who-gives-mix-signals1 page
My friend who gives mix signals
my-current-relationship1 page
My current relationship
romance1 page
reading-request1 page
Reading Request
continuance-of-my-marriage1 page
Continuance of my marriage
which-direction1 page
Which Direction?
relationship1 page
when-will-i-have-a-baby1 page
When will I have a baby?
love-and-career1 page
Love and career.
could-use-some-help-21 page
Could use some help
will-things-turn-around-for-the-better1 page
Will things turn around for the better
sos1 page
lost-my-zune1 page
Lost my Zune
relationship-question1 page
Relationship question?
how-soon-until-i-hear-the-words-i-love-you1 page
how soon until i hear the words I love you?
professional-direction1 page
professional direction
financial-crisis1 page
Financial Crisis
anyone-there1 page
anyone there
understanding-a-sensative-intuition1 page
understanding a sensative intuition
marriage-41 page
hello-from-georgia1 page
Hello from Georgia
hello-new-11151 page
Hello new 11/15
learning-to-drive1 page
Learning to drive
new-to-this-site1 page
new to this site
illinois-talker1 page
illinois Talker
hi-81 page
new-girl1 page
New Girl
hello-from-elizabeth1 page
Hello From Elizabeth
hello-from-australia1 page
Hello from Australia
hi-everyone-31 page
Hi everyone
new-from-arkansas1 page
New from Arkansas
new-from-north-carolina1 page
New from North Carolina
saying-hello-from-pdx1 page
Saying hello from PDX
hi-my-name-is-gin1 page
Hi, my name is Gin!
hi-71 page
hello-everyone-61 page
Hello everyone
hello-from-africa1 page
Hello from Africa
hello-from-st-louis-mo1 page
Hello from St. Louis, MO
hi-am-a-newbie1 page
Hi am a newbie
new-to-lifeleap1 page
New to Lifeleap
hello-everyone-21 page
Hello everyone
hello-i-am-new-call-me-mae1 page
Hello I am new Call me Mae!
new-to-the-forum1 page
New to the Forum
hello-from-thailand1 page
Hello From Thailand
hello-41 page
im-new-in-town1 page
I'm New in Town
hello-everyone-51 page
Hello Everyone
are-we-meant-to-be-together-or-just-a-memory1 page
Are we meant to be together or just a memory?
did-he-really-love-me-and-is-still-in-love-with-me1 page
Did he really love me and is still in love with me?
family-21 page
who-is-my-soulmate1 page
Who is my Soulmate?
trying-a-question-a-different-way1 page
Trying a question a different way...
job-61 page
is-my-grandad-ok-on-the-other-side1 page
Is my grandad ok on the other side?
ex-31 page
could-any-one-do-a-spread-on-my-love-life1 page
Could any one do a spread on my love life?
realtionship-question1 page
realtionship question
future-31 page
wait-or-move-on1 page
wait or move on??
sick1 page
can-i-get-a-reading1 page
Can I get a reading?
love-life-81 page
Love Life
why-cant-i-stop-obsessing-over-jennifer1 page
Why can't I stop obsessing over Jennifer?
cant-move-on-from-greg1 page
Can't move on from Greg
were-to-go-from-here1 page
Were To Go From Here
were-to-go-from-here-21 page
Were To Go From Here
a-lost-sould-looking-for-answers1 page
A Lost Sould Looking For Answers!
emotional-stuckness1 page
emotional stuckness
about-husbands-career1 page
About husband's career
what-should-i-do1 page
What should I do?
anyone-please1 page
Anyone Please??
s-o-s1 page
carrer1 page
circles1 page
will-she-help-me1 page
Will she help me
my-marriage1 page
My Marriage
please-help1 page
Please help
internship-problem1 page
Internship problem
decisions-31 page
marriage-121 page
twin-flames-and-soul-connections1 page
twin flames and soul connections
pregnancy-successful1 page
Pregnancy successful?
future-21 page
ex-boyfriend-21 page
Ex boyfriend
new-start1 page
New start
very-confused-and-dont-know-what-to-do1 page
Very confused and don't know what to do ???
wealth1 page
restless-and-confused1 page
Restless and confused
finding-love-again1 page
Finding Love Again
why-is-he-pulling-away1 page
Why is he pulling away ?
higher-paying-work1 page
higher paying work
psychics1 page
21 page
emotional-block1 page
Emotional block
my-best-friend1 page
My Best Friend
relationship-21 page
health-question1 page
Health Question
how-to-go-about-this1 page
How to go about this?
have-i-done-the-right-thing1 page
Have I done the right thing
clairvoyant-or-crazy1 page
clairvoyant or crazy?
on-the-move1 page
on the move
advice-would-be-much-appreciated1 page
advice would be much appreciated!
choosing-work-situation1 page
Choosing work situation
marriage-advice1 page
Marriage Advice
graduate-school1 page
christopher1 page
more-than-just-a-friendship1 page
More than just a Friendship?
my-love-life-51 page
My Love Life
crush1 page
college-or-not1 page
College or Not?
birthday-gifts1 page
Birthday Gifts
longterm-romance-ended-happy-but-where-is-new-man1 page
Longterm romance ended- happy but where is new man?
will-he-talk-to-me-need-guidance-from-one-psychic-to-another1 page
Will he talk to me? Need guidance from one psychic to another
twin-flame-51 page
Twin flame
the-rainbow-after-the-storm1 page
The rainbow after the storm
almost-at-rock-bottom1 page
Almost at rock bottom
what-is-in-my-future1 page
What is in my future?
can-i-get-a-little-help-with-my-short-and-long-term-paths1 page
Can i get a little help with my short and long term paths?
new-job-21 page
New Job?
curious-about-my-relationship1 page
Curious about my "relationship"
im-feeling-lost1 page
I'm feeling lost!
about-my-love-life-career-and-skin1 page
About my love Life, career and skin
just-curious-am-i-an-indigo-adult1 page
Just curious, Am I an Indigo Adult.
in-search-of-some-insight1 page
In search of some insight
please-help-me-to-take-correct-decision1 page
please help me to take correct decision
21 page
please help me to take correct decision
new-business1 page
New Business
relationship-question-31 page
relationship question
what-do-you-all-think-of-him1 page
What do you all think of him?
changed-friend1 page
changed friend
crossroads1 page
can-anyone-advice-me-in-my-problems1 page
real-threat-or-nothing-to-worry-about1 page
Real threat or nothing to worry about?
i-really-need-some-guidance1 page
I really need some guidance!
i-need-some-guidance-please1 page
I need some guidance please
should-i-start-this-venture1 page
Should I start this venture?
having-a-baby1 page
having a baby
going-to-play-detective1 page
going to play detective
stuck-between-them1 page
Stuck between them
when-will-baby-be-born1 page
When will baby be born?
love-591 page
will-my-baby-survive1 page
will my baby survive ?
lost-pet-21 page
Lost Pet
can-i-get-a-tarot-spread-please1 page
Can I get a tarot spread please?
lifepath1 page
should-we-move1 page
Should we move?
husband-21 page
dreamsdeathand-religion1 page
Dreams,Death,and Religion
relationship-361 page
31 page
21 page
what-should-i-do-51 page
what should I do
lovejail1 page
did-i-make-the-right-decision1 page
Did I make the right decision?
soulmate-81 page
confused1 page
path1 page
friendship-problems1 page
Friendship Problems
bold-career-move1 page
Bold Career Move
guidance1 page
my-friendshiprelationship-issue1 page
My Friendship/Relationship Issue
collegeseducation1 page
i-feel-so-lost1 page
i feel so lost
stuck-in-a-rut1 page
stuck in a rut....
taking-it-slow-what-could-be-next1 page
Taking it slow, what could be next?
relationship-and-love1 page
relationship and love
when1 page
am-i-just-not-ready-or1 page
Am I just not ready or...?
inspiration-and-attraction1 page
Inspiration and attraction
21 page
Inspiration and attraction
help1 page
heart-broken1 page
Heart broken
kitty-still-awol1 page
Kitty still AWOL
is-my-partner-having-an-affair-with-someone-i-know1 page
is my partner having an affair with someone I know?
love-571 page
soulmate-71 page
husband-passed-away1 page
Husband passed away
i-wanna-know-if-jim-morrison-from-the-doors-is-still-alive1 page
I wanna know if jim morrison from the doors is still alive
will-my-ex-return1 page
Will my Ex return
age-and-life1 page
Age and Life
trust-broken1 page
Trust Broken
struggle1 page
tonight1 page
colorful-lights-and-orb-picture-reading-pictures-attached1 page
Colorful lights and orb picture reading pictures attached
should-i-let-it-go-or-are-we-meant-to-be1 page
should i let it go? or are we meant to be
will-my-life-ever-return-to-normal1 page
Will my life ever return to normal
i-think-my-cousin-is-into-me1 page
I think my cousin is into me
baby1 page
relationship-31 page
should-i-keep-hoping1 page
Should I keep hoping
in-need-of-a-little-guidance1 page
In need of a little guidance
love-and-music1 page
love and music
61 page
love and music
21 page
love and music
31 page
love and music
41 page
love and music
51 page
love and music
when-will-i-live-freely1 page
When will I live freely?
very-lostdepressed-and-confused1 page
very lost,depressed and confused
help-please1 page
help please!
future-life1 page
Future Life
my-new-attorney1 page
My New Attorney
how-will-my-singing-turn-out1 page
How will my singing turn out
how-does-he-feel-about-me1 page
how does he feel about me
i-need-guidance1 page
I need guidance
should-i-just-give-up1 page
should I just give up
i-dont-know-whether-i-should-move-on1 page
I don't know whether I should move on...
birthday-and-death1 page
Birthday and Death
relationship-321 page
how-can-i-get-it-off-me1 page
how can i get it off me
love-581 page
kitty-willow-still-missing1 page
Kitty Willow still missing
has-my-partner-cheated-on-me1 page
Has my partner cheated on me
still-needing-help-from-animal-communicatord1 page
Still needing help from animal communicatord
realationship1 page
please-21 page
eyesight-health-issue1 page
Eyesight health issue
date1 page
ex-factor1 page
Ex Factor
in-need-of-help1 page
In need of help
hes-sick-and-im-freaking-out-can-i-handle1 page
he's sick! and im freaking out! can i handle???
some-help-for-my-friend-please1 page
Some help for my friend please.
which-direction-should-i-take-in-school1 page
Which direction should I take in school?
can-i-get-pregnant1 page
can i get pregnant??
a-general-question1 page
A general question
31 page
A general question
21 page
A general question
is-he-a-good-match1 page
Is he a good match?
seperated-by-cicumstances1 page
Seperated by cicumstances
will-we-reconcille1 page
Will we reconcille?
general-questions1 page
General Questions
how-long-will-it-take-my-voice-to-matureeeee1 page
How long will it take my voice to matureeeee
michael-jackson-dreams1 page
MIchael Jackson dreams
relationship-insight1 page
Relationship Insight?
relationship-question-41 page
Relationship question
is-there-a-future-of-her-with-me1 page
Is there a future of her with me?
should-i-go-for-it1 page
Should I go for it
paranoia-or-premonition1 page
paranoia or premonition?
question-on-relationship-please1 page
Question on Relationship...Please
did-my-wife-drug-me1 page
Did my wife drug me
missing1 page
my-bipolar-wife-said-she-cheated-on-me1 page
My bipolar wife said she cheated on me.
christine-or-symona1 page
Christine or symona
looking-for-a-spirit-baby-reading1 page
Looking for a Spirit Baby Reading
will-i-ever-have-children-and-with-whom1 page
Will I ever have children and with whom
my-love-life-31 page
My love life
finding-ideal-life-partner1 page
Finding ideal life partner
will-things-work-for-us1 page
Will things work for us
is-the-love-still-there1 page
Is the love still there
relationship-331 page
my-husband-21 page
My husband
ex-fiance1 page
are-we-meant-to-be1 page
Are we meant to be?
heartbroken-in-sa1 page
Heartbroken in SA
maybe-baby1 page
Maybe Baby
reconcilliation-is-it-likely1 page
Reconcilliation is it likely?
astral-projection-and-spirit-guides1 page
Astral projection and spirit guides
move-on-or-stay1 page
MOve on or Stay?
please-help-21 page
Please Help!!!
relationship-question-51 page
Relationship Question
confused-2 1 page
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