Intuition Course – Develop Intuition & Psychic Ability. 25 Years Of Research. Attract What You Want In Life

ABC News Personally Offered Me A Ten Month Reality TV Show Because Of What You're About To Discover

Develop Sharp Intuition & Learn To Spiritually Attract What You Want In Your Life, Easily & Quickly

Wherever you are in the world, The Life Mastery Program offers a step-by-step, tested and proven approach to creating a breakthrough in your life. And we show you how to apply this positive change in your relationships, wealth, and in your health. You receive personal interaction with me, the creator of the course, to guarantee you accomplish the results you want.

Intuition Course - Develop Intuition & Psychic Ability. 25 Years Of Research. Attract What You Want In Life

Hello - I'm Dale Sellers, President of LifeLeap Institute. So, why did we develop the Life Mastery Program? Well, to start off, life is full of difficulties. There are never-ending bills that have to be paid. Although the news tells us the economy is improving, it sometimes feels like you can never really get ahead.

Maybe you are constantly bombarded with stress - from work, from your relationships, from your kids. Even driving to work everyday through the city can be a nerve wracking experience.

If you are like the majority of the people in our society, you are lonely, depressed, you get angry a lot, and the romantic area of your life is a never ending struggle.

There are often so many problems in life, stacked on top of each other - and there doesn't seem to be any real solutions. Maybe you are unable to break your destructive bad habits - past trauma is haunting you.

Maybe you are stuck, going through the same struggle, day after day.

Or maybe you are one of the lucky few that has a decent amount of balance in your life. Maybe your relationship is at least stable and you have some money. But something is missing. There is emptiness inside. You know - the emptiness you thought would go away when you achieved what you have now.

So you have a good relationship and some career success, but there is still this feeling that you are just "going through the motions." You have this sense that there is something much greater, something that will give meaning to your life, but you just can't reach it.

After Spending Tons Of Money And Years Of Research, We Finally Found A Quick And Easy Solution That Works

My name is Dale Sellers and I am the President/Founder of LifeLeap Institute. I am one of the creators behind the Life Mastery Program. Many years ago, I was suffering through a life of mediocrity, limitations, and unhappiness.

I had a bad habit of making one stupid decision after another, with relationships, with money, and just about every other area of life. I also had a deep spiritual emptiness, never really feeling like I could connect with anything bigger than myself. I can tell you from experience, this is a painful way to live.

But oddly, unlike a lot of people, I developed an incredible dislike for suffering. I became allergic to it. I couldn't settle for it. I became obsessed with finding a real solution.

I spent years, and a lot of money, researching various systems of personal growth and metaphysics - Tony Robbins, Landmark Forum, Eckankar, NLP, TM, A Course in Miracles, Silva System, and many others.

I forced myself to the weekend seminars. I'd hear all kinds of philosophies from the Gurus, self help experts, and meditation experts. I would have these great feelings of finally finding something that made sense.

But then, a couple weeks down the road, I'd find myself right back in the same place. I had some new ideas to think over, but it was difficult to really apply them in my life. And with the various seminars and courses I took, if I had a question or wanted to share, getting help was never an option.

You can't just call up the GURU or Self Help Expert on the phone and ask for help.

You might get to talk to a lower lever "trainer" or volunteer if you are lucky. But when it comes to solving the real problems, you are on your own. I always missed having the real human interaction when it came to getting my questions answered.

I also read a lot of books. I mean, I read a lot of books. While there is some great knowledge out there, I just wasn't able to find anything with the depth I needed. I really wanted a step-by-step plan to take my life from where I was, to where I wanted to go. And again, if I had a question or something I wanted to share, contacting the author of the book wasn't an option.

Although there are some great approaches out there, I still wasn't satisfied. I knew there had to be something more - something stronger and better.

So I kept moving forward, step by step. After several years of hard work, I finally started to meet the right people who could give me the guidance I needed. Ironically, much of the best training I discovered was with a former Military Intelligence Project (US Air Force), which was focused on developing metaphysical abilities and healing combat trauma.

With the right training, I started to actually create some breakthroughs in my life.

I was able to get rid of the garbage that was holding me back and finally start attracting what I wanted - a wonderful relationship with the woman of my dreams, a beautiful family, great health, financial success and happiness.

These things all happened very quickly. Considering the struggle I had gone through for so many years, this shift in my life was a major breakthrough.

I literately went from having no intuition, to being recognized as a Leader In The Field Of Intuition by some great people, such as Dr. Jeffry Mishlove, founder of the Intuition Network and host of the TV show "Thinking Allowed."

With the intuition I developed, I reached the level accuracy which allowed me to work as a Professional Intuitive for Police, Celebrities, and CEOs. For the abilities I've demonstrated, I've been interviewed by the producers of Psychic Detective and ABC News.

What does all this mean for you?

With the help of my team and the mind-blowing inspiration of a few great mentors, I was able to take a lot of great knowledge and put it all together. This is an approach you can start using in your own life right away.

I'll share the details with you in a moment, but first let's consider some truths about personal growth, developing intuition, and spiritual awareness.

psychic course Dale hit the nail on the head. He is precise and accurate. I had an unsolved case in a sealed envelope.

Dale was able to pinpoint the crime and the suspects name. He has been correct with my personal readings.

psychic training

Are You Skeptical Of Spiritual Or Intuitive Abilities?

Ironically, I'm more skeptical than most people. In fact, 30 years ago if someone suggested I would be doing intuitive work for police, CEOs, and celebrities, I would have laughed in their face. I have a background in psychology, so I'm very research-minded. I have to see proof before I ever consider something to be real.

But shockingly enough, the potential of spiritual ability has been proven to exist by some of the most credible sources, such as Princeton University, Duke University, the United States Army, University Of Arizona and the United Nations.

It's scientifically proven that people can intuitively sense information from thousands of miles away, accomplish physical healing of illness using metaphysical means, and influence physical objects even from great distances.

See this fascinating video from Russell Targ, Ph.D., who is recognized as a world renowned scientist. After receiving his physics degree from Columbia University and working in management at Lockheed Martin, Targ developed the de-classified CIA Stargate Project.

The Stargate Project was a CIA funded, 20 Year Military Intelligence Project focused on developing and implementing intuition development.

Regardless of what a few stubborn skeptics are preaching, the debate about the truth of these spiritual-based abilities is over.

And it's not the flaky "guru types" that are presenting these conclusions. These are the top minds from the most credible institutions of our time:

  • Professor Robert G. Jahn, Phd, Dean of The Princeton University School of Engineering and member of NASA Space Science and Technology Advisory Committee

  • Dr. Karl Pribram, Professor of Neuropsychology at Stanford University

  • Dean Radin, PhD in Psychology from the University of Illinois, held appointments at Princeton University, University of Edinburgh, University of Nevada, and three Silicon Valley think-tanks

  • Elisabeth Targ, MD, Stanford University graduate, Psychiatrist at California Pacific Medical Center

  • Gary E. Schwartz, Phd, Professor of Psychology at the University of Arizona

  • Brian L. Weiss, M.D., head of the Psychiatric center at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami.

  • Edgar Dean Mitchell, D.Sc, one of the Astronauts to walk on the moon, Doctor of Science degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics from MIT, nominated for the Noble Peace Prize

  • David Bohm Phd, Physics professor at Berkeley University, Princeton University, protégé and close friend of Albert Einstein

To Accomplish Real Change In Life, You Need The Spiritual & Intuitive Edge

Many approaches, such as "talk therapy" and various personal growth systems, attempt to help people gain control over emotions and thinking to improve their lives. But when it comes to true personal achievement, every aspect of life must be examined and developed - the emotional, mental, and the spiritual. In fact, the spiritual aspect of life is where the true power lies.

Unfortunately, most of what's out there falls short when it comes to building true spiritual awareness.

On top of this, movies and television give people a distorted view of spiritual abilities like intuition, healing ability, and the ability to manifest events and people into one's life. Our culture teaches that these things are dangerous, evil, or that these abilities can only be achieved by certain "gifted" individuals. Many people believe these abilities are a result of some mystical force accessible only by tarot cards, crystal balls, or casting runes.

The truth is that spiritual abilities are natural and everyone has them. In fact, children are gifted spiritually but are encouraged to shut down these abilities and replace them with intellectual reasoning. If you really pay attention, you can see how children have an extra spark - a depth which most adults have long ago forgotten.

There is great power in true spiritual ability. It is possible to know what someone is feeling, even if that person is thousands of miles away. It is possible to see your own future (the good and bad), before it ever happens. It is possible to attract a specific amount of money or a romantic partner with unique qualities, all by harnessing the powerful spiritual force that is available to everyone.

psychic training

"Research in human pattern recognition and decision-making suggest that there is a 'sixth sense' through which humans can detect and act on unique patterns without consciously and intentionally analyzing them."

Office Of Naval Research, US Navy
from current project by US Navy in Arlington, Va
* This Navy Project was mainly created to train soldiers how to save lives by using intuitive ability to detect roadside bombs.

Many great achievers,CEOs, celebrities, world leaders, and humanitarians, credit their success to spiritual abilities. These are people such as Thomas Edison, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Carl Jung, Demi Moore, and John Travolta, just to name a few.

One of the best selling books of all time, Think And Grow Rich, sold more copies in the United States than any other book, with the exception of The Holy Bible. The author of the book, Napoleon Hill, spent 25 years interviewing and researching the greatest minds of all time.

Mr. Hill spent personal time with the most powerful people in the world and documented how they think and function, including Andrew Carnegie, Alexander Graham Bell, Charles M. Schwab, Thomas Edison, and Harvey Samuel Firestone.

Mr. Hill was was also an advisor to two United State's presidents, Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

In Think And Grow Rich, Mr. Hill has a whole chapter devoted to what he calls the sixth sense. Although he only touches on the surface of developing intuition, the chapter contains one of my all-time favorite quotes:

psychic development course

The "sixth sense" is the faculty which marks the difference between a genius and an ordinary individual.

Napoleon Hill
Author of Think And Grow Rich
* Sold over 100 Million Copies

In his book, Mr. Hill is not talking about mere creativity or inspiration. He is distinctly referring to the psychic experience of tapping into a deeper universal intelligence to acquire information.

See, when faced with an issue, a crisis, or something new you want to accomplish, intuition is required to make great leaps.

Book-smarts, a High IQ, and reasoning will only you take you so far.

You reach a point when you come to a brick wall, and you have to use your sixth sense to make it to the other side. This is true with relationships, wealth, and creativity.

How Can Spiritual Abilities Be Developed?

Basically, our minds can be seen similar to a computer with a wireless internet connection. To the untrained eye, that computer seems to be only an independent machine, processing and storing information all by itself.

In reality, the computer is tapped into a global network - it's sending and receiving information from far beyond the boundaries of its metal casing.

Science has discovered that our minds work in much the same way. Although there are no wires connecting us together, there is a constant flow of information - our minds are constantly transmitting and receiving information beyond the boundaries of our physical body. This information can be from thousands of miles away, from the past, and from the future.

Most people only use the intellectual parts of their minds. But in the same way you enjoy plugging into the internet for knowledge and power, why would you not want to plug into the Universal Intelligence? Why would you deny yourself this power, knowledge, and ability?

We each have our own individuality, but we are also part of this Universal Intelligence which is connected to all of space and all of time.

Psychic Vibes

The human mind has so much more potential than most people realize. Why limit yours?

Intuition Chat

"Deep down in the consciousness of man is one."

- David Bohm, PhD.
Internationally Renowned Physicist Princeton University Professor

This Universal Mind that we all share allows metaphysical abilities to exist. By becoming aware of this Universal Mind and learning to harness it, these abilities become possible. This has been proven as a result of extensive scientific studies from major universities all over the world.

At the same time, controlling metaphysical ability at will, for a specific purpose, repeatedly and accurately, does require specialized training and development. But despite what many people believe, developing these types of abilities isn't about learning to do something new such as reading tarot cards, using a crystal ball, or engaging in some type of odd ritual.

These abilities are a result of a deeper self-awareness and more advanced self-control. If intuition, healing ability, and the ability to manifest what you want are important to you, your core focus has to be healing yourself on a deeper level. This involves getting control over your emotional reactions, taking back the power that others have on you, stopping the effects of past trauma and limiting beliefs, and reclaiming your own personal inner-power.

The good news is that if you are willing to invest just a little time and energy into inner growth, there is nothing stopping you from attaining this goal.

intution class

What Are The Practical Benefits Of Developing Your Own Intuition And Other Spiritual-Based Abilities?

Are you are comfortable with working a mediocre job, shallow romantic relationships, and just "getting by" in life? Are you easily satisfied with spending all of your free time absorbed in Facebook or some other mind-numbing activity? If so, you may not really need to develop your intuition.

But if you want to make a breakthrough in your life, if you want to achieve great things, intuition is an absolute requirement.

If you want to have a lasting and loving relationship that is extraordinary, you need a strong skill of intuition. If you want to have an impact in the world, you just can't accomplish this without having a strong sixth sense.

albert einstein intuition

"The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it Intuition or what you will, the solution comes to you and you don't know how or why."

- Albert Einstein

Do you have dreams of some day opening a business? Did you know that 90% of businesses fail within the first two years of starting? I encourage you to follow your dreams and take risks in your life, but you better make sure your intuition is super sharp if you are going up against the odds. A lot of the things worth fighting for in life ultimately require super-human ability to succeed.

It's simple - To live a life full of excitement, creativity, accomplishment and compassion, a deep spiritual awareness is a requirement.

Just remember, when you drive your car, turn on a light bulb, use your computer, see a nuclear power plant, watch a movie, listen to recorded music, or fly in a powered airplane, all of these things have one thing in common. They were created by a person using the power of spiritual-based abilities, such as intuition.

Einstein, Bell, Edison, and others all believed in the sixth sense and had their own methods of accessing this spiritual force. This is a fact. These details are discussed in the Life Mastery Program

The important thing to understand is that intuition and other spiritual abilities are powerful, undeniable, and you benefit everyday because a handful of people were smart enough to use them.

So why would you deny yourself another single day, from personally using this ability in your own life?

Well, Now You Don't Have To...

intuition development course

A Much Different Approach To Personal & Spiritual Development

Maybe you tried visualization to attract the perfect mate, with utter failure. Or maybe you took a shot at meditation to become more intuitive, and the results just weren't there. I've been through the same disappointments myself.

But, if the training in this program was boring, too difficult, or it didn't work, I would have walked away a long time ago. See, the methods in this program are the same techniques I still use everyday in my life. I always have some incredible things I'm working on, and these methods allow me to accomplish the things I care about.

The program is designed for the beginner and for the serious student seeking a major life breakthrough. I didn't just dream up the program by myself. The Life Mastery Program contains time-tested and proven methods - the missing links that do not exist in other approaches to personal growth and spiritual development.

Over the years, thousands of individuals participating in the training have allowed my team to determine what works and what does not work. You will see many testimonials here from students - students who consistently tell me this training was the single biggest breakthrough in their lives.

For over 25 years, I've taught all types of people to develop their own spiritual awareness and abilities. I've taught in group environments and through our online course with individual students all over the world.

I have successfully trained police officers, psychologists, nurses, fitness trainers, doctors, business owners, and art students. I've personally shown people how to master their emotions, thinking, and physical health.

I've helped people develop sharp intuition - they are able to sense the true feelings and motivations of others, even from a great distance. They are able to see clearly into the future before making decisions.

All of these abilities have allowed a lot of people, just like you, to finally get what they've always wanted in life.

While these examples are only a glimpse of what's possible, you can imagine how these abilities will make your life much easier, less painful, and more balanced.

psychic training classes

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the coaching session we recently had covering one of the key exercises taught in the training program. You got right "to the point" early in the session to help me realize some of the areas I was not seeing.

I have often wondered if there was truly a way to free people from pain and suffering. I have also often wondered if there was a legitimate personal growth program designed to teach people how to heal their bodies and empower the millions of people who suffer from chronic back pains, diseases such as Cancer etc... live a pain free life.

Your program has opened my eyes to unique tools for seeing my personal and professional life through a different lens. Having this perspective has given me a direction to focus my health issues as well as ability to focus better as a business owner. There is much value in using the Life Mastery Program.

Julia Fortune, Chief Operating Officer
Copia Trading Company, California, USA
National Sales Representative Recruitment

Is The Life Mastery Program Right For You?

Do you see any benefit in strengthening your intuition and healing abilities? Do you have challenges in your life that you want to resolve?...and you don't want to see reoccur?

Maybe you simply desire to achieve more wealth and more wonderful romantic experiences? Regardless of who you are or what you have accomplished, there is always room for improvement in your life - in everyone's life.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you want to make any area of your life better: relationships, finances, physical health, family, spirituality, self-awareness, or your career?

  • Do you keep sabotaging your success by repeating unconscious patterns? Are those patterns creating conflict, suffering or illness?

  • Do you have limiting beliefs blocking your intuition and healing abilities, spiritual awareness, or the other natural capabilities that you possess?

  • Do you need to gain more mental and emotional control in order to create the life that you \ want?

  • Is it difficult for you to enjoy the present because you have regrets about the past or worries about the future?

  • Do you lack an adequate support group of people sharing your same purposes, interests, and goals?

  • Have you decided that psychological counseling, psychiatry, or other methods of personal growth are too slow, ineffective, or even unhealthy?

  • Do you ever feel like your life is stagnant, mediocre or beyond your control?

  • Do you struggle or fail to quickly bounce back when life gets difficult?

  • Do you desire more powerful tools to create positive change in a world that's often dominated by conflict, suffering, and poverty?

Regardless of where you are on life's journey, the Life Mastery Program has many profound benefits to offer. This information is a result of years of international field studies - our team has decades of combined experience in personal, spiritual, and intuition development. In fact, this program allows you to have more personal control, a healthier life and a greater experience of joy.

We are confident of these results for several reasons:

  • Using 20 written lessons as a framework, the program offers the best metaphysical development and personal growth approaches available - using a variety of visual, mental, and spiritual exercises. These techniques were collected from the best sources of meditation, psychology, and metaphysics.

    You will not find this kind of powerful training on the internet or at your local bookstore. These are widely unknown exercises and principles. Our training material is far from what's available in the mainstream. We believe people should have access to training that actually works, and we've found that most of what is available elsewhere is ineffective, misleading, and too costly.

  • Through extensive research, our team has tested the most effective approaches - Tibetan Buddhism, Daoism, principles for Quantum Physics, many Disciplines of Yoga, Metaphysical Disciplines, Hinduism, Ancient Jewish Mysticism, Western Psychology and Remote Viewing.

    Through years of painstaking trial and error, we have sifted through what methods work and which methods will not work for you. By combining a variety of techniques from many different sources, we have a complete program full of powerful tools.

    Years of development allow us to provide you "the best of the best."

  • Although we do pull wisdom from various religious paths, this training program is not based on any theological or philosophical path. At the same time, The Life Mastery Program isn't anti-religious - it promotes the wisdom of the ages.

  • We give you the support you need. As a student of personal growth and metaphysics, it's critical to have "real people" to guide and assist you along your path, people that are qualified to give you the help you need.

    The Life Mastery Program includes ongoing coaching support from me personally and access to our private community of students, graduates, and teachers.

    When you have a question or if you need to share your experiences, we are here for you. Complete support is provided to in-person students and our online students around the world.

  • The program is designed in a way that allows you to achieve what you want quickly. Being highly intuitive, at peace, and in control of yourself doesn't have to be a long drawn-out process. By investing only a few minutes a day, you can easily get the same results as people that have practiced for years using other approaches.

  • This approach is practical. If you desire, with this training you can achieve astral projection, telekinesis, dream control, past life recall, and many more exciting abilities. But the true power of the program is the awareness and abilities you can develop and use in your day-to-day life.

    This training is about helping you to create loving and lasting relationships, to give you a cutting-edge in high pressure environments such as business meetings, to help you radically improve your family life, to heal yourself and others of sickness, to be able to spiritually attract what you want in your life, and so much more.

  • Life can already be complicated enough - Our approach is created in a style that's easily understandable to everyone. These methods are not complex. All people of all ages and educational levels can learn these methods and start applying them in their daily lives.

  • This program is affordable. In other organizations, you can easily spend over $50,000 a year getting the techniques that are less effective than what we offer. This program is available to people in all walks of life, regardless of their financial situation.

  • This approach does not rely on gimmicks and wacky rituals where you have to wear robes, do strange breathing exercises or walk on hot coals. Instead, I personally provide you with direct and effective tools that allow you to quickly achieve your personal goals without having to make any changes to your lifestyle.

linda georgian

For literally decades, I have personally studied and trained with some of the greatest leaders in the fields of metaphysics and personal growth. For over 15 years, I trained in-person at a former Military Intelligence Project, which had a program set up on five different US Air Force Bases.

Although it was connected to the government, the project was centered on developing metaphysical abilities and healing the effects of combat trauma. My mentor at the project had been researching metaphysics since the early 1950s - before the "New Age" even existed.

I studied under and worked with the late Linda Georgian, the founder of Psychic Friends Network. You might have seen Linda on Larry King, Bill Maher, CNN, Montel or Entertainment Tonight. Her clients were US Presidents including Donald Trump, FBI agents, Ed McMahon, and many other Hollywood celebrities.

At one point, Linda and I worked together so much, we were room-mates together in a condo on Hollywood Beach, Florida. Working and training with the most famous Professional Intuitive in the world for so many years was truly a blessing for me. Linda's teachings inspired much of the training in the Life Mastery Program.

So Are You Ready To Achieve More In Your Life?

Many highly successful people are using the training in this program as an opportunity to create powerful changes in their lives. Thousands of case studies have shown that participants of this training are better at controlling their emotions, their thoughts, and achieving their goals more easily.

The techniques in the classes have also been proven to enhance metaphysical abilities such as intuition and healing.

A person's true level of self-awareness can be measured by the spiritual abilities they can demonstrate.

Most of the participants of this program can openly display remarkable intuition, remote viewing and other abilities associated with a higher awareness, even if tested in watchful scientific environments.

Many of the students of this training have gone on to be master achievers:

  • Healers who get referrals from doctors

  • Professional intuitives endorsed by police, celebrities, PhDs, and CEOs.

  • Respected political activists fighting for human rights

  • Successful business owners

  • Healthcare professionals that go "far beyond" conventional medicine when helping difficult patients

Change begins almost immediately as you learn to use these methods in everyday life. Positive results provide proof to everyone.

You can use the techniques from the program in so many situations:

  • Intuitively sensing the true motivations and feelings of others - this will save you the pain of being betrayed, disappointed, and being mislead before you go down the wrong path

  • Dealing with stressful issues in a challenging relationship

  • Controlling anger, fear, and repeated frustrations

  • Getting a job promotion or launching your own business - get the confidence, quick thinking and intuition required to be an achiever

  • Calming someone that's in a crisis - a loved one, co-worker, a stranger

  • Managing the troubles of young children and teenagers

  • Overcoming the effects of sexual trauma - most approaches of therapy fail in this situation

  • Managing and healing a chronic health condition

  • Manifesting more wealth and the ideal romantic relationship into your life

Learn Practical Tools You Can Use Throughout The Day, Every Day

Patterns are the things that we keep doing over and over, whether it's with our thinking, our emotions, our health, or our behaviors.

Some patterns benefit us - like a daily routine of exercise. Unfortunately, many patterns limit us - like getting emotionally out of control when trying to talk things out with romantic partners, bosses, or friends.

It's these obstacles that keep us from our greatest potential. Limiting patterns are what block our awareness and our metaphysical ability. They block our happiness.

This training is full of powerful steps that break through our destructive patterns. These are techniques that you will use throughout the day, not philosophies or theories that you study.

Clearing destructive patterns from your life will allow you to function with greater freedom. This is much more powerful than automatically reacting to events that occur in your life. When you remove negative patterns, you take control of your life, even if you've been stuck in the same challenges for years.

develop psychic abilities

When you get to the core of most life challenges, the destructive patterns inside of us are the cause.

As you break through more limiting patterns, you experience faster rates of learning and improved memory. You develop new spiritual-based abilities such as the ability to intuitively sense anything about anyone in any given situation. This makes everything you do more exciting, easier, and conflict free.

psychic course

Breaking though your inner obstacles is the most powerful step you can take to improve every area of your life.

In every area of your life, you benefit by removing unwanted patterns: relationships, health, family, personal energy, wealth, happiness, sexual experiences, and career.

It's difficult to remove personal obstacles when you are in a "normal" state of mind. This is why the Life Mastery Program teaches you techniques for shifting easily and safely into heightened states of awareness.

It is in these moments that our deep-rooted patterns can be reached and eliminated. These "personal blueprints" cause us continual problems and are difficult to change in ordinary states of consciousness.

Shifting into deeper levels of awareness is necessary to overcome these patterns. This approach produces rapid personal development.

Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.

- Albert Einstein

Accessing deeper states of awareness helps you to see through the illusion that everything in life is separated. This can be the most valuable spiritual experience this program has to offer - a profound awakening that results in intense metaphysical abilities such as sharp intuition and healing.

If you desire to break through the mediocre limitations that so many others settle for, this program is for you. Thousands of people worldwide are now taking control and living richer, more satisfying lives as a result of this training.

Using the methods offered in the program, many people have even turned personal tragedies into opportunities for growth - opportunities that go far beyond recovery. This program allows you to reach levels of awareness, health, and achievement that most people consider impossible.

psychic development classes

Now you may be able to find some of the Life Mastery information in other places. But it won't take long to discover that the searching it takes to identify worthy information is a long and complicated journey. You could easily spend years sorting through books or traveling to seminars to find out what works and what doesn't work.

This program allows you to save your time, energy, and money. We have done the difficult research in order to make personal growth, intuition development, better health, and happiness, a quick and easy step for you.

As you may know, many current approaches to spiritual development/personal growth require you to dwell on your problems, relive past pain, or program your mind with dogmatic beliefs. This approach does not.

The Life Mastery Program provides practical techniques that allow you to rise to a higher level of perception, beyond all of your troubles and limitations. As you experience this shift in awareness, the way you interact in life also shifts - problems become opportunities, suffering becomes a learning experience, and everything in life begins to take on new meaning.

Life Mastery Program - Training Format

LifeLeap Institute offers our Life Mastery Program primarily through the online Private Student Area of our website, although we do occasionally have in-person classes and conferences.

There are Twenty Lessons. Each lesson is designed as a building block for the next lesson. Because of this, it's required that you take the classes in order, starting from Lesson One. Because the program material is very intense, one lesson is given every two weeks, giving you time to process and apply the information in your life.

Each lesson usually consists of a discussion, experiential exercises, videos including animations, and audio guides (see details below). Student support is provided with each lesson (with me personally, inside our Private Online Student Area, etc).

Intensive Personal Sessions are one-on-one sessions with me, which are optional and which take place towards the end of your training. Powerful, advanced techniques are used to super-boost your intuition and healing abilities, develop your spiritual awareness, and to help you work through any deep-rooted trauma.

To receive an Intensive Personal Session, you simply book an appointment and we conduct the session in-person or over the phone. In-person sessions in the North Florida, USA area are preferred, even for correspondent/online students, but not required. For correspondent students, we will help you make travel arrangements.

Get The Personal Support You Need To Excel As A Student

online psychic course

Just as with martial arts or yoga training, to really grow as a student, it's critical to have "real people" to guide you - people who have walked further along the path than you. No instructional DVD or e-book can take the place of this "personal guidance."

For students (in-person and online), we provide all of the personal support you need to get the most out of the program material. This includes phone and online interaction - all with me personally. I have over 25 years experience in personal growth and spiritual development, and I'm ready to share with you all the powerful knowledge I've acquired. If you get stuck or want help customizing this training to your life, I'm here for you.

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Study Groups - We provide online students the opportunity to participate in our study groups through a teleconference. Participation is easy - we send you the schedules and a phone number to call, and you just call in at the scheduled time. Skype sessions are also available for international students.

The study groups are powerful because I personally coach you through the methods of the Life Mastery Program. I usually lead you though the exercises of this training and then we provide a time for questions/answers and sharing your experiences with the other study group participants.

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Private Student Website - Whether you enroll in the program in-person or online, you get access to the Private Student Area on our website. There you will find a Private Online Discussion Area linking you to people all over the world that are participating in the program. This is also where you get access to your Life Mastery Program lessons and all the resources which come with the training.

This Private Online Community is a great place to connect with other students, share experiences, and ask questions about the training. I check it daily and answer questions from students in the program. We make sure that you don't go through the program alone.

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Audio Exercises - In the Private Student Area of our website, you find recorded audio sessions of many of the exercises in the Life Mastery Program (visualizations, meditations, etc). You can listen when in the student's area or download the files for later use.

The audio exercises are powerful. I'm able to guide you through the exercises, without you having to worry if you are doing them correctly. This gives you a reference to reflect upon as you become more independent in your training.

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Video Tutorials, Animations & Simulations - Last but not least, you will find our powerful "multimedia work in progress" in the Private Member Website. Some people learn better by reading, some by listening, and many people learn better by seeing. When you combine all three, regardless of how you learn, your rate of learning/understanding is multiplied. The visual media in the Private Student Website takes personal, spiritual, and intuition development to a whole new level.

Our video simulations allow you to experience different exercises in this training from the viewpoint of what you will see when you are conducting the exercises on your own. With this type of visual reference, you can accomplish in weeks what would normally take months. This makes the training easier, more powerful, and more effective for you. The United States Military uses similar methods when training our armed forces - because it works.

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Mobile Device Access - Smart phones are here, and they're here to stay. The complete Private Student Website is designed to operate on mobile devices so you can access everything you need, wherever you are.

Whether you are on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or a smart phone, log into the student site and get your lessons, watch videos, listed to audio exercises and communicate with the student community. So if you're on your lunch break, waiting in line or stuck in traffic, you have the Life Mastery Program at your fingertips.

Throughout your training, I offer you direct communication with me (in-person, phone, online, etc), and with the rest of the community of students and teachers that we have trained. Additionally, we provide all the tools you need to get the very best state-of-the-art training available anywhere.

I only take so many students at a time so that I can guarantee that you get all the support you need as a student (one-on-one coaching, etc). This type of personalized service is essential to true personal, intuitive and spiritual development.

Of course, after you complete the training, you gain life-time access to all of the student resources we provide. We are constantly improving and adding to the program, as we have been for 15 years.

If you desire, this program can open up employment opportunities in the areas of personal development and healing or compliments any previous training you may have acquired. Many professional healers and intuitives are skillfully using the information from this program as a means to help others.

Much of the lesson format is actually structured to help you assist others with their challenges. Healthcare professionals such as psychologists, psychiatrists, massage therapists, and nurses are using these techniques to bring more fulfillment, success, and health to others around the world.

Life Mastery Program - Individual Class Descriptions

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Click the button below to see a detailed description of each lesson of the Life Mastery Program.

* Along with the written lessons, the Life Mastery Program also includes audio exercises, video animations, free live teleclasses, and all the other resources you need to get the most out of this training.

Life Mastery Program - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions that I'm frequently asked relating to the Life Mastery Program. Take a look and let us know if you have any further questions, or if we can be of assistance in any other way.

It's difficult to believe much of what you claim is possible with this training. Why should I believe any of these things?"

I understand the skepticism - much of what we discuss is very radical for the average person. There are not concepts or ideas most people encounter on a regular basis. Let me bring up a point though - just because something isn't widely known or believed, doesn't mean it's not real.

Throughout time, new concepts that were proven to be true were not widely known and often argued against - the world being round instead of flat, the earth revolving around the sun instead the sun revolving around the earth, the existence of bacteria, radio waves, the list goes on.

Throughout time, people have been judged, tortured, and killed for even discussing much of what is known to be true today. This is simply because other people did not understand, feared change, or they had beliefs that contradicted what was presented to them.

Before you make up your mind, I encourage you to do some research. Much of what we claim in this program goes side-by-side with the concepts discovered through quantum physics. You might be amazed at what many of the great minds are saying about the nature of reality - professors at Princeton University, Duke University, The University of Arizona, top physicists working with US Army, and more.

The current model of reality which most people understand (in the mainstream of our culture) has been proven to be inaccurate. In fact, science has proven that time and space are flexible and can be influenced; physical matter can even be influenced by merely observing it. Just as an example, when you look at a coffee cup on a table in front of you, the mere act of you observing the cup instantaneously alters the makeup of the atoms in the cup (without you even touching it).

There is so much more to discuss, but it would take hundreds of pages just to get started. I encourage you to go to your local library/bookstore and research these topics: holographic universe, superstring theory, non-linear time, non-locality in space, multiverse theory, Heisenberg's uncertainty theory, implicate and explicate universe, and the unified field theory.

This should get you started on this mind-blowing journey. One of my favorite books is the Holographic Universes by Michael Talbot. Although the author isn't a physicist, he does a great job of explaining many of these concepts in a way most people can easily understand. Many of the other books are written by physicists and can be a bit technical and hard to follow.

Our Life Mastery Program doesn't go into too much explanation of these concepts - rather we give you methods and exercises that allow you to experience these greater truths yourself first-hand. Then we show you how you can apply what you've learned in your day-to-day life to make your life easier, more exciting, less painful, and less limiting.

Can I get as much out of your correspondent/online training as I can out of the in-person training?

The answer is yes. The real foundation of the program is contained in the 20 powerful written lessons. You gain access to these lessons in our Private Student Area, one lesson every 2 weeks. During the in-person classes, we just read over the lessons and answer questions - this is all that you are missing as a correspondent/online student.

Each lesson contains exercises that are geared toward helping you to create a deeper level of awareness and the intuition/healing abilities that go along with this awareness. I've been teaching correspondent/online students for years and I've never had a student that didn't see profound changes after participating in this program.

I don't want to do this alone - how is it possible to avoid this if I take the program through correspondence?

As a correspondent/online student, you will not be alone. We provide extensive support for correspondent students. This includes access to the Private Student Area on our website. Here you can ask questions and share your experiences with other students of this program. There are audio exercises, video animations, and other resources throughout the program. I check the Private Student Area daily - you get feedback from me, but also feedback from other students and teachers.

We also offer teleclasses in which you call in to live conferences. I use these teleclasses as an opportunity to coach all students through the exercises in the lessons. And of course, as a student, I encourage you to call me personally when you have questions about the program.

Is this training going to make me a psychic sponge where I walk around all day and see ghosts, murders, feel people's pain, read people's minds, etc? Will this program turn me into a freak that gets rejected by my friends, family, and society or will it make me crazy because the mind isn't made to expand so much?

This program is not some type of Pandora's Box that creates a life-long nightmare. It's quite the opposite - I've had hundreds of students throughout the years that have demonstrated improvement in their lives. I've seen students heal themselves of chronic disease (terminal cancer, diabetes, HIV, etc), I've seen students create successful small businesses, open charitable foundations that help thousands of people, attract the relationship partner they had always dreamed about, along with other beneficial life changes.

The biggest misconception of students who are fearful of this training is that this program is only about being more intuitive. Actually, this program is really about healing yourself on a deeper level. The intuition/healing ability is more of a side-effect of this process.

The core of this training is self awareness and self control. We actually start off with specific exercise for controlling your emotions. This allows you to decide how you want to feel instead of reacting to life's experiences. The program moves on from there but gets much more advanced, with the core focus still being the same.

You don't even have to use this training to open up your intuition, although I can't see why you would want to avoid this. This ability can make your day-to-day life much easier, more efficient, and more exciting. If you do want to concentrate on developing intuition, we instruct you how to do this safely, comfortably, and completely under your control.

Psychic experiences don't have to be random experiences that just pop up throughout the day. We show you how to turn this ability on and off at will, which is much more practical. If you encounter intuition, it will be because you intended it to happen.

After 15 years, where is the media frenzy and the millions of students?

Rather than offering weekend seminars to hundreds of people at time, we have found that students get better results steadily, over period of time. Exercising the mind and the spirit is much like physical exercise. If you go to the gym occasionally on the weekends, you just aren't going to get the same results as you would with a more consistent approach over time.

So many people want an "instant fix" these days and this just isn't the way it works. I also believe it's necessary to provide personal attention to each one of the students in the Life Mastery Program. This is why I have personal communication with all students.

All of these factors have kept our program from becoming too large, and all of our team and students seem to be happy with this choice.

As far as TV and other media, I've had plenty of opportunities to put the program in the spotlight, including an offer from ABC news for a 10 month reality TV series. We normally turn these offers down. See, our team developed this program to help people, not to be showcased for someones else's gain.

Whether it's our in-person or online classes, we insist on creating a safe place for students. We want people to feel comfortable sharing and asking questions, without being judged. Our plan is to keep moving forward, as we have been for years. It's an exciting and rewarding experience for everyone.

What will I have to do to get results from this program?

Each lesson contains different types of visual, mental, and spiritual based exercises. I suggest that you find a quiet place where you can be alone and regularly work through these different exercises. This is what will get you the results that you want - it's not going to be from sitting in a room listening to someone talk. It's also helpful sometimes to partner up with other students over the phone to lead each other through the processes. We provide this resource to you as a student.

Because these methods are so intense, you only need to put 15-20 minutes every day into this training, or even three times a week. Then occasionally take an hour to do some heavier exercises. This is all the time that you need to invest to get the benefits of this program. Eventually you reach a point where you don't have to do as much of the program work on your own - your life becomes more of an ongoing meditative experience.

I never have been good at meditating. Will this program be another failure for me?

You won't find the same old "sit still and try not to think" meditation approach in this program. Most of the visualizations, awareness triggering exercises, and other exercises in this program engage your mind with activity.

These methods are actually fun and can be very exciting and stimulating. This is true especially when you start to blend your awareness and new abilities into your day to day life - this is where the practical benefits of the program become obvious.

How is this program different from the metaphysical books in the bookstores, meditation CDs, and E-books on the internet?

There are several key differences. Many approaches to intuition development, healing, and self-awareness are just one individual's opinion about what is best. You see this in so many books, classes, seminars, etc. There are so many self-proclaimed experts these days. The information contained in the Life Mastery Program is not just another person's ideas.

This program results from over years of extensive international research into all the best sources of meditation, psychology, and metaphysics. The best information was gathered from all of the most powerful sources. Then, through trial and error, each of the exercises in this program was tested over and over again to determine what works and what doesn't work. This was all done internationally in small groups of people. After over 3,000 personal case studies of individual students, the final work is found in this program.

How many students do you have at a time? Will I get the individual attention that I need?

I only take so many students at a time so that I can guarantee that you get the necessary support as a student (one-on-one coaching, etc). This type of personalized approach is essential to true intuitive and spiritual development. I'm here to help if you get stuck, or to help you apply this training specifically to your individual life. I didn't get into this work so that I could "send people lessons."

I'm very passionate about what I do and because of my experience, I can make this whole process much easier and successful for you.

Whether through in-person classes or correspondent/online classes, many people throughout the years have found this program to be powerful and enlightening. We have created many good professional intuitives and healers. Many business owners, humanitarians, and other achievers have used this training to help create their dreams.

This Is Your Opportunity Of A Lifetime

Why settle for the limiting and painful lifestyle of the victim or the underachiever? This program is a profound alternative. If you are like most people, conditioning has bombarded you since birth from many sources - your parents, the media, the educational system, and your peers. Some of this programming is positive but, much of what you accepted is probably very limiting and has led to great suffering.

This program provides powerful methods to help you keep what you want and discard the rest. We are all about helping you experience life more proactively and living more fully. It's about personal responsibility and honesty. There's no doubt this training is the most valuable experience many people have ever had. It is fast, powerful, and effective.

But don't take my word for it. Become your own researcher. Set your life up as your own laboratory, experiment, and then make the decision for yourself.

Intuition Course - Develop Intuition & Psychic Ability. 25 Years Of Research. Attract What You Want In Life

Working in a cubicle making phone calls all day was not exactly what I envisioned a Bachelor's degree could do for me. The training in this course helped me identify and cut through all the clutter in my life and cleared a path in the process.

As a result I can not only visualize the outcome of future projects but describe in detail the steps I'll take to get there and what actions to avoid. Since I have a small business, this type of thing comes in handy.

The exercises are clear cut and easy enough for anyone to do well with practice. With the addition of Dale's coaching, I was able to get results at a constant and deliberate pace.

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More than likely, you will never again be given the opportunity this program has to offer - true intuition, a deep spiritual connection, powerful tools for personal growth, and the real ability to spiritually manifest what you want in your life.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Take the step today to get enrolled or if you have further questions, let me know (you will find contact information using the button below).

Spaces for enrollment are limited for both in-person and online students, so I encourage you to reserve your spot.

Yes Dale, In Relationships, Wealth And Spirituality, I'm Ready To Claim The Happiness And Success I Deserve Using This Complete Approach To Metaphysics & Personal Growth

Yes Dale, I'm Ready To Work Side By Side With You To Develop Sharp Intuitive Abilities & Learn To Truly Attract What I Want In My Life, Easily & Quickly, Using Proven Methods

Dale - I understand that I am getting powerful training, and that I will be able to skip the decades of trial and error of thousands of case studies that it took to gather this program information. Rather than attempting to do this all on my own, I'm looking forward to using your years and years of training, teaching, and experience to help me achieve the results that I want.

As A Program Student, I Understand That I Will Receive The Following:

  • Powerful, tested methods for developing intuition, healing abilities, and other abilities that go hand-in-hand with a deeper spiritual awareness.

  • Effective approaches that will allow me to get incredible control over my emotions and thinking, clear out the effects of past trauma, and break the grips that other people and situations have over me.

  • All of the support that I need to get the most out of the program - this includes phone and internet interaction, all with with you personally.

  • As a student, you will provide me with the opportunity to participate in your study groups and teleclasses, where I can ask questions and share my experiences.

  • I will also get access to the Private Student Website where I can find tons of helpful information, where I can ask questions and communicate with other students, where I can find audio files of the exercises in the program, video tutorials/animations, and more.

  • Your commitment that you will do your part in making this program the most enlightening experience of my life.

  • After I complete the training, full life-time access to all of the student resources you provide. I understand that your team is constantly improving and adding to the program, as you have been for 15 years.

Life Mastery Program Locations

For the most part, I teach the classes through correspondence in the Private Student Area of our website. I have many satisfied students all over the world. Occasionally, I do teach in-person classes and provide conferences in the North Florida area.

To take the program through correspondence/online, see the instructions below. Please contact me for detailed locations, dates, or additional information about in-person classes: Contact Me

Important: If you want to get personal training from me, your best chance is to get enrolled as soon as possible. I only take so many students at a time to guarantee that I am able to offer each of my students one-on-one personalized support. Again, I provide this by phone, in-person and through the Private Student Area of our website. This personal approach is necessary for true intuitive and spiritual development.

When I reach the limit of students I will teach, I stop promoting the program and all incoming students are referred to a waiting list.

Life Mastery Program Options

I am committed to providing affordable options for our services. This allows opportunities for growth to individuals in all walks of life, regardless of their financial situations. Why wait any longer?

Take these three easy steps to get enrolled in the program:

  1. Below, choose the Life Mastery Program Plan which is the best fit for you (if you have questions first, contact me).

  2. Click on the "Enroll Now" button of your choice to purchase the program safely online using PayPal or your credit card, or contact us to purchase program over the phone.

  3. If purchasing online, you will be directed to our shopping basket. Simply follow the directions to complete your purchase.

Important - if you want to take the program in-person at one of our locations, contact us before making any payments to confirm availability.

Payment Methods Accepted

  1. Online with PayPal or Credit Card - Pay with all Major Credit Cards and Debit Cards. We offer PayPal payments, which allow you to use your credit/debit card or bank account for payment (works with mobile devices). We also offer credit/debit card payments through an online form using (not available for mobile devices at this time).

    * Both online payment options are well known, safe and reliable, and both allow you to purchase without sharing any sensitive information (credit card numbers, etc) with LifeLeap Institute.

  2. Provide Your Credit Card Info Over The Phone - I accept All Major Credit Cards and Checkcards. See prices below and then Contact Me.

  3. Send Money Order, Check By Mail, Western Union, or Money Gram - If you pay with any of these methods (including a checking account transfer through PayPal), your payment has to clear before I can provide you this service. I would recommend these payments options as a last resort. For these options, see prices below and then Contact Me.

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I've known Dale for over 22 years and have done a great deal of personal work with him. I've used this training to spiritually manifest impossible feats in my life, even when my family and friends had no faith in my ability. It gives me the capacity to deal with life head on.

I've made my dreams come true career wise and I'm looking forward to what the future has in store. I've acquired the ability to follow my intuitive gut, which has saved me a lot of trial and error, misfortune, and has allowed me to achieve what I want. I really can't complain anymore about my life.

My friends and family noticed the changes in me right away. Especially if you don't have what you want in life, if you aren't happy, I encourage you to take advantage of this powerful resource.

Intuition Chat
Intuition Chat

It probably won't happen, but what if the methods in the Life Mastery Program don't work for you? What if you get stuck on any of the approaches offered? Great News - You have my personal guarantee I will do my best to help you through any challenges you face with the material of this program.

I'm happy to make suggestions on how to resolve issues and apply the training to your unique life circumstances.

The course is presented in a practical and easy-to-understand manner, but when you need help, I'm personally here for you.

Life Mastery Program Fees

Yes Dale, I'm Ready To Develop Sharp Intuition & Learn To Spiritually Attract What I Want In My Life, Easily & Quickly.

Yes Dale, I'm Ready To Experience More Of The Happiness, Success, Clarity & Personal Control I Deserve In Life.

I understand I will receive this powerful training program along with your personal support to help me get the results I want.

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