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  • Hi Mckalibre9,
    From my own understanding and what I’ve read about dreams, it is our bodies/mind trying to integrate and/or bring our attention to some issues we may be having. Deciphering the symbols and meaning is another whole different story. Some people have learned to attune themselves to their mental senses so well that they can make sense…[Read more]

  • I would have to agree with Mellow, if you really want to know…ask him. Why spend your time pondering what could or couldn’t be. If you ask up close and in person, then that would eliminate the guess work, right ? If he’s in to you then he’ll let you know, if not, then that at least lets you know not to spend any more time in limbo.

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  • I’m not a psychic reader but in my own opinion I’d say this is one of his groupies. Even more so I get the feel its actually a female. What better way to screen fans ? Ask some questions that pertain to a male and female response. Such as gage how a male or a female would respond to the same question.

  • Ok, you have some back and forth swapping of messages. What does it mean ? Let actions speak louder than words. If he’s legit then you’ll get your tickets via email, right ? I looked up the name, its associated a with stage name vin diesel, yes ? So I’d call into question, why would some one with his reputation and access to basically unlimited…[Read more]

  • The name wouldnt or doesn’t help me figure out who he is. But just be on the side of caution and careful and I’d do some back ground and research is all I’m saying. Better to be safe than sorry, know what I mean ? Hope things turn out for your good .

  • Me personally , would be wanting to meet this person, but if you are happy with the way your situation is . Yet Id say if your questioning if your being scammed…then perhaps maybe you should do some research. People don’t usually hide behind fake screen names and only interact or socialize on the net in chat rooms for no reason. Could be that he…[Read more]

  • Hi Joyce,
    It sounds like you answered your own question, you quoted: ” I decided to stop sending money but he still chats with me and our relationship continues…do you think I’m getting scammed or is he really who he says he is” ? You’d be amazed at how some of these soft ware developers have trained AI computers to interact with us real peo…[Read more]

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    I recommend investing in the LMP student training. Truly amazing results and only up to lesson 5, and this new psychic project they created is revealing how far removed my own sensory ability I actually was.

  • A whole new way to experience life. Thankfully. Just be glad you get to start at a young age. The effects won’t be so dramatic….make good use of what u find out . The transition was hard for me to accept at 1st but on getting to a better place now. Wishing u the best in happiness and good health

  • Good luck to you. After 10 years of unusual circumstances I’m still trying to figure it out. In lucid dreaming the dreamer knows they are in a dream and can control the happenings and outcome of the dream. Don’t we do the same in the so called awakeness of life ? Have you ever taken a bio class and found out what our bodies are actually made up of…[Read more]

  • Hi tmlewis7. Its all good, know what I mean ? We’re all here for different purposes I guess. Yes I’m participating in the psychic project. Very interesting it is. After reading your bio profile there is some things I wanted to tell you but I’m not a licensed MD(medical doctor) , just a concerned citizen as of now. Yet I can tell you what I did…[Read more]

  • Have you looked into the LMP ? the life mastery program. Its well worth the investment once you get into the classes. I’m just a student and into the 4th class but the exercises have helped me already. Perhaps thats how you came across this site, to learn how to tune into your own intuition. Are you participating in the new psychic project ? It…[Read more]

  • I can’t or don’t have an answer to why it happen to both of you. I went to a psychic once. To be honest mostly what she told me was like listening to gibberish because I don’t speak their language, nor did I understand psychic terminology. Know what I mean ?
    Yet, your here on a site that pertains to psychic development, which to me says that your…[Read more]

  • This is an interesting case, tmlewis7 not sure if the psychic was trying to scam you or not because I’m not that person. But let me ask you a question. Do you have a Doctor? If so when you’ve made visits did you get a complete cure in that one specific visit.Or do you go back every so often to monitor the conditions? But getting back to my…[Read more]

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    My 1st initial reaction to your question Matt1, is probably not if your only going to rely on someone else’s opinion of whether your going to be ok or not. Psychic sensory training to me seems more geared toward the person whom is trying to train their senses and to study what they are sensing off you then to validate if they were right or not by…[Read more]

  • Billy, wish I could help, yet, being a new student to all this psychic sensory training I can at the time only offer a friendly response and to say the irony of life is beyond my own understanding as well. The little I’ve read up on the law of attraction in my own opinion is saying that we attract what we think most about. Meaning, if the death of…[Read more]

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