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Here’s an intense video of my dear friend and mentor, the late Linda Georgian, giving live psychic readings. You can also see some of well-known clients at the end of video. Linda was one of the most famous psychics/teachers in history and her readings were incredibly accurate. I had the privilege of getting many personal readings from her, many of which influenced my life on major levels.

I was lucky enough to know Linda for several years. I managed her psychic consulting firm, and worked as a psychic for her. We worked together so much at one point that we became roommates.

Learning psychic & spiritual development methods from one of the most famous psychics ever…

In the time I shared with Linda, I way able to pick her mind and document the methods she used to achieve a Mastery-Level of psychic ability. This started off as a detailed written manual to train other psychics. Over the years, we also did many mind-blowing meditations together.

Linda shared with me the exact methods she used to reach a powerful level of psychic accuracy. This is the same psychic accuracy which allowed her to make regular clients out of US Presidents, Famous Celebrities, and Various Law Enforcement Agencies.

This coveted information from Linda is included within our Life Mastery Program, which is our training program available here at LifeLeap Institute. These are detailed transformational methods and strategies that you won’t find in any other course, book, or weekend seminar.

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These are methods which actually work because they come from some of the best sources: a formal military intelligence project with the US Air Force and of course, my work with Linda Georgian.

Much of this approach involves a deep transformational process that allows you to re-wire who you are as an individual: how you react to life, how you interact with others, how much influence you have over yourself and the rest of life.

In fact, Linda shared with me the DETAILED FORMULA for spiritually manifesting what you want in your life, whether it’s the ideal relationship, the career of your dreams, or something else that you desire.

Maybe you don’t want to be a celebrity psychic and put yourself on TV in front of millions of people like Linda did. And that’s fine.

But regardless of your life path or what you choose to do professionally, just imagine how having sharp psychic abilities could improve your life:

  • When you have questions about someone, like on a first date, imagine being able to sense this person’s true feelings, motivations, and even how they will be treating you in the future. Imagine how much easier it will be to make choices that will allow you to avoid needless suffering and wasted time.

  • Imagine being able to get accurate psychic details about a major decision, before you commit to these decisions. Whether it’s with a new career path, a small business, or a move to a new city, just imagine how easier life could be if you could see what will happen before you make you decide.

  • Have you tried to apply the Law Of Attraction and you just didn’t get the results you wanted? Imagine being able to finally make the Law Of Attraction work for you. Using principles and techniques passed down from Linda herself, imagine being able to finally manifest that ideal mate or that job you’ve been dreaming about.

Psychic awareness is really just about using that other powerful 90% of your mind that most people never access. What you choose to do with this awareness is up to you, but regardless of who you are, this power is available to you.

Psychic awareness is about living to your full potential. It’s about living a fuller life with less suffering, disappointment, confusion, and heartbreak.

I knew Linda very well and I know she would want you to have this information, this step-by-step approach to opening your mind, your spirit, and your potential. So to make it easy for you…

Are you ready to upgrade your life?

Develop Your Intuition

When it comes to getting results, you have everything you need deep within you. Let me help you tap into your INNER POWER and start using it in your life today.

After thousands of field studies and over 25 years of research, we have a complete approach to personal and spiritual growth. Again, much of this training is inspired by my direct experience with Linda Georgia, picking her brain to figure out what actually works. So when it comes to personal and spiritual development, you don’t have to spend days, or years, trying to figure out how to get real results.

Developing intuition and other psychic abilities can be a daunting task, but only if you use methods which don’t actually work.

Our Life Mastery Program contains tested and proven methods allowing you to develop the inner awareness, strength, focus, and personal control it takes to get ahead. These are methods already being used by happy and successful people, all over the world.

We have a great private online community of students active in the program – doctors, entrepreneurs, college students, police officers, etc. You get the support you need so you get the most out the program. Of course, you get personal help from me throughout the training.

For the price of a couple cups of coffee a day, enroll as student in the Life Mastery Program:

  • Learn advanced methods for developing spiritual awareness and psychic-based abilities – learn how to apply this in your life to make everything easier, more exciting, and more joyful.

  • Learn practical yet powerful methods for getting absolute control over emotions and thinking – this is what allows you to accomplish what you want in life.

  • Develop a "magnet consciousness," allowing you to spiritually attract what you want with romance, your career, and other areas of your life.

If you have been struggling in any area of your life, it’s time to make a change for the best. Give yourself a fighting chance to have the awareness, joy, and success you deserve!

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