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Free Psychic Test - The Psychic Project Has Helped Thousands To Develop & Test Psychic Ability Since 2001 - All For Free!

Hi, I'm Dale Sellers, Founder of LifeLeap Institute. The Psychic Project is a free online tool designed specifically to grade and supercharge your own psychic ability. It helps you develop that vital 90% of your mind that most people rarely use. The Psychic Project is reliable, confidential, easy to use - and it's fun!

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You Are Already Psychic!

Psychic ability is a powerful skill which makes your life more exciting, easier, and happier. Your "sixth sense" helps you make smarter decisions in relationships, finances, and any other area of your life that matters.

Most highly successful people are super-psychic and use this skill every day. They might call it intuition, gut feelings, or hunches - but it's all just psychic ability.

Although it's not common knowledge, psychic ability has been researched and proven to exist for 50 years by credible establishments like Duke University, Princeton University, and the CIA. The debate is over - psychic ability is real and it's a natural part of being human.

And most importantly, psychic ability is available to everyone. It's just a matter of acknowledging it and using it. Psychic ability is like a muscle - the more you practice it, the stronger it gets. But you have to practice. This is where the Psychic Project comes to the rescue!

free psychic test

How The Psychic Project Works

Originally put together as a psychic testing tool for our Psychic Training Course students, we decided to make these psychic tests available to everyone. Over the years, we've received great feedback about this mind-blowing online tool - many say it's downright addicting!

The Psychic Project is a unique online psychic development tool because it uses real people and events as 'psychic targets.'

We start by asking you to focus on the 'psychic targets' and answer a series of special questions about these targets (before we give you any details about these events or people). We then reveal to you the actual psychic targets.

You get to compare your results with the actual psychic targets. You get to also see the results of other participants. Then are 12 different exercises, which you can do over time until we launch new exercises (just come back and log in).

It may seem crazy, but this project could easily change your life. Why? Psychic ability is a spiritual ability. Through hands-on experience, the Psychic Project often proves the existence of a spiritual reality to the participant. So it's fun, but it also gives you a glimpse of a greater spiritual truth.

And even if you think you have no psychic ability, this tool will offer proof that you do. It's easy to participate and the Psychic Project is free!

Still have questions? See the Psychic Project Frequently Asked Questions