How To Save A Failing Relationship Before It’s Too Late

Save Your Relationship

Maybe the person you love is gone and you’re heart-broken. Maybe there was a breakup and there is limited or no contact. Maybe your partner has even jumped into a new rebound relationship – leaving you shattered.

Or maybe you are still together, but things are stagnant. Every day you sense the distance occurring more and more. It feels like the relationship is going through a slow death.

And here’s the reality: Every day, your relationship is either growing stronger or growing apart. There are no plateaus. And if you are growing apart, you are only getting closer to the great moments you’ve shared becoming faded memories. You’re getting closer to the love of your life possibly replacing you with someone new. These things happen every day.

This is why you must take immediate steps NOW before it’s too late.

Maybe you’ve tried all the suggestions from books, articles, and YouTube videos. You know what I’m talking about – all the "expert advice" on how to communicate better, how to make your partner jealous, how to make them want you more, etc.

Is it working for you? Or, are you still stuck like so many people…just watching the chances of having a better relationship drift further and further away?

Let me tell you why. It’s because most of the "improve your relationship" stuff out there is complete garbage. It won’t work. It just leaves you feeling more hopeless, frustrated, and depressed.

I get it. A few years back, I found myself in a Really Tough spot. There were some health issues, there was some trauma, but the end result: my wife was gone. She packed up and moved on.

Communication was limited. I was barely even able to talk to her over the phone. And when I did, I was told "it was time to walk away." The attorneys got involved. Our families got involved. It was nasty. She even purchased and moved into a new condo, with a complete intention of moving on with her life.

I felt just like you might be feeling now: utterly hopeless. I was shattered. I cared so deeply for her. I couldn’t eat, sleep, or barely function. It was one of the worst times in my life.

But 6 months later, guess what happened? We were back together. We were stronger than ever and making plans for the rest of our lives. That was about 15 years ago, and we’ve been going strong ever since. I’m not saying there haven’t been challenges, but we were able to save our relationship and the future ahead looks pretty good for us.

How was our relationship saved? How did we avoid that ever famous graveyard of lost love? Was it luck?

Absolutely not! It was a result of outsmarting the challenges, taking the right steps, and lots of patience. But the thing that mattered the most wasn’t something you will see in books, videos, or relationship courses. It was the "secret formula" which saved my relationship.

See, when I went through the breakup with my wife, I was fortunate enough to be prepared. After years of research, I had become somewhat of an expert in this area of life. I didn’t know everything, because all of this happened in the first place. But I wasn’t a hopeless case either.

As an Intuitive Counselor, I had helped hundreds of people over the years repair and strengthen their own relationships (it’s my job)! I had a lot of experience at seeing what works and what leads to failure. Now my knowledge and experience were really put to test, in my own life.

I understood the secret formula it takes to bring two people together in a loving and lasting relationship. I had used this formula to attract my wife in the first place (and so did she). I just had to put it back into action.

If the person you love is gone or the relationship that you’re in seems to be falling apart, I encourage you to use this same formula – BECAUSE IT WORKS!.

Save Your Relationship – What Really Works

Even if you are feeling hopeless about being able to salvage your relationship, you likely still have a fighting chance. But you will need to make some radical changes. You can’t keep doing the same thing and EXPECT that you will get different results.

I’ve seen thousands of scenarios over the years with clients who had all the potential to save their relationship, but they just needed to take the correct steps. Some did and some did not. And the final outcome was a refection of their willingness to make the necessary changes.

I won’t lie to you. It might be an incredible challenging process. It might be a true test of your strength as a person (it was for me). It might not always be easy. But saving the relationship with the person you love is worth it. Whatever it takes, right?

Before it’s too late, I encourage you to take the following steps to save your relationship:

1. Identify The Issue

Before you try to fix something, you must figure out the problem. In my case, my wife felt that I hadn’t given the proper attention to the relationship. Sure, we were in the middle of a crisis before the split and I was struggling just to keep my own sanity, but this doesn’t invalidate how she felt. There were other issues too.

Fortunately, I was a Professional Intuitive by trade and was able to focus into our lives and see what had caused the mess we were in. This, combined with some "feedback" from her, gave me enough to understand what the underlying issues really were. And I’m not talking about the surface issues, I’m talking about the deep-down core issues (that cause the surface issues).

The core issue for you could simply be that you picked a jerk as a relationship partner, but this usually isn’t the case (even though many people insist this is the only issue). Whatever the issue is, you must understand it.

If you just can’t get a grip on what the real issue is, consider getting an Intuitive Counseling session with me. I’ll focus into your situation, without you telling me anything, and I’ll help you see what’s going on underneath the surface. I’ve done this exact same thing for thousands of clients over the years.

Regardless, you must get some idea of what happened. You can’t try to save your relationship if you are confused and oblivious to what caused the problem.

2. Take Personal Responsibility

It’s always easier to blame the other person or circumstances. This allows us to avoid the responsibility of having to make changes within ourselves. And very few people find joy in blaming themselves. But if you want to save a relationship, you must look within.

Of course, your partner is partly to blame for whatever challenges you are facing. But what about you? Even if it’s minor, what did you do (or not do) which led up to your current challenges?

Be honest with yourself. If there was a breakup, before it happened were you selfish, critical, lazy, or too demanding? Maybe you weren’t assertive enough?

Even more important, what about now? How are you participating in reuniting or repairing your relationship? Are you approaching it with anger, desperation, or do you see it as a hopeless cause?

If you truly care about saving your relationship, you must take an honest look at what role you played (and are currently playing). Once you identify this, you are in a powerful situation to make the necessary changes if needed.

If you refuse to acknowledge your participation (no matter how minor), I can guarantee you will remain stuck. I can’t even tell you how many people I’ve seen fall to this "fatal mistake" over the years.

3. Take Immediate Action

Let me be perfectly clear. The worst thing you can do is sit around and focus on how bad things are and how bad things "MIGHT BE" in the future. The next worse thing is to not do anything, hoping things will just "magically" get better on their own.

Even if you must force yourself and even if it feels fake, you must start taking steps in the right direction. And one of the best ways to save a relationship is to first take steps to improve your own life. Do some things that you enjoy, exercise, hang out with positive people. Make a list of positive activities and start doing whatever works for you!

These things will help you get your mind out of the gutter and start seeing life if in a different light. They won’t necessarily make everything perfect right away in your relationship, but it’s better than not doing anything.

Many people don’t realize it, but the more upbeat and balanced you are, the more likely you will be able to save your relationship. So, do whatever it takes to get yourself in a better frame of mind.

save your relationship

Focus on where you want to be, not how bad things have been or how bad things might be.

Get Your Goals Straight!

It’s also very important to have an "end goal" in mind. Don’t be fuzzy about what you intend to happen. In your relationship, where do you want to be in a month, 6 months, or a year?

Instead of constantly picturing in your mind all the defeats of the past or what you fear in the future, visualize the goal you want to achieve. In your mind’s eye, see the two of you together and happy, working things out, getting closer every day.

Put your attention into the future on where you want to be. This helps to put the "law of attraction" working in your favor, instead of it working against you.

When it comes to solving the actual issues in your relationship, what you need to do can vary greatly, depending on your unique situation. The is no "perfect approach" for everybody, so be wary of friends, books, or counselors who preach a specific dogma.

But once you have identified the core issues and taken personal responsibility, you should have a better idea of what the next steps should be.

It could be changing your approach in how you are communicating. It could be a matter of setting the issues aside and working to re-build the chemistry with your partner. It could be that you need to fix your finances, especially if they are causing strain in your relationship.

Try putting yourself in your partner’s shoes and asking yourself what they need, what they want, what will truly make things better. This should give you a better idea of how to approach this situation.

Strengthening Yourself – The Most Important Step To Save Your Relationship

Ironically, the most CRITICAL STEP you can take doesn’t involve anything on the physical level. You know, like all those things your friends and YouTube videos tell you to do: acting like you don’t care, communicating differently, showing off pictures of you with your friends, etc.

It’s also the step which most people completely miss – and their relationship fails because they miss it. I’ve seen so many people over the years make this "unnecessary" relationship-killing mistake.

I can’t stress this enough: If you truly want to save your relationship, you must immediately make changes within yourself. You must ESPECIALLY get better control of your emotions. This is the most important factor that will likely determine the final outcome of your relationship.

save your relationship

Negative emotions will make you stink like a skunk, repelling the one that you love.

When my wife left, I was finally able to see her a few weeks after the split. But I was a train wreck. I was pathetic. I was needy, desperate, heart-broken, but I was also resentful from what I perceived to be a deep betrayal. When I met her for coffee, I tried to "act" confident and happy, but she could see right through me.

Right before my eyes, I could see her react to my mindset and emotional state. She was disgusted, uninterested, and repulsed by how I was handling everything. I could see it in her eyes – she just wanted to get away from me. Can you blame her?

This is what happens. We "stink" when we are needy, depressed, wounded, desperate, and fixated. It’s like being sprayed by a skunk. We repel the person we desire to be with.

Our energy is so heavy and toxic. If we are honest with ourselves, it’s not hard to see why the person we want isn’t connecting with us. It’s a harsh reality, but it’s true.

Here are some common scenarios where nasty emotions wreak havoc in a relationship:

  • You live with the person your love. Once again, you get in another argument. They get angry and you react by getting defensive. Their emotional wall goes up and so does yours. It’s the same pattern that’s been happening for weeks, months, or years, and it’s tearing the relationship apart. If you don’t change something, how do you think things will ever improve?

  • You have a nasty fight and your partner leaves you in the dust. There is no contact for weeks (or longer). You are finally able to talk to the them or see them. But you are confused, angry, heart-broken, and desperate. You’re a mess! When they sense this in your tone of voice or see it in your eyes, how do you think they will react?

  • Maybe you don’t feel understood, maybe you have built up resentments, or maybe you don’t feel appreciated. Regardless, once again you lay in bed next to your partner, with your back to them. Even though you are together, the distance between you is growing like cancer with no end in sight. Unless you take action and start doing something different, do you really think things will just get better on their own?

As you can see in the scenarios above, negative emotions can be incredibly destructive. This is the key reason why relationships fail.

Emotions are what keep us from accomplishing what we want in relationships, but also other goals like losing weight or getting that promotion at work. Emotions are the "juice of life" but they can also be the disease that leads to failure and defeat.

And I’m not talking about how you "act" on the outside. People see right through this. There are some things you can’t "fake" in life. No, I’m talking about those deep-down feelings occurring within the depth of your soul.

You have a choice – you can either take radical steps to get immediate control over your negative emotions, or you can sit by and watch them control your life, defeat you, and prevent you from getting what you want.

Of course, now you are probably wondering…

Is It Healthy Or Even Possible To Control Your Emotions?

Maybe you think you have a right to feel the way you do, and maybe you do. It’s only fair for you to react emotionally in the way that you are, right?

You’re going through HELL. Your supposed to be angry, hurt, frustrated, and confused!

But I’m not talking about what’s fair. I’m talking about WHAT WILL WORK. And being full of negative, destructive emotions will stop you from saving your relationship.

Right now, you may need to make an important decision. Either you keep feeling the way you do and destroy your relationship, or, you change your emotional states and have a fighting chance of saving your relationship.

And you may be wondering if it’s even possible to change your emotional states. I get it. Most people don’t think this is actually possible.

But let me tell you with 100% confidence – no matter how challenging a situation is at any given moment, you can gain absolute control over how you feel.

You may have to do what I did and get training to learn how to do this, but it is possible. In fact, it’s actually not that difficult if you have the right techniques.

Think about it for a minute. Certain people are masters at controlling their emotions: actors, public speakers, politicians, salesmen, and corporate executives. Their lives (and their careers) depend on it. How do they accomplish this?

Big companies like Microsoft provide training to their upper level management at "executive bootcamps." The CEOs and executives spend time in "workshops" learning how to break pesky emotional reactions and reprogram themselves, so they are more capable at doing a better job for the company. Corporations pay big money for this training. Why? Because it works!

Many actors get this same type of training. When you see and great actor expressing an emotional state on TV or at the movies, they are truly experiencing the emotional states they are expressing. They aren’t faking it or acting – the emotions are real.

There are methods you can use to gain control over your emotional states, no matter how severe they are. I’ll tell you more about these methods in a moment, but first let’s look at how you can…

Use Psychic Connections To Influence Your Relationship – The True Power Of Emotions

relationship crisis

What if you aren’t able to see or talk to the person you love? What if they aren’t answering the phone or refuse to see you? Or, what if your communication is very limited, even if you live with them? How can you reach them? How can you influence the relationship in a positive way?

I found myself in this exact situation when my wife left me. For a while, she cut off all contact. It’s a terrible feeling. If I could have seen or talked to her, I knew I had a chance of reconnecting with her. But that option had been stripped away from me.

Fortunately, I understood the power of "psychic connections" in a relationship. This is why I kept working on getting better control over myself, even when there was no contact with my wife. I took advantage of the psychic connection we shared. Whether you realize it or not, these connections exist.

You hear stories all the time of family members sensing psychic information over great distances (from other family members who got in car wreck, had some other major event, etc.).

For example, it’s documented that Nicola Tesla knew the day his mom died, and he was 400 miles from her location with no way of knowing this. Do you remember who Nicola Tesla is? Yes, he’s the inventor behind modern day electricity. The "Tesla" car is also inspired by his name.

save your marriage

Princeton University, New Jersey, USA

There is a great deal of scientific research to back up the reality of "psychic connections", including extensive studies done by the School Of Engineering at Princeton University. Richard Juan, The Dean of Engineering at Princeton calls these psychic connections "remote influence."

According to scientists at Princeton University, emotions are the strongest factor of "remote influence."

So, it’s a scientific fact: Your emotions are "psychically" influencing the people you love. When the person you care about thinks about you, even if you are 1,000 miles apart, they will feel the emotions you are experiencing. They probably don’t realize what is happening, but they are able to "read" you even if you haven’t seen or talked to them recently.

Especially if you have no contact with the person you love (seeing them, phone calls, etc.), then the only communication they get from you is what emotions you project.

So, if you are feeling Needy, Desperate, Hurt, Betrayal and other negative emotions, the person you love senses this from you. As you can imagine, these negative emotions destroy the chances of improvement in the relationship.

They feel your emotions through the psychic connection, and they react by pulling back even more. The fact that you are pushing them away isn’t necessarily your fault and you shouldn’t blame yourself, but you are participating in this happening.

Even if you live with your partner and sleep next to them every night, your emotions are influencing your relationship on a psychic level. They are either helping to improve your relationship, or they are making things worse.

So, for a moment, think about what emotions and thoughts you been feeling about your romantic partner. What have you been projecting through the psychic connection the two of you share? Have your emotions been helpful, or are they destroying the chance of saving your relationship?

Despite all the research and well-known people talking about it, maybe you still don’t believe that emotions influence others on a psychic level. That’s fine.

Hypothetically, even if emotions don’t "psychically" influence the person you love, surely you can STILL SEE how they affect your relationship. Whether it’s grief, desperation, or anger, your relationship partner can see these things within you.

The big question: are your emotional states helping your relationship, or are they slowing killing all hope of things ever improving?

Use The Power Of Emotional States To Save Your Relationship

Earlier I mentioned the first time I met my wife after our breakup. If you remember, I was a total mess. And she reacted to it. I realized the way I was approaching it was not going to work. I was going to lose her if I didn’t make some changes.

I went home and started using the tools from the training program I had been through years before. These were various emotional control exercises, visualizations, and other methods. I knew these techniques worked because I had used them before in other areas in my life.

I had to do the work because if I didn’t, I knew the relationship would fail. I knew I had to make some changes, so I forced myself to start applying the exercises from the training.

Sometimes I would go through the exercises 30 minutes a day, sometime twice a day. There were days I would skip it altogether. But I’d keep pulling myself back. I knew it was my only chance.

After a week, I was doing better. Within two weeks, I started to see major changes. Whenever I would think about my wife and our circumstance, no longer was the confusion, suffering, neediness, and desperation so overpowering.

I was able to shift those destructive emotional states into something more positive and productive. Not only did I feel better, I knew I was also influencing her on a psychic level. She could sense the change in me even though we had little contact.

I could tell she was being influenced, because when I did get a chance to talk to her on the phone, she seemed be lighter and more flexible.

The next time I got a chance to see my wife, guess what happened? Things went a lot better. I didn’t stink like a toxic waste dump. I still wasn’t perfect inside, but I wasn’t reacting nearly as bad.

As a result, I could see her mood and mindset transform right before me. I was more upbeat and confident, and I could see a "tingle" in her as a result of this. I could also tell her defenses were coming down. She was more open to me and more flexible.

Over the course of 6 months, I kept working on myself. I used the exercises to transform who I was inside. Because I could see the results, it motivated me to stay persistent with the exercises.

I would still occasionally go into a dark hole. Heck, I missed her. I loved her. I wanted to be with her. But I’d use the training to pull myself back out of the gutter.

Each time we spoke or saw each other, there was an improvement. Sometimes it was minor, but we were slowing coming back together.

Then it happened. We were sitting at a restaurant and the decision was made to be together, once again. It was an awesome experience. That was 15 years ago, and we’ve consistently grown closer since that day. We’ve reached incredible levels of commitment, a true connection, and love. And it’s getting better every day.

But things just didn’t get better over time on their own. And I didn’t save the relationship by playing silly games or using special communication techniques.

I saved the relationship by making the changes inside myself, ESPECIALLY by getting better control of my emotions. If I hadn’t taken these steps, I can say with 100% confidence that we wouldn’t be together today. Our relationship would have failed.

And things haven’t always been perfect since that split with my wife, even though we’re been back together for 15 years. This isn’t a ridiculous fairy tale story. We’ve hit some serious bumps in the road. That’s the reality of relationships!

But by continuing to apply this training in my life, I’ve been able to put out the fires before they really got started. It’s why we are still together today, in a relationship that works.

The Important Point Here: Our emotional states are how we truly communicate and influence others, including the people we love. So, if you want to save your relationship, you must start with radically changing who you are, from the inside out.

If you aren’t willing to make these changes, it might be less painful for you to just walk away now. Maybe it’s time to move on. Because if you aren’t willing to make these improvements, things will likely only get worse.

It’s a sad reality, but most people won’t do what it takes to save their relationship. They’ll keep suffering. They’ll keep seeing themselves as a victim. They’ll ignore the solutions presented to them. Even though they claim the relationship is important, they will keep doing things to destroy all hope of things ever getting better.

But if you are one of the unique few, willing to do whatever it takes, you don’t have to figure everything out on your own. You don’t have to spend years trying to figure out how to make the necessary changes within yourself, so you can save your relationship. You can’t afford that much time anyway. The clock is ticking. That’s why it’s important to start now and learn what it takes to…

Achieve True Emotional Control – What Really Works

Now that you understand gaining emotional control in your life is "absolutely necessary" to save your relationship, how do you achieve this?

Many coaches, counselors, and books will tell you that you must change your state of mind and emotional state. But most of them can’t tell you how to do this, because they don’t know how. It’s amazing how so many "experts" are so clueless about accomplishing something so important.

And let me tell you, contrary to popular belief, Positive Thinking won’t allow you to gain emotional control. Sure, you need to align your thinking to the relationship goal you want to achieve. But when you ONLY use positive thinking, those deep-down negative feelings only become stronger. It’s like you’re trying to desperately convince yourself.

And when trying to get control over emotional states, most people find that neither psychological counseling or pharmaceutical medications will do the trick. So, don’t waste your time.

You need to find methods that can change those deep-down feelings on a permanent and consistent level.

On my own journey to gain internal control over myself, I spent thousands of dollars and years of research exploring different personal growth systems. Most of what I found was a total joke.

But after years of being fed up, I finally stumbled across some methods which originated from a former Military Intelligence Project. The techniques involve exercises such as specific types of visualizations and emotional control exercises. The methods have been tested and proven to work with thousands of people.

Much of this training was designed to help soldiers heal through combat trauma. The training program originated from studies on five US Air Force Bases (it’s military grade).

I figured if these methods can help a soldier who just came out of combat, if they can truly allow a soldier to get control of his emotions, they would surely work for me.

Using these methods, I was able to get absolute control over my emotions, my thinking and what I visualize. This allowed me to create great things in every area of my life, such as in my relationships, my finances, my health and my happiness. We offer these exact methods in our Life Mastery Program, available through this website.

In fact, when my wife and I were separated, I used the same exact methods in the Life Mastery Program to reunite with her and save the relationship.

I truly believe the methods I used to control my emotions (and influence the situation in a positive, spiritual way) are what gave the relationship a fighting chance.

As I mentioned earlier, if I had not used these techniques, I believe 100% the relationship would have failed. I know it’s a bold claim, but I could clearly see how the methods were allowing me to get results – results that didn’t exist before I began using the techniques.

Save Your Relationship With The "Right" Tools

Let’s face it – If the love of your life has left or if things are a mess at home, you have some serious challenges ahead. And taking the difficult and consistent steps to save a relationship can be a daunting task. It’s much like building a new house from scratch.

But if you had to build a new house, wouldn’t you want to have the right tools? You’d want a good hammer, saw, and a measuring tape!

Saving your relationship will work much in the same way. You can either try to do it "empty handed" or you can get a good set of tools to make the whole process easier, faster, and more possible. You need all the help you can get, so having a good set of tools makes sense.

The Life Mastery Program is a complete training program offered here at LifeLeap Institute. The online program contains the "tools" you need to save your relationship. We have students all over the world who have made profound changes in their lives, including many who have used to training to save their relationships and marriages.

Along with intense methods for achieving mind-blowing emotional control, the Life Mastery Program also includes additional techniques for saving and improving your relationship:

  • Advanced Communication Methods that will allow you to get around your partner’s defenses, no matter how stubborn or hopeless the situation seems to be.

  • Techniques which will get them focused on the good times you’ve had (and can have) together, instead of them continuing to focus on the defeats, struggles, and differences.

  • Methods for sparking up your partner’s attraction towards you, even if they seem to be disgusted, turned off, or uninterested.

  • Techniques for encouraging your partner to pursue you, instead of being stuck, chasing them around like a lost puppy dog.

  • Methods for connecting with your partner on a deep spiritual level – this incredible bond can bring unimaginable joy into the relationship and create a strength that gets you through the toughest challenges.

And of course, the training provides detailed methods to improve the relationship long-term. It doesn’t make sense to go through all the trouble of saving your relationship if you are going to have a repeat of the issues which occurred before.

We give you workable techniques for working through disagreements, finding solutions for the issues, and so much more.

Can I give you a 100% guarantee that you can save your relationship with this training? Of course not! Run away from anyone who makes such a ridiculous claim. There are some factors which may be out of your control.

But if you apply what you learn in the Life Mastery Program, it will give you more of a fighting chance than ever before. I can guarantee that.

Before It’s Too Late, Take Action Now – Don’t Wait Another Day

It’s a tough question to ask yourself, but if you don’t start doing something different to save your relationship, do you think anything will really change for you?

  • Don’t let a relationship that means so much to you just slip away.

  • Don’t fall into the trap of being the "victim" who has no influence over the circumstances.

  • Don’t just sit by and watch the romance die with the person you love.

  • Don’t just passively watch as the love of your life moves on to find someone new (to replace you).

  • Don’t let the great times you had together become a faded memory.

Instead, acknowledge you do have power over what happens, and you can influence the outcome, even if you have no physical contact or communication.

Rather than sitting helplessly, watching the situation get worse, do everything you can to save the relationship that is so important to you. Fight for it!

About Dale

Dale Sellers is the founder of LifeLeap Institute. He has over 25 years of metaphysical training including a former military intelligence project focused on psychic development and healing. Dale has the experience of working with thousands of clients including police, CEOs, and celebrities. You can find Dale on Facebook, Instagramand Twitter. See his most popular services - Psychic Counseling and his Life Mastery Program