Start Page – LifeLeap’s Free Online Spiritual Community

To make it easier, we have listed many of the main features of the community:

Action List – Whether you are a new member or you joined years ago, get the step-by-step actions to take to get the most out of the LifeLeap Community. This is your checklist to visit frequently, to make sure you are getting all the benefits available to you.

The Action List is a helpful reminder of daily and occasional steps you need to take. For you convenience, the Action List also has links leading to the important areas of the community. Go there now: Action List

Main Activity Area – This is where you ask questions, support other community members, and share your experiences.

This is where the real work gets done in the LifeLeap Community. Get the most out of the Main Activity Area: Activity Area Tutorial

Community Tutorial Area – This section includes guides on how to use the LifeLeap Community. Discover how to navigate through the community, how to change your personal profile info, helpful tips and much more.

This is where you ask questions if you don’t understand how something works or you can’t find something you need in the community. Even if you’ve been a member for a while, we encourage you to take a¬†look as new features are added frequently: Community Tutorial Area

Main Activity Wall – Facebook-Like wall which shows activity from everyone across the whole community website. You can make status updates (a message about what is on your mind). You can comment on statuses of other members and they can comment on yours.

You can post pictures and videos (such as YouTube videos) simply by pasting the link in the status update box. Media can be posted easily from Smart Phones. Receive LifeLeap Credits each time you make a status update. Get the most out of the activity wall: Activity Wall Tutorial

Personal Profiles – This is your own personal area in the LifeLeap Community. Upload a profile picture so other members can match a face with your name. Make status updates (a message about what is on your mind). We encourage you to keep a persona journal in the activity wall on your profile page.

You can visit the profiles of other members and write comments on their updates, send them private messages, and more. Other members can share and relate on your wall. Get the most out of your profile page: Profile Page Tutorial

Friend Feature – To write on the profile walls of other members and to send private messages, you will first have to make "friend requests." When you see someone in the discussion forums or anywhere else in the community, simply click on their picture to get to their profile page. Click the “add friend” link to add them as a friend. They will receive a private message with your friend request.

You can also add, request, and delete friends in your Profile Area. This can be accesses easily from the main menu. Learn More: Community Friend Tutorial

Free Credits – To show our appreciation for contributing to the community, we offer you Credits. Every time you contribute, you earn more Credits. When you are contributing, you are part of the sharing, supporting, encouraging, and relating which occurs in the LifeLeap Community. As you contribute, your Credits will build up.

Once your Credits reach a certain amount, you can cash them in for LifeLeap Institute Services including Intuitive Counseling sessions and Life Mastery Program lessons and services. To reward other community members for their activity (such as a great answer to a question you ask), you have the option to donate some of your Credits to other members. Learn everything you need to know about how credits work: Member Credits

Member Menus – These menus are available on every page throughout the LifeLeap Community. One these menus, you will find links to change your profile picture, edit your email receiving settings, check your messages and more.

The Community Menus are a quick and easy way to check things and change things in the community, so take advantage of them. Learn how to get the most from the menus: Student Navigation Menus