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Hi, it's Dale Sellers, Founder of LifeLeap Institute!

Explore our website. Learn more about us and how we can help you. Discover all the personal and spiritual growth resources we have created for you. Everything is geared towards helping you get the results you want in your life. Here is a just some of what is available:

Psychic Counseling »

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Provided by me personally. Using psychic ability from years of training and experience, let me help you get the understanding and direction you need. Whether it's with relationships, your career, or another life issue, a session will have lasting results. See all the details, including endorsements from police, celebrities, and people just like you. Learn more now: Psychic Counseling »

Life Mastery Program »

psychic development course

Our breakthrough training program has everything you need to get ahead in life. Whether you want to heal your life from the inside out, develop your own psychic ability, or spiritually manifest what you want, this online training program gets you results. Students all over the world are enjoying the benefits. See how you can create more success, spiritual awareness, love, and excitement in your life, starting today. Learn more now: Life Mastery Program »

Free LifeLeap Courses »

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Create more excitement, joy, and success in your life - all for free. Learn how to spiritually attract what you want, develop your own psychic abilities, and get methods for inner healing. Enroll in one of our free courses and get tons of helpful lessons, videos, and audio exercises. Enrolling only takes a second, you can quit at any time, and no personal information is required - just powerful guidance you can use in your life. Learn more now: Free LifeLeap Courses »

Online Spiritual Community »

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With over 32,000 members, our community is a special meeting place for healing, clarity, and knowledge. Create and join enlightening discussions about personal growth, spiritual attraction, psychic development, healing, and more. Joining is free and only takes a moment. Come and see what makes the LifeLeap Community your home away from home! Learn more now: Online Spiritual Community »

Free Intuition Test »

free intuition test

The Psychic Project is a free online tool designed specifically to grade and supercharge your own psychic ability. It helps you develop that vital 90% of your mind that most people rarely use. The Psychic Project is reliable, confidential, easy to use - and it's fun! Get started now: Free Psychic Test »

Intimacy Mastery Course »

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Learn how to transform sexual intimacy into a more loving experience, Use sexual power to spiritually attract what you want in life, develop sharp psychic abilities, and more. Use higher sex experiences to strengthen your current relationship or use this power to manifest your ideal mate: Intimacy Mastery Course »

Psychic Counseling Training Program »

free intuition test

Open your own practice as a Psychic Counselor and start experiencing the freedom, joy, and financial reward that goes along with helping others. We've spent years learning what works. Let us teach you how to provide the best professional psychic-based session: Psychic Counseling Training Program »

LifeLeap Success Program »

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Get access to powerful free resources brought to you by LifeLeap Institute. The different sections are geared towards informing you about topics relating to spiritual and personal growth and giving you hands-on tools to deal with life's challenges. See our recommended websites, learn about quantum physics, and more: Success Program »