Intimacy Mastery Course – use sexual energy to create more love, manifest what you want & develop psychic abilities

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Learn How To Transform Sexual Intimacy Into A More Loving Experience & Use Sexual Energy To Spiritually Attract What You Want In Life, Develop Sharp Psychic Abilities, And More

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Learn How To Transform Sexual Intimacy Into A More Loving Experience & Use Sexual Energy To Spiritually Attract What You Want In Life, Develop Sharp Psychic Abilities, And More

Sexual Intimacy Is A Huge Part Of Being Human!

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In fact, many scientists believe sex is the Single Strongest Human Drive. Because sex is so important in life, these experience must be acknowledged and explored, especially when it comes to personal and spiritual growth. This just makes sense, doesn't it?

As we all know, Sex is the Big Pink Elephant in the room that few people want to openly discuss or embrace. Why is this so?

But the reality is you are sexually active, you have been in the past, or you will likely be in the future. Again, it's a part of being human. So, we are talking about something which is already a part of your life.

If this is so, why not make sex more enjoyable, beneficial, and healthy?

Let's face it - For most people, the experience of sex is defined by a mixture of animalistic desires and cultural influence. While this isn't necessarily bad, this can be a limiting way of perceiving and experiencing intimacy.

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As humans, sexual desire is biologically ingrained within us. There are almost 8 Billion People on the planet, largely due to this intense human drive.

Wow! That's a lot of people. And, if you think about it, each of us was created by sex. So, we are all sexual beings, whether we admit it or not.

And as you know, Culturally, Sex Is Everywhere. Just turn on the radio or TV and you will see it. Sex is a big part of commercial advertising. How many ads have you seen this week that contain hints of sex?

And surprisingly, for many years over 80% of all internet activity was sex related. I was shocked when I discovered the extensive research backing this up.

Fact: To this day, the most popular search term in Google Search (from men and women) guessed it: Sex

Actually, almost all the top searched phrases in Google are sex related. You wouldn't know so many people are focused on sex when you're out-and-about in public, but this is human behavior in its rawest form.

What Is Sexual Intimacy For Most People?

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Interestingly, widespread research from credible universities reveals some startling facts about what sex is for the masses.

While intimacy in the western culture is sometimes seen as a sacred human experience, it's often portrayed as dominating, competitive, and even violent. Turn on the TV, any day of the week, and you will hear it in the language people use about sex.

It's so commonplace these days that we don't even think about it. It's accepted for sex to be viewed and embraced in these ways.

Of course, our natural human desires help to shape our experience of sex - we are born with this. But so much of how we define sex is a result of cultural influence. Advertisements, music, and our peers often infect us with a shallow view of sex. Yes, it's sad, but it's so true!

Think about it for a moment - where do your views about sex come from?

Are they all original, from you? How strongly have you been influenced by TV, your friends, or even Facebook? Most people never ask themselves these questions - they just trudge through life on autopilot, never questioning why they do the things they do.

And here's the shocker...

During intimate experiences, many of us want to gain a more meaningful, intimate connection with our lover. But, most of the time sex is portrayed in our culture in a way which encourages 'Sex Without Love.'

When we are constantly exposed to this image of sex, it's difficult not to let this impress upon our own views. In the end, many of us just aren't able to truly connect with others on a more loving level. Sex becomes a soul-sucking experience which leaves us feeling cheap and empty.

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And oddly enough, it's becoming the norm to objectify our lovers during intimate encounters, perceiving our lovers as a 'thing' rather than a human or spiritual being.

Wait a second! We feel deep love for our romantic lovers, but we objectify them during sex? Yes! According to massive research, this is the norm (for both men and women).

Sometimes sex is just about selfish pleasure, but nothing more. Some religions take it a step further and portray sex as sinful, anti-religious, and to only be used for procreation.

Even between long-time married couples who seem to be in love and happy, sex is often cold, distant, un-stimulating, disconnected, and indifferent.

When the bedroom door closes, so many of us shift into that same-old 'primal' mentality. Major research studies reveal this is the reality of sex for most people.

Maybe, just maybe, we just never realized there was a different option?

So, What Can Sex Be For You?

If we take away the deep-ingrained influence from our parents, from movies, from our religions, and from our peers, what can sex be as an experience? What can sex be if we rise above our basic level, primal human instincts?

To help you answer these questions and to help you expand the experience of sex in your own life, we have created a Powerful 3 Lesson Mini-Course covering these topics.

For a moment, just imagine what sexual intimacy with your romantic partner will be like after you complete this training. Image how it will feel to be so much more empowered, connected, and overwhelmed with bliss, together.

Imagine reaching new levels of spiritual awareness and psychic ability just by using these methods in your lovemaking encounters. Now that's a great Two For One!

Imagine the look in your partner's eyes when they experience the awe, deeper bond, and satisfaction of a 'higher intimate' experience.

The 'Intimacy Mastery Course' helps to make this all a reality for you.

The mini-course 'tastefully' explores and provides intense methods for healing and enhancing your intimate experience.

These are proven methods, many originating from ancient cultures dating back thousands of years. Although you won't find a lot of this type of thing in the western culture, these practices are still standing the test of time, simply because they work.

Here are just some of the benefits you can expect to gain:

Better Romance & A Stronger Connection

  • Create unforgettable moments of love and pure bliss which have lasting effects in your relationship. These 'higher intimate' experiences never become boring, because they are always evolving. Each intimate encounter has a permanent impact in your life, and the life of your lover.

  • Discover how sex can be an experience which you truly connect on intimate & spiritual levels with your partner. Learn how to replace the same old 'primal sex' with more love, openness, compassion, and caring.

  • Make sex an experience which strengthens and creates a deeper bond in your relationship, instead of hurting that bond at each encounter.

Major Spiritual & Personal Growth

  • Any intimate experience creates an enormous amount of energy – just like the energy you sense when working with Polarities and Power Shifting in the Life Mastery Program. During intimate activity, this energy can be focused to radically accelerate your spiritual growth.

  • Want to strengthen your intuition or healing ability? Want to put depth, real intensity behind what you want to spiritually attract in your life? Learn how to use 'controlled intimate energy' to achieve major spiritual growth in the shortest amount of time.

  • Intimate energy is likely the strongest force you have at your fingertips to get the results you want in life. So, why not take advantage of it?

'Upgrading' your intimate life in these ways is a big step towards improving your romantic relationship! We are talking about a new way of living that has the potential to save a wounded marriage or relationship. And if your intimate area of your life is already great, the approaches in this course will only make it better.

Even if you are single, intimate energy can be a powerful force for transformation. You can achieve a lot on your own, such as using intimate energy to spiritually attract a new romantic relationship into your life.

For over 25 years, I've received many student requests for the methods shared in the Intimacy Mastery Course. I've literally had students beg for this type of training. Although I was hesitant for some time, about 5 years ago we started working on the Intimacy Mastery Course and it's been quite a journey.

I see sexual intimacy in people's lives as such a great opportunity for enjoyment, personal growth, and spiritual growth. Better sex is also one the biggest steps you can take to give your romantic relationship a lasting and loving improvement. These realities inspired us to to create the Intimacy Mastery Course for you.

The Reality: Sex is such a deep part of being human, whether we admit it or not. If our personal and spiritual growth never reaches what happens in the bedroom, we are missing out on a huge opportunity.

The Intimacy Mastery Course is simply about helping you to include sex as a part of your personal and spiritual growth, along with making this experience more exciting, enjoyable and loving.

Intimacy Mastery Course – Lesson Details

Lesson 1

In this first lesson, we examine the science of sexual intimacy. Discover what credible universities and research institutions have to say about human sex. These revealing facts will surprise you and will change your perspective about what sex is for the human race. Discover why as humans we are so driven towards sex, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Next, we examine the “roles” we as humans play during intimate interactions, including the origins of these roles. Just by realizing “why” we do things can have a huge impact in our intimate experiences (for the better)!

Of course, in this lesson we begin exploring methods you can start using to make sex in your life more satisfying, exciting and meaningful experience. Learn detailed and specific methods to instantly create a strong emotional and spiritual connection between you and your lover during sex. These methods are so simple, yet so powerful.

Believe it or not, many people feel alone, even in the middle of an intimate experience. The methods offered here help you to break down the barriers, so you and your lover can finally connect without limitations, boundaries, or obstacles. Imagine the romantic benefits of achieving this!

Lesson 2

Our deep-ingrained beliefs and emotions influence what sex is to us as individuals. Maybe it comes from our parents or maybe from our other experiences, but we all have deep ideas and feelings about sex. While you may not have a negative view of sex, our deep-down blueprint often limits how we experience sex in life.

To truly reach mastery in the intimate experience, we must clear away what is blocking us from experiencing this higher state of connecting and existing. In this lesson, learn methods to release stored trauma, limitations, and the unneeded patterns that are limiting you from achieving higher-level sex.

Using your Life Mastery Program training as a foundation, we show you how to re-design what is occurring internally within you, in your intimate encounters.

As you make these changes within yourself, you open the door to achieve more intense, enjoyable, and loving sex in your life.

And we aren't just talking about what's on the surface. Many of our deep ideas and feelings about sex are hidden inside of us, unavailable to the normal conscious mind. The methods we share in this course allow you to access these deeper, unknown parts of yourself, and make any changes if needed.

Once you work through your personal blocks, you open the path for powerful spiritual energy to flow. This results in more strength, awareness, and ability in every area of your life. Even if you feel content with the intimate area of your life, removing obstacles can help you reach that next higher level of experience. And there is always a next, higher level!

Lesson 3

During every intimate experience, there is an enormous amount of spiritual energy generated. If you've ever had intimate experiences, you've felt this energy. But most of the time, it's there, and then it's gone.

For most people, sex is one big missed opportunity. It's a missed opportunity for great spiritual and personal growth. There is so much more which can be achieved during sex than what most people realize.

In this lesson, we cover detailed methods for harnessing, magnifying, and using intimate energy in a radical way. Sex creates a nuclear-level burst of spiritual energy. We show you how to direct this energy to get results in every area of your life.

As you've probably noticed, you experience sex in your sex chakra. But, what about the other chakras? Learn detailed methods for routing intimate energy to the various chakras within your body. When you achieve this, you benefit from the awareness and abilities associated with each chakra.

For example, you can look forward to sharing moments of total spiritual bliss with your lover. There won't be any questions if you've achieved this when it happens – you will know!

Look forward to supercharging your intuition, your ability to psychically influence others, and your ability to magnetically attract what you want. These things are possible with the methods shared in this lesson.

Intimacy Mastery Course – What You Get

This 6 Week Mini-Course contains 3 Written Lessons (detailed above) which can be downloaded and/or printed. You receive one lesson every 2 weeks. Just like in the Life Mastery Program, this 2 weeks gives you time to absorb the information and integrate what you have learned into your life.

Along with the written lessons, the Intimacy Mastery Course includes 1 Hour of Personal Coaching with me (we can break this hour into a couple sessions). In these coaching sessions, I help you better understand the exercises and concepts of this course. I use my years of training and experience as a healer to help you speed up this process, troubleshoot any issues that arise, and help you to apply the training into your life.

Along with each lesson and 1 hour of coaching, you get lifetime access to a private discussion area. This community area is accessible only to students of the Intimacy Mastery Course and is located on our website. Of course, all community members are also Life Mastery Students, so you will see some familiar faces.

If you get stuck or want help applying this training into your life, I'm here to personally answer your questions in the community – with no judgments.

In the student community, you can also share your experiences and get feedback from other students. We make it a point to monitor and keep the community area 'clean' and 'respectful,' so we can all feel comfortable participating as mature adults.

What This Course Is Not

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This isn't a sex manual with awkward pictures or revealing personal stories. You can get those things elsewhere, if you choose. The purpose of the course is not to shock you or make you uncomfortable, but to share with you concepts and working methods for using sex as a more productive force in your life.

The course material is no more 'racy' than what you find in a PG-13 movie at the theaters.

Intimacy Mastery isn't about sexual positions, but more about approaching sex with a heightened sense of awareness. It's about being conscious of the role and mindset you are experiencing. It's about using the energy created during intimacy in a purposeful and beneficial way.

The Intimacy Mastery Course presents concepts and methods in a 'clean' and practical way, allowing you to immediately start using these practices in your day-to-day life.

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Just like our Life Mastery Program, in the Intimacy Mastery Course we don't shove any dogma or philosophy down your throat.

Instead, using our Life Mastery Program as a foundation, we show you how to integrate these methods into your intimate life.

We provide simple methods for you to experiment with during your intimate experiences – methods such as techniques to build up and expand intimate energy, methods which tie intimate energy into the chakras, and more.

As you experiment and use these methods in your intimate life, you experience the benefits first-hand. As 'higher sex' becomes a part of your life, sex will be something you and your partner appreciate more, instead of dreading it or just 'going through the motions' as so many people do.

As you expand your experience during sex with these approaches, just imagine how you and your partner will feel - so much more enjoyment, excitement, intensity, and of course, a deeper bond between the two of you.

Intimacy Mastery Course - Frequently Asked Questions

To explain things a little more clearly, let's look at some frequently asked Questions about the Intimacy Mastery Course:

Will this make me feel bad about my current intimate life?

Of course not! No one is telling you who or how to be during sex in this mini-course. In fact, you are welcome to continue your current intimate practices however you seem fit. The course isn't about morals, ethics, or trying to make you feel guilty or ashamed. It's simply an exploration of little-known concepts and methods for experiencing and using sex in a different way. You can apply the information how you choose in your life.

You can still have “passionate” sex or play the “roles” you choose to express during intimate encounters – no one is trying to take these things away from you.

But…you just might find the “old way” of doing things is boring and meaningless compared to what you learn how to do in this course. This is your call to make!

What is the source of the information in this mini-course?

Our team has spent years researching and collecting information about what works at achieving a “higher-level” intimate life. This includes compiling methods from various sources, even manuscripts dating back thousands of years. We combine this with research from Credible Universities and Research Institutes.

And finally, we tie everything together with our vast knowledge of various spiritual growth methods, including techniques within the Life Mastery Program.

All methods shared in the Intimacy Mastery Course have been tested in a pilot study with a select group of students. We've received nothing but great feedback at how effective these methods are at improving sex, love, and spiritual growth.

I know you aren't seeing a lot of personal testimonials here from students who have starting using these methods. Of course not! Sex is a private area of people's lives and not many of us really like to Kiss And Tell (including myself).

And, you won't find the information in this course in a bookstore or on the internet. Sure, you might be able to figure some of it out on your own, or you could Leap Ahead years and take advantage of what the Intimacy Mastery Course has to offer.

Can I share this information with my intimate partner, even if they aren't a student of the Intimacy Mastery Course?

We encourage it! Many of the methods in this course require participation from your intimate partner and we provide guidelines and suggestions for achieving this.

Because “sex” is involved, you will find most partners are more-than-willing to try something new and exciting. It's like asking someone to try a new flavor of ice-cream – it's a difficult thing to resist!

Many of the beginning-level methods shared can be used by anyone – and learning new spiritual lingo or doing something weird during sex is not required or necessary (so you don't have to make yourself seem like an odd-ball by sharing these methods)!

We aren't encouraging you to be sneaky, but several of the methods we share can be used without your partner's participation or knowledge.

You don't even have to reveal what you are doing, which can even be more fun sometimes. Of course, whether your partner realizes it or not, using these methods during sex will help you to make huge strides in the connection and intimacy you share together.

Caution: Make sure to put your seatbelt on and get ready for more excitement, enjoyment and romance as you work these concepts and methods into your intimate life. These methods will help to bring out a side of your romantic lover you probably didn't know existed.

What will I have to do differently during sex to get the benefits from this course?

How you apply the methods in this training is very flexible - you have the full choice of freedom. Either way, you still get major benefits.

It could be a matter of using some simple 'tweaks' during sex, such as little changes in how you approach foreplay. It could also involve more communication with your partner during sex, although this isn't required.

This good news is that you don't have to do anything radical or weird.

And, you don't have to try to talk your partner into doing something strange. As we all know, this isn't always a fun thing to do in a relationship.

The methods shared in this course will fit naturally into how you already approach sex. You will wonder why you didn't figure these things out earlier in life, because it makes so much sense.

What if I'm just not into sex at this stage of my life?

Maybe you're turned off and discouraged about sex. Or maybe you are suffering from intimate or relationship trauma, and sex is the last thing on your mind. Maybe you are just indifferent to sex. If you don't want to focus on sex at this stage of your life, this is your free will.

At the same time, we ask you to at least consider how sex might still be a huge part of who you are as a human and spiritual being. Great teachers and thinkers have sworn to this for thousands of years.

There is a school of thought which even suggests repressing intimate desires and energy can be dangerously destructive in our lives. And, when we have an imbalance in the intimate realm of our life, it's likely to bleed over into other areas of our life – financial success, friendships, family, and our health.

Of course, how you perceive the reality of sex is up to you. If you choose to dive back in, the methods in this course will help you to heal through any emotional or spiritual obstacles, and allow you to start experiencing sex in a healthier, more exciting and enjoyable way.

Sex is an incredibly powerful force, so why not at least consider embracing this power and using it to improve your life and the life of those around you?

Even just studying the information we have for you can be a healing process, as you will learn some new enlightening ways of perceiving and experiencing sex.

What if I'm single and I don't have an intimate partner?

It doesn't matter. You can use most of these methods in this course on your own. You will still gain many of the benefits – increased spiritual awareness and abilities, greater emotional health, and more. You can still look forward to experiencing greater enjoyment, excitement, and healing!

Are you suffering from a recent breakup? Even if you are severely heartbroken and depressed, the approaches in this course can help you rise above the challenges you are facing in life - loneliness, suffering, lack of energy, hopelessness, and anger. It's about using one of the most powerful forces available to you in a way which creates positive change in your life.

In fact, this mini-course contains some of the most intense methods offered by LifeLeap Institute for spiritually attracting what you want into your life, including a new romantic lover (if this is what you would like to do).

I'm really happy with sex in my life – how can this course possibly make it better?

First off, give yourself a pat on the back! You are statistically in a very small percentage of the human race.

But, even if you are completely content with your the intimate area of your life, the training in this course will help you to improve sexual intimacy in ways you probably never knew existed. You receive methods that will allow you to expand beyond the boundaries most people are limited to, when it comes to sex. And most people never even touch the surface of these boundaries.

It might be hard to believe, but unless you've had specific training in how to achieve “higher-level” sex, you likely aren't achieving the enjoyment, intensity and other benefits of this type of experience.

Even if you can't imagine it, yes, your intimate experiences can become much more intense, enjoyable, and loving. And, sex can be a direct doorway to greater, mind-blowing spiritual awareness.

Just to give you an idea, comparing average sex to higher-level sex is like comparing roller-skates to a jet-powered rocket. There really is no comparison!

Maybe it's a ridiculous question, but do you want to connect with your romantic partner with an intensity you've never experienced? Do you desire to have sharper psychic abilities, or do you want to spiritually attract more of what you want? Do you want to super-boost your ability to spiritually heal other people? These are just some of the things you can achieve by including higher-level sex into your life.

And like so many things in life, sex is a process. It can always be improved, and it can always get better. This training puts the tools in your hands to allow you to jump further ahead in this journey.

So, Are You Ready To Reach The Next Level Of Intimate Experience?

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There is so much research on the benefits of an active intimate life, including major benefits to your health, stress reduction, and mental health. Sex keeps you looking young, it keeps you happy, and it keeps you fit. On top of this, sex is likely one of the most enjoyable experiences available to you as a human being.

There is also a large amount of research offering proof that a better sex life is one of the greatest steps you can take to repair or improve your relationship with your romantic lover.

Applying the methods in this course could literally be the single-most important step that helps save your marriage or relationship!

Take the step today and get started on a great journey to intimate, personal, and spiritual fulfillment.

Seriously - Don't Miss This Life Changing Opportunity

This is one of those 'fork in the road' moments for you. From this very moment, you have the rest of your life in front of you.

You have a choice, you can either keep 'going about' sex in the same way you have up until this point. And remember - Even if your the intimate area of your life is great, without specific training such as in the Intimacy Mastery Course, there are levels of intimate experience you will likely never reach. can open the door to a new better, more intense, more loving, way of experiencing sex. We are talking about mind-blowing encounters that create a super-bond between you and your partner. We are talking about super-charging your psychic and healing ability in an enjoyable and healthy way.

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It probably won't happen, but what if the methods in the Intimacy Mastery Course don't work for you? What if you get stuck on any of the approaches offered? Great News - You have my personal guarantee I will do my best to help you through any challenges you face with the material of this course.

I'm happy to make suggestions on how to resolve issues and apply the training to your unique life circumstances.

The course is presented in a practical and easy-to-understand manner, but when you need help, I'm personally here for you.

Course Prerequisites & Details

The Intimacy Mastery Course is only available to Active Students in our Life Mastery Program (sorry, but there are no exceptions to this prerequisite).

In case you not familiar with it, the Life Mastery Program is our world-famous training program. Originally created from research obtained through a project with the US Air Force, the program is packed full with methods for achieving what you want in life: lasting and loving relationships, financial success, sharp intuition and other psychic based abilities, spiritual awareness, and more.

Lessons 1-6 of the Life Mastery Program help you to prepare for the advanced methods in the Intimacy Mastery Course.

The methods in the Intimacy Mastery mini-course will be confusing until you compete lessons 1-6 in the Life Mastery Program. So, we require the completion of these Life Mastery Program lessons before a student can access the Intimacy Mastery Course. Once you reach lesson 6 of the Life Mastery Program, the Intimacy Mastery Course will be available to you.

Get over and check out the details of the Life Mastery Program now:

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