Linda Georgian – Famous Psychic & Spiritual Teacher

Linda Georgian – Secrets From A Famous Psychic & Spiritual Teacher

Linda Georgian Psychic

Do you remember Linda Georgian? She was one of the most famous psychics of all time, known around the world. Her clients were US Presidents and well-known celebrities.

She was a frequent guest on talk shows like Larry King Live, The Howard Stern Show, and Montel. She was also the founder of the famous Psychic Friends Network.

Linda is acknowledged by many as bringing spiritual principles into the mainstream – right into the homes of millions of people across the world.

I personally knew Linda and I can say she was not only an amazing psychic, she was incredibly smart. Her Masters Degree in Nutrition from FIU was just one indication of this. Linda was an achiever, never giving in to a life of mediocrity, defeat, or loneliness. She didn’t let fear hold her back.

Linda was also a published author with the prestigious Simon & Schuster. Her books included bestsellers like “How To Attract Your Ideal Mate.”

On top of this, Linda understood the formula for spiritual attraction. She used this formula to build a company which made $100 million in the first year, along with her other great accomplishments.

Although Linda passed away in 2012, I had the privileged of being close friends with her for over 10 years. In fact, we were working together so much, at one point we lived together as roommates on the beach in Hollywood, Florida.

I have a fascinating story to share with you about Linda, but first, take a look at just some of her famous clients:

It Took Me 20 Years, But I Finally Met Linda

When I was younger, I remember seeing Linda on TV during one of her 1,500 televised performances. I remember thinking "she seems like a fascinating person, I’d love to meet her someday."

Flash ahead 20 years: I had gone through extensive metaphysical development training with a former military intelligence project. I had just moved to Miami, Florida and hardly knew anybody.

I had started working as a psychic consultant with the Broward County Sheriff’s Department and had started to pick up clients for my Intuitive Counseling service, but I was still eager to take my life passion to the next level. I was in bookstore one day and saw a handwritten note on a bulletin board. It simply said "Psychics Wanted" and included a phone number.

Out of desire to connect with people of "like mind," I called the number. A kind woman answered and we started to chat. I told her a little about my life and she then asked me to give her a reading, right then, over the phone. Without knowing anything about her, I intuitively focused in and picked up several details. I remember there was something about a legal contract, a small business, and some questions about a boyfriend.

It was no big task for me. Just another accurate reading to help someone out, just like all the others I had given over the years.

After I shared some psychic-based insights with her, she seemed thrilled at how accurate I was and insisted we meet in person right away. I guess good psychics are hard to come by? So we set up a time and place to meet. I didn’t know where this was going but I was curious. Hey, why not?

The next day, I walk into this classy office and guess who is waiting for me? You got it: Linda Georgian. She was the woman I spoke to on the phone and I didn’t even realize it. I recognized her right away. From that point, things between the two of us just fell into place. We had so much in common and shared so many of the same ideas about life.

A True Test Of Psychic Ability

I had no questions about Linda’s psychic ability. Right from the start, she displayed accurate abilities to me. Her detailed insights would come out in simple conversations. We also had several more detailed "sessions" which were very revealing to me – about my family, my love life, my career. She had a pinpoint accuracy that just can’t be denied.

So there was no doubt in my mind of Linda’s talents. In fact, when I walked into a room with her, I could feel the intensity of energy radiating from her. I had felt this before around other psychics and healers, but Linda had this effect on a NUCLEAR LEVEL.

But Linda still had some questions about me. Sure, I was accurate in my first reading with her, but I guess she needed more assurance. So she tested me. And I mean, she really tested me.

Over several weeks, she would just put me in the room with one of her friends. Some were famous celebrities, some were business owners, some scientists, all different types of people. Without knowing anything, I was expected to focus into these people’s lives and see their challenges, their talents, and their futures. No pressure, huh?

Linda and I had discussed plans to work together on various projects, and I really wanted to work with Linda. But this put extra pressure on me during these "test sessions" with her friends. If I had bombed these tests, my relationship with Linda might have been over.

Not to mention, after each session, these people would report back to Linda on how well I "performed." It was a wild, mind-blowing time in my life.

Fortunately I did great. I got Linda’s seal of approval. Next thing I know, I have my own office in her company, I’m managing a whole team of people, and I was in a great environment to help people using the spiritual abilities I had developed.

Working with Linda was an adventure. When the phone rang in our office, I never know who was going to be on the line – a US President, an FBI Agent, a World-Famous Celebrity, a CIA Agent, or just a normal person wanting psychic insights about their life. It was an experience I’ll never forget.

Who Was Linda Georgian As A Person?

As I mentioned earlier, Linda and I were working so much together that we actually became roommates for a few months. It was intense. Although we never had a romantic connection, we grew closer and closer. And as you might know, when you live with someone, you really get to know them.

First and foremost, Linda was a healer. On numerous occasions, she would take sick people under her wing and help them through the healing process. I personally experienced her doing this on several occasions.

Using her knowledge of nutrition and metaphysics, she was really able to make a difference in people’s lives. While Linda did love money, limousines, and Corvettes, she also did many things for others without expecting anything back. It was just who she was.

Linda believed in hard work, but she also knew how to have fun. I spent many nights out on the town with Linda, dancing, dining, and enjoying life’s great pleasures. We took some great trips together, including a relaxing cruise to the Bahamas. Snorkeling out on the tropical reefs with Linda was a blast.

I thought I was outgoing and knew how to have fun, until I met Linda. She was definitely an inspiration to me on how to really enjoy life to the fullest. She could spark up a conversation with anyone, anytime. She treated strangers as friends. She just had that powerful charisma.

Psychic Friend's Network

I met Linda after her time with Psychic Friends Network. When I met her, she had a small team of professional psychics and intended to keep it that way. On numerous occasions, she shared with me that Psychic Friends Network was a great idea, but it got away from her original vision.

Her managing partners and other people involved focused too much on profits, which hurt the company in many ways. This is why she left it all behind. But when I knew her, she was happy with the way she had re-designed her life.

As you can imagine, Linda was incredibly psychic. One day I was in my office and I looked over at the corner and thought "a plant would look great in that corner." Five minutes later Linda knocks on my office door, walks in with a huge houseplant, and says "in this corner, right?"

It got to the point where we could spend long blocks of time together and accomplish things, without ever saying a word. We had an intense psychic connection which made everything so much easier.

With some humor and some seriousness, I’ll tell you this type of connection really forced me to get better control over my thoughts. We all have crazy thoughts sometimes and most people have wacky visualizations, at least occasionally. But as I could tell, Linda was able to sense everything I was thinking and feeling.

Linda wasn’t the judgmental type, but just out my own pride, I became a lot more careful about what thoughts were swimming around in my mind. If you had a big bubble over your head which displayed all of your thoughts for everyone to see, wouldn’t you be more careful? That’s what it was like being around Linda. It’s funny but revealing at the same time.

Over the years, I received several great intuitive readings from Linda. She also relied on my psychic insights about her life, when things were good and during the more challenging times. I was fortunate to speak with her a couple weeks before she passed, and her spirit still lives on today in so many people’s lives, including my own.

The Secret To Linda’s Psychic Abilities

Linda grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. I remember her telling me her father was a grounds keeper for a large golf course. Just like me, Linda wasn’t a third generation psychic and she wasn’t born with the gift.

So how the heck did Linda go from being the average girl next door to one of the most famous psychics in the world?

After she moved to Florida, as a young woman, Linda took it upon herself to develop psychic awareness. She was lucky to stumble across a couple "old school" spiritual teachers who coached her on how to develop her own abilities. Being the achiever that she was, she took this task seriously. When her friends were out partying and watching movies, Linda was studying and meditating. She became focused like an athlete.

Linda also read many books over the years and traveled the globe, learning from her experiences in life. This included living in the far east for several years, where she continued to study metaphysics and meditation. When she came back to the states, Linda made the decision to move forward with her life passion. The rest is history.

On a couple occasions, I experienced Linda becoming irritated when someone would hint around that she was "special" or born with the gift.

Linda always insisted she developed her psychic awareness through hard work, and hard work alone. She didn’t acquire these abilities by luck.

She made a decision and did it herself. And she was proud of HER accomplishment.

The Psychic Development Methods Used By Linda Georgian

After many detailed conversations with Linda, I realized she spent a lifetime experimenting and testing various psychic development methods. And she would often tell me that most of what she found in books and classes simply didn’t work. While there are thousands of various visualizations and meditation exercises out there in the world to develop psychic awareness, only a few of them will actually give you results.

But through dedication and hard work, she narrowed down what actually works at developing abilities. And she could back it up, without a doubt. Ask Montel, the FBI, or Howard Stern. They’ll vouch for her!

When I worked with Linda, I was lucky enough to pick her mind and document the methods she used to achieve a Mastery-Level of psychic ability. This started off as a detailed written manual to train other psychics. Over the years, we also did many meditations together, each with mind-blowing results.

Imagine that opportunity for a moment – interviewing one of the most famous psychics in the world over several years to discover how she became a master psychic. Linda shared will me the exact methods she used to reach a powerful level of psychic accuracy. This is the same psychic accuracy which allowed her to make regular clients out of US Presidents, Famous Celebrities, and Various Law Enforcement Agencies.

The good news for you is this coveted information from Linda is included within our Life Mastery Program, which is our training program available here at LifeLeap Institute. These are detailed methods and strategies that you won’t find in any other course, book, or weekend seminar. This isn’t anything that guy at your local new age shop can teach you in his weekend workshops.

intuition development course

These are methods which actually work because they come from some of the best sources: a formal military intelligence project with the US Air Force and of course, my work with Linda Georgian. As a successful Professional Intuitive and Teacher for over 25 years, I also share my own experience and methods I’ve used to create success as a psychic and healer.

So you get training passed down from a military intelligence project and techniques passed down from one of the most famous psychics ever – how can you beat this when it comes to real methods for developing psychic and spiritual abilities?

And just to be clear, psychic ability IS NOT just about seeing things on a psychic level. Like me, Linda put a great deal of effort into discovering what it takes to also influence events and people on a psychic level. She shared with me the DETAILED FORMULA for spiritually attracting what you want in your life, whether it’s the ideal relationship, the career of your dreams, or something else that you want (but do not have).

Again, Linda used this same formula to accomplish her achievements in her own life. She used this law of attraction to attract the right business opportunities and the right people, including romantically. She lived an Amazingly Full Life because she applied the formula which she so generously shared with me.

Maybe you don’t want to be a celebrity psychic and put yourself on TV in front of millions of people like Linda did. Maybe you don’t want to even work as a professional intuitive. And that’s fine.

But regardless of your life path or what you choose to do professionally, just imagine how having sharp psychic abilities could improve your life:

  • When you have questions about someone, like on a first date, imagine being able to sense this person’s true feelings, motivations, and even how they will be treating you 6 months from now. Imagine how much easier it will be to make life-defining decisions, choices that will allow you to avoid needless suffering and wasted time.

  • Imagine being able to get accurate psychic details about a major decision, before you commit to these decisions. Whether it’s with a new career path, a small business, or a move to a new city, just imagine how easier life could be if you could see what will happen before you make your choice.

  • Have you tried to apply the Law Of Attraction and you just didn’t get the results you wanted? Imagine being able to finally make the Law Of Attraction work for you. Using principles and techniques passed down from Linda herself, imagine being able to finally manifest that ideal mate or that job you’ve been dreaming about.

See, psychic awareness is really just about using that other powerful 90% of your mind that most people never access. What you choose to do with this awareness is up to you, but it’s there waiting for you.

Psychic awareness is simply about living to your full potential. It’s about living a fuller life with less suffering, disappointment, confusion, and heartbreak.

I knew Linda very well and I know she would want you to have this information, this step-by-step approach to opening you mind, your spirit, and your potential. So to make it easy for you…

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