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Wherever you are in the world, learn to develop super-human abilities, break free from personal limitations, and spiritually manifest what you want

Develop Your Intuition

Hi, I'm Dale Sellers, Founder of LifeLeap Institute. I used the methods here to rise above my inner suffering, start spiritually attracting the things I wanted, and jumpstart my psychic and healing abilities. I went from having no spiritual awareness to doing psychic work for Police, Celebrities, and CEOs & working full time as a professional healer.

I'm 100% confident you can use this training to start achieving what you want in life.

Wherever you are in the world, LifeLeap Academy offers a step-by-step approach to creating a major life breakthrough - with your relationships, your finances, your health, spiritual advancement, every area of life.

Is LifeLeap Academy right for you?

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  • Are you struggling: relationships, finances, physical health, family, or your career?

  • Are your psychic, spiritual, and healing abilities blocked?

  • Would you like to gain more mental and emotional control?

  • Do you not have a support group of people sharing your same purposes, interests, and goals?

  • Has psychological counseling or other methods of personal growth not working for you?

  • Is your life stagnant, mediocre or beyond your control?

  • Even if thing are OK for you, do you want to achieve more: metaphysically, wealth, helping others, your life potential?

  • Regardless of where you are on life's journey, LifeLeap Academy has many profound benefits to offer. This information is a result of years of international field studies - our team has decades of combined experience in personal, spiritual, and psychic development. The training within the Academy helps you to gain more personal control, a healthier life, and a greater experience of joy.

Why should you join LifeLeap Academy?

1. Powerful approach without the fluff

For literally decades, I studied and trained with some of the greatest leaders in the fields of metaphysics and personal growth. I received my initial training at a former U.S. Intelligence Project set up to teach soldiers how to develop psychic abilities and recover from combat trauma. This allowed me to excel as a psychic and healer.

psychic course Dale hit the nail on the head. He is precise and accurate. I had an unsolved case in a sealed envelope.

Dale was able to pinpoint the crime and the suspects name. He has been correct with my personal readings.

psychic training

I also mentored in-person under the late Linda Georgian, who helped bring holism into the mainstream. Linda was a psychic to 3 US Presidents, dozens of celebrities, and a best-selling author. Linda is just one of the many mentors that helped me put this training together for you.

For the last 20 years, my own team has research and tested what it takes to create real change, awareness, and superhuman abilities. The Academy exist to spread this life-changing knowledge to people who are ready for a transformation.

2. Community Support

We show you how to develop the life-changing mindset and spiritual power that's truly required to make your life easier and more fulfilling. And you don't have to do this alone: LifeLeap Academy includes ongoing coaching support from me personally and access to our private community of students, graduates, and teachers. We also offer live video classes with student joining in from across the world.

3. Dogma Free

This training program is not based on any single theological or philosophical path. This approach does not rely on gimmicks and wacky rituals where you have to wear robes, do strange breathing exercises or walk on hot coals. Instead, we provide you with direct and effective tools that allow you to quickly achieve your personal goals without having to make any changes to your lifestyle.

4. Practical Skills

If you desire, with this training you can achieve astral projection, dream control, past life recall, and many more exciting abilities. But the true power of the program is the awareness and abilities you can develop and use in your day-to-day life.

This training is about helping you to create loving and lasting relationships, to give you a cutting-edge in high pressure environments such as business meetings, to help you radically improve your family life, to heal yourself and others of sickness, to be able to spiritually attract what you want in your life, and so much more.

5. Pulls From A Broad Range Of Sources

Through extensive research, our team has tested the most effective approaches - Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism, principles for Quantum Physics, many Disciplines of Yoga, Metaphysical Disciplines, Hinduism, Ancient Jewish Mysticism, Western Psychology and Remote Viewing.

Through years of painstaking trial and error, we have sifted through what methods work and which methods will not work for you. By combining a variety of techniques from many different sources, we have a complete program full of powerful tools. Years of development allow us to provide you 'the best of the best.

6. Simple Techniques With Profound Effects

Using written lessons and training videos as a framework, the program offers the best metaphysical development and personal growth approaches available - using a variety of visual, mental, and spiritual exercises. These techniques were collected from the best sources of meditation, psychology, and metaphysics. You will not find this kind of powerful training on the internet or at your local bookstore. These are widely unknown exercises and principles. Our training material is far from what's available in the mainstream.

What You Will Learn

Control Over Your Emotions and Thinking

intuive counselor

Your control over your emotions/thoughts will determine what kind of life you have - romantically, wealth, health, and happiness. Gain more inner peace and accomplish what you want with tools to manage out of control thinking and emotions. Instead of reacting to life, choose how you experience it. Get tools you can use throughout the day to remove the grips others have on you. Feel how you want regardless of what's happening. Learn how to use thought and emotion as powerful force to create change in your life.

Accurate Psychic Awareness

psychic development course

The potential for psychic awareness has been proven to exists, including studies by Princeton University and the CIA. Reach genius levels of functioning by learning to access/use a consciousness larger than the limited self. Use psychic ability safely and under your control. Psychically see what you need to about people, events, and look into the probable future. With psychic insights, make better decisions, make your life easier, less painful, and more exciting.

Rapid Manifestation Skills

spiritual growth courses

You are already spiritually attracting/influencing people and events into your life. This is a fact validated by great achievers and credible universities. Take more control over this process. Learn intense methods designed to help you start attracting what you want. Get any blocks out of the way which are preventing manifestation. These powerful methods blow away any mainstream techniques like affirmations, vision boards, mantras, etc.

Upgrading Your Love Life

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Whether you are single, happily married, or in a stagnant relationship, as you change inside, who you are in your love life changes. Learn how to finally start attracting the right types of people romantically into your life. Break and destructive patterns that exist in your current relationship. Learn to connect with other on a deeper level. Even if things are ok, learn strategies to make things even better, stretching far beyond a mediocre love life.

Wealth Creation

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You can work hard your whole life, but you'll never reach success unless you also remove any mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks which prevent financial success. Learn how to identify hidden obstacles deep within you, and 'rewire' who you are when it comes to money. Many of our students have used these exact techniques to break lifelong limiting patterns, allowing them to finally start creating the wealth and personal freedom desired.

Higher Level Sexuality

spiritual online community

Even many 'spiritual' people become primal humans in the bedroom, never experiencing a higher level of sexual experience. Learn methods for bringing a deeper awareness into sexual practices. Discover approaches to removing sexual trauma from the past and evolving beyond the limiting 'roles' that imprison most people during intimacy. Learn to use sexual energy as powerful spiritual force for manifesting what you want, developing rapid psychic abilities, and more.

Advanced Psychic Ability

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It's not a requirement for being a student, but we offer detailed training for achieving higher level psychic abilities. Learn to astral project and travel in your soul body. Shift into other dimensions to connect with dead loved ones. Learn to psychically influence others around you. Learn to access past lives within yourself and others. Not only are these all exciting experiences, but the spiritual awareness you gain empowers every other aspect of your life.

Deeper Understanding

Workshops & Retreats

Are you a seeker or truth? No one can tell you what truth is using logic or thought, but we can show you methods which allow you experience reality on a deeper level. LifeLeap Academy is filled with awareness building techniques. These include workable methods for transcending beyond the ego and accessing the universal mind. It's in these experiences that so many questions can be answered.

Spiritual And Psychic Abilities Are Real

Since one of LifeLeap Academy's core focuses is developing spiritual/psychic intelligence, it's important realize how powerful and real this ability is. The potential this ability has been proven to exist by some of the most credible sources, such as Princeton University, Duke University, the United States Army, and the University Of Arizona.

Scientific research has demonstrated that individuals can psychically sense information from thousands of miles away, accomplish physical healing of illness using metaphysical means, and influence physical objects even from great distances.

For a fascinating insight into this phenomenon, watch this video from Russell Targ, Ph.D., who is recognized as a world renowned scientist. After receiving his physics degree from Columbia University and working in management at Lockheed Martin, Targ developed the de-classified CIA Stargate Project.

The Stargate Project was a CIA funded, 20 Year Military Intelligence Project focused on developing and implementing psychic development.

Why Spiritual & Psychic Abilities Are So Important

There is great power in true spiritual ability. It is possible to know what someone is feeling, even if that person is thousands of miles away. It is possible to psychically see your own future, so you can make changes if necessary. It is possible to attract a specific amount of money or a romantic partner with unique qualities, all by harnessing the powerful spiritual force that is available to everyone.

psychic development course

"The sixth sense is the faculty which marks the difference between a genius and an ordinary individual."

Napoleon Hill
Author of Think And Grow Rich
* Sold over 100 Million Copies

Especially when faced with an issue, a crisis, or something new you want to accomplish, psychic ability is required to make great leaps.

Are you are comfortable with working a mediocre job, shallow romantic relationships, and just 'getting by' in life? If so, you may not really need to develop your psychic awareness.

But if you want to achieve great things, psychic ability is an absolute requirement. If you want to have a lasting and loving relationship that is extraordinary, you need a strong skill of psychic ability. If you want to have an impact in the world, you just can't accomplish this without having a strong sixth sense.

These are the very reasons we put great emphasis on psychic and spiritual abilities in the LifeLeap Academy.

Book-smarts, a High IQ, and reasoning will only you take you so far. You reach a point when you come to a brick wall, and you must use your sixth sense to make it to the other side. This is true with relationships, wealth, and creativity.

It's simple - To live a life full of excitement, creativity, accomplishment and compassion, a deep spiritual awareness is a requirement. So why would you deny yourself another single day, from personally using this ability in your own life?

Develop Your Psychic & Spiritual Awareness

Movies and television give people a distorted view of psychic and spiritual abilities. Our culture teaches us these things are dangerous, evil, or that these abilities can only be achieved by certain 'gifted' individuals.

The truth is that spiritual abilities are natural and everyone has them.

Basically, our minds can be seen similar to a laptop computer. To the untrained eye, that computer seems to be only an independent machine in a case, processing and storing information all by itself.

In reality, the computer is tapped into a global network - it's sending and receiving information from far beyond the confines of it's case.

Science has discovered that our minds work in much the same way. Although there are no wires connecting us together, there is a constant flow of information - our minds are constantly transmitting and receiving information beyond the boundaries of our physical body. This information can be from thousands of miles away, from the past, or even the future.

Intuition Chat

Intuition Chat

"Deep down in the consciousness of man is one."

- David Bohm, PhD.
Internationally Renowned Physicist
Princeton University Professor

This Universal Mind that we all share allows metaphysical abilities to exist. By becoming aware of this Universal Mind and learning to harness it, these abilities become possible.

But developing these types of abilities isn't about learning to do something new such as reading tarot cards, using a crystal ball, or engaging in some type of odd ritual.

These abilities are a result of a deeper self-awareness and more advanced self-control. If psychic awareness, healing ability, and the ability to manifest what you want are important to you, your core focus has to be healing yourself on a deeper level.

This is a large part of what we help you accomplish in the LifeLeap Academy

This involves getting control over your emotional reactions, taking back the power that others have on you, stopping the effects of past trauma and limiting beliefs, and reclaiming your own personal inner-power.

The good news is that if you are willing to invest just a little time and energy into inner growth, there is nothing stopping you from attaining this goal.

Use This Training In A Variety Of situations

  • Intuitively sensing the true motivations and feelings of others - this will save you the pain of being betrayed, disappointed, and being mislead before you go down the wrong path

  • Dealing with stressful issues in a challenging relationship

  • Controlling anger, fear, and repeated frustrations

  • Getting a job promotion or launching your own business - get the confidence, quick thinking and psychic awareness required to be an achiever

  • Calming someone that's in a crisis - a loved one, co-worker, a stranger

  • Managing the troubles of young children and teenagers

  • Overcoming the effects of sexual trauma - most approaches of therapy fail in this situation

  • Managing and healing a chronic health condition

  • Manifesting more wealth and the ideal romantic relationship into your life

Student Results

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Many highly successful people are using the training in this program as an opportunity to create powerful changes in their lives. Hundreds of case studies have shown that participants of this training are better at controlling their emotions, their thoughts, and achieving their goals more easily.

The techniques in the classes have also been proven to enhance metaphysical abilities such as psychic ability and healing.

A person's true level of self-awareness can be measured by the spiritual abilities they can demonstrate.

Most of the participants of this program can openly display remarkable psychic awareness, remote viewing and other abilities associated with a higher awareness, even if tested in watchful scientific environments.

Many of the students of this training have gone on to be master achievers:

  • Healers who get referrals from doctors

  • Professional psychics endorsed by police, celebrities, PhDs, and CEOs.

  • Respected political activists fighting for human rights

  • Successful business owners

  • Healthcare professionals that go 'far beyond' conventional medicine when helping difficult patients

Change begins almost immediately as you use these methods in everyday life. Positive results provide proof to everyone.

LifeLeap Academy - Training Format

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Personal Support From Myself & Other Teachers

Just as with martial arts or yoga training, to really grow as a student, it's critical to have 'real people' to guide you - people who have walked further along the path than you. No instructional DVD or e-book can take the place of this 'personal guidance.

For all students, we provide all of the personal support you need to get the most out of the program material. This includes phone and online interaction - all with me personally. I have over 25 years experience in personal growth and spiritual development, and I'm ready to share with you all the powerful knowledge I've acquired. If you get stuck or want help customizing this training to your life, I'm here for you.

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Over 20 Step-By-Step Written Lessons

Hundred of pages of powerful excises and concepts all written in an easy to understand format. The lessons are in PDF form for easy reference. Each of the core lessons is designed as a building block for the next lesson. Because of this, it's required that you take the classes in order, starting from Lesson One. Because the LifeLeap Academy training is very intense, one lesson is given every two weeks, giving you time to process and apply the information in your life.

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Live Video/Phone Classes

Connect live to my public and student classes at my Spiritual Center in Tallahassee, Florida. Participate through chat and get your questions answered, and share your experience.

Note: You are not required to participate in live classes/calls to excel in the LifeLeap Academy. Everything you need to grow as a student is included in the written lessons, recorded videos/audios. You work at your own pace, on your own schedule.

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Bank Of Video/Audio Resources

View previous videos of classes. See animated videos of many of the exercises in this training. Get access to audio guides you can use on phone, laptop, etc.

Whenever we hold new video/call classes, you get access to recordings of these videos/audio to absorb on your own time.

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Private Student Community

Private Online Discussion Area linking you to people all over the world that are participating in the program. This is also where you get access to your LifeLeap Academy lessons and all the resources which come with the training. Connect with other students, share experiences, and ask questions about the training. I check it daily and answer questions from students in the program.

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Personalized Coaching

If you prefer to work more seriously with me over the phone/video, coaching options are available. Using the training as a format, I customize each call to your unique needs.

A typical coaching session might include me psychically diagnosing what is occurring in your life on various levels, and maybe a set of guided meditations with the goal helping your achieve your specific desires.

Individual Class Descriptions

* Along with the written lessons, LifeLeap Academy also includes audio exercises, video animations, free live teleclasses, and all the other resources you need to get the most out of this training.

The 3 Lesson Intimacy Mastery Course is included in the LifeLeap Academy (starts around lesson 6 of the core lessons). Separately, there is an Advanced/Teacher's Course Available and a course for Working Professionally as a Psychic.

Frequently Asked Questions

This Is YOUR opportunity of a lifetime

Why settle for the limiting and painful lifestyle of the victim or the underachiever? This program is a profound alternative. If you are like most people, conditioning has bombarded you since birth from many sources - your parents, the media, the educational system, and your peers. Some of this programming is positive but, much of what you accepted is probably very limiting and has led to great suffering.

This program provides powerful methods to help you keep what you want and discard the rest. We are all about helping you experience life more pro-actively and living more fully. It's about personal responsibility and honesty. There's no doubt this training is the most valuable experience many people have ever had. It is fast, powerful, and effective.

But don't take my word for it. Become your own researcher. Set your life up as your own laboratory, experiment, and then make the decision for yourself.

Working in a cubicle making phone calls all day was not exactly what I envisioned a Bachelor's degree could do for me. The training in this course helped me identify and cut through all the clutter in my life and cleared a path in the process.

As a result I can not only visualize the outcome of future projects but describe in detail the steps I'll take to get there and what actions to avoid. Since I have a small business, this type of thing comes in handy.

The exercises are clear cut and easy enough for anyone to do well with practice. With the addition of Dale's coaching, I was able to get results at a constant and deliberate pace.

Intuition Chat

More than likely, you will never again be given the opportunity this program has to offer - true psychic awareness, a deep spiritual connection, powerful tools for personal growth, and the real ability to spiritually manifest what you want in your life.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Take the step today to get enrolled or if you have further questions, let me know (you will find contact information using the button below).

Get Started  Now

Take these three easy steps to get enrolled in the program:

  1. Below, choose LifeLeap Academy Plan which is the best fit for you (if you have questions first, contact me).

  2. Click on the 'Enroll Now' button of your choice to purchase the program safely online using PayPal or your credit card, or contact us to purchase program over the phone.

  3. If purchasing online, you will be directed to our shopping basket. Simply follow the directions to complete your purchase.

Important - if you want to take the program in-person at one of our locations, contact us before making any payments to confirm availability.

Payment Methods Accepted

  1. Online with PayPal or Credit Card - Pay with all Major Credit Cards and Debit Cards. We offer PayPal payments, which allow you to use your credit/debit card or bank account for payment. We also offer credit/debit card payments through an online form using

    * Both online payment options are well known, safe and reliable, and both allow you to purchase without sharing any sensitive information (credit card numbers, etc) with LifeLeap Institute.

  2. Provide Your Credit Card Info Over The Phone - I accept All Major Credit Cards and Checkcards. See prices below and then Contact Me.

Intuition Chat

I've known Dale for over 22 years and have done a great deal of personal work with him. I've used this training to spiritually manifest impossible feats in my life, even when my family and friends had no faith in my ability. It gives me the capacity to deal with life head on.

I've made my dreams come true career wise and I'm looking forward to what the future has in store. I've acquired the ability to follow my psychic gut, which has saved me a lot of trial and error, misfortune, and has allowed me to achieve what I want. I really can't complain anymore about my life.

My friends and family noticed the changes in me right away. Especially if you don't have what you want in life, if you aren't happy, I encourage you to take advantage of this powerful resource.

Intuition Chat
Intuition Chat

It probably won't happen, but what if the methods in LifeLeap Academy don't work for you? What if you get stuck on any of the approaches offered? Great News - You have my personal guarantee I will do my best to help you through any challenges you face with the material of this program.

I'm happy to make suggestions on how to resolve issues and apply the training to your unique life circumstances.

The course is presented in a practical and easy-to-understand manner, but when you need help, I'm personally here for you.

LifeLeap Academy Fees

Yes Dale, I'm ready to develop sharp psychic awareness & learn to spiritually attract what I want in my life, easily & quickly.

Yes Dale, I'm ready to experience more of the happiness, success, clarity & personal control I deserve in life.

Enroll Today - pick one of the following three options

Standard Plan

$47.00 month

Written Lessons, Live Classes, Video/Audio Bank

Continual monthly payments

  • This option allows you to pay monthly for the LifeLeap Academy. Unlike the other plans, you can quit anytime without obligation of purchasing whole program.

  • You get access to our Private Student Area which includes ongoing discussions, a welcoming community of existing students, videos, animations, audio files, and more.

  • You can contact me anytime for questions you have about the program through our online private student community.

  • Billing occurs every month and you are automatically given access to the next lessons in the training.

  • There is a Certification Exam, given at the end of the core lessons. But your training continues with live classes, new video/audios being added, lesson updates, etc.

Deluxe Plan

$807.00 $487.00

Complete Program + Coaching

Save $320.00 with this plan

  • Everything in the Standard Plan, but with 1 full hour of personal coaching with me personally. This coaching alone would normally costs $240.00.

  • You can spread out or break up phone coaching time however you like, during the period of your training.

  • You get a large discount because you are purchasing the core lessons up-front.

  • This plan gives you 1 year access to the Academy and then defaults to the Standard (monthly) Plan. The Monthly plan can be cancelled at any time.

  • After you complete the core lessons, your training continues with live classes, new video/audios being added, lesson updates, etc.

  • Get ongoing updates - we have constantly improved and adding to the program for over 20 years.

Premium Plan

$2487.00 $1785.00

Complete Program + Coaching

Save $702.00 with this plan

  • Everything in the Standard and Deluxe Plan, but with 8 full hours of personal coaching with me personally. This coaching alone would normally costs $1,920.00.

  • Using the LifeLeap Academy core lessons as a format, I assist you closely, step by step, through the training; I become your personal coach.

  • Each coaching session with me, I intuitively diagnose what is occurring in your life and how you can best use your training to get the results that you want, whether in relationships, finances, intuition development, or metaphysical healing.

  • The program is a complete training program in itself. But with the Premium Plan, I use my years of training and experience to make this process easier, with faster results.

  • This plan gives you 1 year access to the Academy and then defaults to the Standard (monthly) Plan. The Monthly plan can be cancelled at any time.

Psychic Training
Psychic Training
Psychic Counseling Psychic Development

Don't put it off any longer - take the step now to get enrolled in the LifeLeap Academy. Make a payment above or contact us to purchase program over the phone.

*There are also private in-person classes and an Advanced/Teacher's Program available. Contact us for further details.

Are you located outside of the United States? No Problem! You can participate in personalized coaching from me, live video/phone, study sessions with other students

* For the LifeLeap Academy, I require a payment in advance. To purchase the program online, click one of the above "Enroll Now" buttons. The above three options apply to both in-person and correspondent students.

We are planning to raise the program enrollment fees soon, so please act now to guarantee the prices offered.

Important: The LifeLeap Academy is a person growth training course. This service is not professional psychological, psychiatric or crisis counseling. Although we have had students make claims of improvements with medical conditions, the LifeLeap Academy is in no way a form of therapy for physical or psychological conditions. The program contains meditational exercises which are not related to any form of hypnosis or any other type of regulated therapy. We are making no representation that this service is an alternative to professional medical care. If you are seeking care for a medical condition, we suggest you consult with your doctor regarding your options. Please see our complete Terms for details before purchasing service.