Psychic Project FAQs

Psychic Project - Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Psychic Ability?

Psychic ability allows you to gain information outside the reach of the ordinary senses. Psychic ability does not come from our intellectual reasoning although it may be translated and filtered through our reasoning.

Psychic ability is also known as intuition, remote viewing, clairvoyance, and the sixth sense. The standard dictionary definition is "immediate apprehension by the mind without reasoning."

Most highly successful people are super-psychic and use this skill every day. They might call it intuition, gut feelings, or hunches - but it's all just psychic ability.

Whatever you call it, psychic ability is a powerful skill which makes your life more exciting, easier, and happier. Your "sixth sense" helps you make smarter decisions in relationships, finances, and about any other area of your life that matters.

Psychic ability has been researched and proven to exist for 50 years by credible establishments like Duke University, Princeton University, Stanford, and the CIA. The debate is over - psychic ability is real and it's a natural part of being human.

Scientists throughout the world are agreeing that a universal intelligence connects everything in our reality. To put it simply, deep in our minds, there is a part of us that is always connected to everyone, everything, and all of time. People have an ability to receive specific information about a subject from this 'big mind.' This is so regardless if there was previous knowledge of the subject. This is how psychic ability works.

Psychic information is also not bound by space and time. In other words, someone that is psychically inclined can receive information from a thousand miles away about an event that happened 10 years ago. Again, this ability are backed up by credible universities and the U.S. Government. So in a nutshell, this is what psychic ability is all about.

Will this site make me more psychic?

Yes And No. This site is a fun tool that allows you to develop and test your own psychic ability. You have to do the work though - we can't do it for you. The more often you participate and the more effort you put into the exercises, the better the results you will receive. Psychic ability is similar to a muscle - the more you use it, the stronger it gets.

Remember, as a human being, psychic ability is one the most important skills you can develop in your life.

It allows you to make better choices that lead to healthier, more lasting relationships. It helps you make decisions that lead to greater financial success and a more fulfillment. Psychic ability creates a life for you that is less painful and confusing - a life that is easier, more exciting and more rewarding. The Psychic Project is a safe and confidential learning environment that allows you to develop this priceless skill.

What's different about the Psychic Project compared to all of the other "psychic tests" which can be found on the internet?

The main difference is that we use actual real events, objects, and even people who we have interviewed for targets. Most generic psychic test on the internet use generated digital shapes. In our experience, we have found that psychic accuracy tends to be greater for everyone when real events and people are used.

Also, our team has years of experience teaching people how to use their own psychic ability. We have trained many people who have gone off to work with police, corporations, and governments using psychic ability. Because of this, we have the knowledge which has allowed us to design a unique program which helps you open up your own psychic ability. The way the program is designed is based on years of research, experience, and field studies.

Even if the Psychic Project only seems like a simple and fun test, we are guiding you through a very specific process. This process will help you to develop a psychic skill which can be used in every aspect of your life - relationship, career, happiness, family, and more.

Is this a joke? - How is it possible for a website to help me develop my own psychic ability?

Psychic ability can be developed by harnessing a meditative state (through relaxation, etc) and then concentrating on an event, object or person at a distant location. This is how most professional psychics achieve their success. This is the methodology behind the Psychic Project.

We give you a 'target' to focus on (without first revealing to you what the target is). We then ask you to answer questions about the target. Then, we show you what the target is along with your results so that you can compare the two. With a bit of practice, this process is proven to work.

Don't take our word for it though. See the Princeton University PEAR Project, or do a Google search on the CIA Funded Stargate Project. These are both highly credible research projects that used the same methodology as the Psychic Project, and both received astonishing results that were beyond any doubt.

How many psychic exercises are available in the Psychic Project?

Each time we create a new group of targets, you will have the option to complete Twelve Psychic Project exercises. When you register to the project, login, and follow the instructions, you will first complete two of the exercises. On the 'Results Page' of the exercises (where you see your exercise results and the actual target information), you will find a button that takes you to more exercises. Make sure to participate in all of the Psychic Project exercises!

The Psychic Project is great, but I want to develop my psychic ability even greater. What can I do?

Our Life Mastery Program provides the training which allows you to accomplish this. The training program is based on years of research, including a project with the U.S. Air Force.

Wherever you are in the world, the training includes personal assistance from Dale Sellers (founder of LifeLeap) and a great community of supportive students.

Develop psychic accuracy which can be used any time, at will, and in any situation. And most importantly, discover how to spiritually attract what you want in your life, and remove what you don't want. Just image how you could improve your life with these skills!

See the details of our Life Mastery Program now: Get Details Now

Can I communicate with other participants and ask the Target Person questions?

Yes - In the Multiple Exercise Control Panel, for each completed exercise, you will find a button that allows you to proceed to the Community Area for that particular exercise. In this area, you can share your experiences with other Psychic Project participants.

You also have the opportunity to ask questions to those individuals who served as the 'Target People.' You can even come back later (day, week, etc) and check the comments to see any replies from other members and 'Target People.'

When you make comments, you can also look forward to receiving personal comments and tips from Dale Sellers, founder of LifeLeap Institute. Dale shares his years of psychic development training and experience to help make the Psychic Project more successful and exciting for you.

The Community Area is the place to post and read comments for other participants, the Target Individuals, and receive personal tips from Dale Sellers, the founder of LifeLeap Institute.

Is it possible for anyone to cheat in the Psychic'Project?

Even if a friend tells you about the targets in the project before you participate, it is almost impossible to cheat in the Psychic Project. The project has multiple test which rotate for incoming members - in other words, no two people will likely be presented with the same test. Even if you logout and create a new membership, you will not receive the same test, and it will be impossible to'cheat

I was too accurate in the Psychic Project. Is the project rigged to show me results based on what I enter in the'project?

Absolutely not! Many people question this when they hit on accurate psychic insights. It's difficult to believe these ability are possible, especially for someone who has no training in metaphysics. But it's not uncommon for participants to hit on a high level of accuracy with a little'effort.

When a participant enters the project, the software directs them to one of the 12 exercises before any information is entered. Regardless of what information a participation enters, they will be directed to the target exercises randomly assigned to them when they begin the'exercise.

How much does it cost to participate in the Psychic Project?

The Psychic Project is a free project provided by LifeLeap Institute. The mission of the Institute is to provide resources to help others enrich their lives. We always appreciate support from members in the form of donations. This helps up to improve, maintain, and post more frequent exercises for the Psychic Project. If you can help: Make a donation today!

How do I apply to become a 'Target Person'?

For many of the exercises of the Psychic Project, we use a 'Target Person' as a target. This person fills out a detailed application, submits a picture, and is then selected by us based on certain criteria. If you are interested in applying to be a 'Target Person' in the future, simply use our online application process.

I want to help - What can I do to support the Psychic Project?

You are welcome to tell others about the Psychic Project. This will give others the same opportunity that you have received. Share a link to in your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn account. We have helpful share buttons on the front page of the project. To support the Psychic Project, you can also send us donation. This helps up to improve, maintain, and post more frequent exercises for the Psychic Project:

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I want test and develop my psychic ability now with the Psychic Project. What do I do next?

Getting starting is easy and free. We walk you through the whole project, step by step. We even coach you on how to use your own intuition in the project. If you are a new participant or a previous member, get started by going back to the project start'page:

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