LifeLeap Community Credits

To show our appreciation for contributing to the LifeLeap Community Area, we offer you Credits. Every time you participate, you earn more Credits. When you are contributing, you are part of the sharing, supporting, encouraging, and relating which occurs in the Community Area. Awarding you Credits is our fun way of thanking you.

As you contribute in the Community Area, your Credits will build up. Once they reach a certain amount, you can cash them in for LifeLeap Institute Services:

  • Lessons of the Life Mastery Program (normally $27.00 per lesson) – 27 Credits needed to receive each lesson

  • An Intuitive Counseling Session with Dale Sellers (25 minutes is normally $95.00) – 95 Credits needed to receive a session

  • Other offers that we will present to you (some restrictions may apply)

Participating In The Community Area Is Simple

All that you have to do is start a discussion relating to the LifeLeap Community in the appropriate section of our forums. Everyone has something to offer. Don’t be shy – jump in! You can also respond to a topic that someone else has created. You don’t have to be a wise sage to give advice – it’s just about showing some compassion and relating to what other people are experiencing. We also encourage you to ask for advice!

We have some members who are here to help, including Life Mastery Program graduates You can also start a personal growth/spiritual journal your own profile wall.

You can see your current amount of Credits in several locations throughout the Community Area. They are under your picture in topic post, on your Profile Page, and here in the Credit Overview Section.

We love offering you Credits. At the same time, to be fair, we are not able to offer Credits for the following activities:

  • When you make small posts or (in discussion area or in your wall) that are less than a couple of sentences

  • If you are uploading a larger volume of pictures all at once

  • Promotional discounts for our services (unless otherwise specified)

Other than these exceptions, the more you contribute, the more Credits you earn. Credits are created for you automatically as you contribute in the Member Area. Once your Credits reach the specified amounts above, simply contact us to take advantage of our services.


Even if you only gain a small amount of Credits over a period of time, these can be used in one of our lotteries. Lotteries are a fun way to interact with our member community. You simply purchase tickets with your Credits (usually a smaller amount) and the winner gets the designated award. Our system will randomly select a winner. All of this is easily accomplished in the Community Area. Keep an eye out for notifications of lottery times in your email and here in the Community Area.

Donating Credits

If you ever feel like being generous, you have the option to donate some of your Credits to other members. To donate to another member, you can scroll to the donation area on this page and follow the directions there. Donating can be nice if you have extra Credits and you want to help someone who could use our services. We consider this a gift among friends, so please refrain from ever asking another member to give you Credits.

Your Earned Credits:

How Credits Can Be Earned

By simply contributing, earn the following Credits that you can use to purchase our services:

Instance Amount Limit
Credits for new forum topic 1.00 No limit
Credits for new forum reply 1.00 No limit
Credits for updating profile 1.00 Maximum 3 times per month
Credits for new avatar 5.00 Maximum once per month
Credits for new cover photo 1.00 Maximum once per month
Credits for new friendship 1.00 Maximum 5 times per month
Credits for new comment 1.00 Maximum 5 times per week
Credits for sending a gift 1.00 Maximum once per week
Credits for voting 1.00 Maximum once per month
Points for Facebook Share5.00
Points for Twitter Share5.00
Points for Google plus Share5.00
Points for Linkedin Share5.00
Points for Pinterest Share5.00
Limit (Points for Social Sharing)Maximum once per 30 day(s)
Page LimitMaximum 1 different page(s) within the time limit specified

Donate Credits To Another Member

List Of Other Top Member’s Earned Credits

  1. #1 FionaM 347.00
  2. #2 Dale 284.00
  3. #3 KathyN 195.01
  4. #4 Virgo_Guided_By_Light 177.00
  5. #5 Patricia7- 151.00
  6. #6 MaryKay 107.00
  7. #7 Izabeyah07 97.00
  8. #8 CandiceKen 76.00
  9. #9 goldagreier 73.00
  10. #10 rose123 70.00
  11. #11 Satya 62.00
  12. #12 RonaldA 52.00
  13. #13 Talker 40.00
  14. #14 Whatsupdoe413 40.00
  15. #15 RobS 37.00
  16. #16 Charlajb 36.00
  17. #17 hope2689 32.00
  18. #18 CameraShii86 25.00
  19. #19 Muptonaz 24.00
  20. #20 CathyBrowne 24.00
  21. #21 Chcook 23.00
  22. #22 musicalsongbird 23.00
  23. #23 lainie 23.00
  24. #24 SamanthaJ 23.00
  25. #25 Chish 22.00

Note: Credits may be deducted if warnings are issued for unfair behavior, in the event of junk posts, suspicious activity, or if a member consistently takes from the community but doesn’t give back. In the event of a discrepancy, LifeLeap staff will decide the final outcome of any situation involving Credits. We love to give Credits and offer free services to our members, but please remember this does not warrant anyone to be pushy, abusive, manipulative, or demanding. Credits are also not applicable towards fees already paid. Simply put, Credits are a gift, not an obligation for us. By participating in the Community Area, you accept and acknowledge these terms.