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      Managing Your Friends

      The “friends” feature is a powerful resource in the LifeLeap Community.

      When you initiate and are accepted as a “Friend” with another member, you gain the ability to:

      • Communicate more easily with this member, including private messages

      • Receive alerts of this friends activity

      • Write and receive comments on personal activity walls of your friends

      To get started, you need to make friend requests.

      It’s easy – When you see someone anywhere in the member area, simply click on their picture to get to their profile page.

      Click the “add friend” button to add them as a friend. They will receive a private message with your friend request.

      You can also add, request, and delete friends in your Profile Area. This can be accessed easily from the main menu.

      Important Note: If you make a “friend request” and you do not seem to get accepted, don’t take it personally. Some members become inactive at times, some are very private and some may have just missed your message. It’s a good idea to make “friend request” especially to friends who seem to be recently active.

      - Dale Sellers


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      That’s awesome. I can actually make real friends here, I have been traveling so much that new friends have been difficult to find.



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      I love everything here. My new world!


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      I’m so intrigued but this whole concept! Can’t wait to dive in deeper!


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      Anyone can add me as a friend!


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      Anyone can add me as a friend!

      No, they can only make requests. But you have to accept it.


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      I will definitely do this when I start

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