Step By Step Actions To Take

Whether you a new community member or your have been with us for years, this list outlines the actions to take so you can get the most out of the LifeLeap Community. If you are a new member, you need this guide to help you get off to a good start. As a long-term member, this is a good reference to keep yourself on track.

Note: For a more detailed description of the features covered in this list, and instructions on how to access them, please see Activity Area Tutorial

Action List For New Community Members

  • Read our Terms and Conditions to make sure you understand our requirements for members in the Community Area

  • Explore the different topics relating to how you can use the community area

  • Head over to your Your Profile

    • Upload a picture of yourself which is much better than the default avatar (learn how)

    • Update all of your profile information

    • Set your appropriate time zone so that calendar times, topics, messages, etc will display the proper time for you (learn how).

  • Navigate to the Main Activity Area, scroll down to the Individual Sections which interest you

  • As you find community members you want to keep in touch with, make Friend Requests as explained here

  • Go to the Community Activity Wall and type in something for your status. Enter a YouTube link (will display video), a website link, or just type in what’s on your mind.

  • Head over to the LifeLeap Cafe and introduce yourself in the Introduction Area

  • Whitelist to make sure you receive all notices, updates, alerts, etc

Come back and review the Action List Soon!

This is your checklist to visit frequently, to make sure you are getting all the benefits available to you.

The Action List is a helpful reminder of daily and occasional steps you need to take. We also update this list often, so reviewing it will help you keep up-to-date with new features in the LifeLeap Community.