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      Community Navigation Menus

      These menus are available on every page throughout the LifeLeap Community. The Community Navigation Menus are a quick and easy way to check things and change things in the Community Area. When on a desktop or laptop, the menus are normally located on the right side of every page. When on a smart phone, the menus are located at the bottom of the page.

      LifeLeap Member Menu

      The links in this menu aren’t so much for the Community Area, but more for your site-wide LifeLeap Membership.

      Use the links in this menu to perform important member functions:

      • Access additional member features, such as the Psychic Project, the Best Life Guide, and more
      • Add new member features when available
      • Change your login email and password
      • Create a support ticket to LifeLeap Staff
      • Logout of the whole LifeLeap Website

      Community Links Menu

      The links in this menu are for viewing and editing your member related information in the LifeLeap Community.

      Use the links in this menu to perform important member functions:

      • Viewing your personal profile page, where you will find your activity, settings and more.
      • An activity list of all actions you have taken in the Community Area including comments from others
      • Viewing all the forums topics you have started
      • Your personal “Friend” area where you can see a list of your current friend list, see friend requests other members have made to you, and more
      • Accessing your private message area where you can check for/send private messages
      • Accessing your notification area where you can see messages such as friend request, likes you have received, replies others have made to your topics and more
      • Edit Your Profile – there are many options for you
      • Uploading and changing your personal profile picture so other members can place a face with your name

      So To Put It Simply…

      Take advantage of the student menus. They are the quickest way to get around the Private Student Area and perform the important steps that will allow you to get the most out of being a student.

      - Dale Sellers


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      I thought this was a very good idea. It seems easy to navigate and the directions easy to follow

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