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      Profile Page Overview

      This is your own personal area in the Student Website. Every member has the own profile page. Here is a screenshot of an an example:


      Your profile page contains information for you and about you:

      • Your profile picture

      • Your cover photo

      • Description of how many credits you have earned

      • An personal activity wall with a list of all your community posts, comments, etc

      • Private Messages (you only)

      • Notifications (you only)

      • Your email receiving preferences (you only)

      • Your “Friend” list, and area to manage friends

      On the profile pages of other members, you will find:

      • Their profile picture

      • Their cover photo

      • An option for requesting them as a friend

      • Description of how many credits they have earned

      • An option to send them a private message (friends only)

      • Their personal activity wall with a list of all their community posts, journal, comments, etc

      • Their “Friend” list

      • A list of all topics they have created

      • The ability to comment on their activity (if you are friends)

      Your own personal profile can be reached at any time, wherever you are in the LifeLeap Community:

      • The orange “Profile” button at the top of each page

      • Click on your profile photo in any community post, activity page, etc.

      • Click on your username link in any community post, activity page, etc.

      • In the “Community Links” menu, which is found on every page

      The profile page of other members can be accessed:

      • Click on their profile photo in any community post, activity page, etc.

      • Click on their username link in any community post, activity page, etc.

      Navigating On The Profile Page

      1. Under you profile picture, you will see navigation button (wall, profile, notifications, etc)

      2. When you click on these buttons, you will then see the corresponding information appear below these buttons

      3. Sometimes, there are sub-navigation buttons below the main navigation buttons – these give you more options

      Also, when you are on the profile pages of other members, you will see buttons for “friend requests” and sending private messages. Clicking these buttons will create the desired action.

      Here is a description of the main profile areas, accessed by the corresponding button:

      • Wall – On your profile, and the profiles of other members, you will find an activity wall. This can always be reached by clicking the “Wall” button when on a profile page. The profile activity wall shows all the activity for the member’s whose wall you are visiting (your own or someone else’s). On you own activity wall on your profile page, we recommend keeping a journal.

      • Profile – This allows you to view and edit what appears in your profile. Here, you will see options for updating your email receiving preferences, entering your real name, uploading your profile picture, entering your time zone and location and more.

      • Notifications – Here, you will find your personal notifications. You will receive notifications when someone makes a comment to a topic you started, when you receive a friend request from another member, and when other Student Area activities relating to you occur.

      • Messages – Here you will find options for reading and sending private messages. Private messages are sent to other members/staff and only you and the recipient can see these messages. Private messages are good for setting up study groups sessions with other members, communicating with staff about sensitive issues, etc.

      • Friends – Here you can see who your “friends” are, see and respond to friend requests, and remove friends (but why would you do this?). There are also extensive sorting features for viewing your friends.

      • Forums – Here, you will find all forums relating to you (or another member if viewing their profile). There are sub-navigation buttons for forums you have created, your replies to forums, forums you have likes, and forums you are subscribed to.

        The best way to get acquainted with navigating your profile page (and the profile pages of other members) is to jump right in a experiment. Of course, if you have questions, let us know (post a reply to this topic).

      Note: You can always easily reach many of the features in your profile by clicking a link in the “Community Links” widget, which is available on every page throughout the member site.

      See Also:

      Uploading and Editing Your Profile Photo

      Editing Your Profile Info – Your Name, Location, etc

      Friends Tutorial

      - Dale Sellers


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      Can it be shown to public in my or privacy ,I can choose

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