• yes, I’ve been doing the work for many years. I’ve had the pleasure of even working closely with some of the big time celebrity psychics. From what I’ve seen, most self taught psychics or those born with the gift do not hold up in the professional psychic world. All the good psychics I’ve met had legitimate training behind them. Many of us in the…[Read more]

  • It’s wonderful that you are concerned about the best interest of your son and not just what you want. I’m getting psychically that your son would learn better in a more home-based situation, compared to a more structured institutional settings. Not for every kid, but I am getting this for your son. His mind works fast and he get’s bored easily.…[Read more]

  • psychic tests can be found at the big blue tab at top of page under Psychic Project. I think there are in between updating it though.

  • I KNOW A MAN WHO LOST HIS SIGHT IN VIETNAM. HE NOW LIVES IN A $300,000 HOUSE AND WORKS AS A SUCCESSFUL ARCHITECT. HE HAS BEEN THE SOLE SUPPORTER OF A FAMILY OF 5. Sorry caps. Watch out about letting a health condition stop you. Too many people stop living “especially in the US” when they really don’t have to. The future isn’t set, but I am still…[Read more]

  • Here is a philosophy to ponder: Many people think that psychic stuff is only about looking into the future to see what will happen to us.
    Most of the time, what happens in the future is up to us, not some force or entity up in the sky.
    So rather than pondering what will happen to us in the future, maybe we are better off pondering what we need to…[Read more]

  • psmith4630 – psychic insights are good when you need to make a decision, when you are at a fork in the road. You issues seems to involve around your own emotional and psychological issues, not what needs to be done. I doubt if anyone here can “psychically” see what you need to do. I sense your obsessiveness, broken heart, and insecurity have…[Read more]

  • Hi Chris,

    Psychically it feels like it will be a while before you are out of school. I personally don’t like to look that far ahead into the future because so much could change between now and then. Maybe someone else on the forums will give you some insights. But let me ask you, how do you feel about what I said in the last post? Forums aren’t…[Read more]

  • First, be careful about blaming yourself. That’s not going to help either. A lot of these things occur on deep unconscious levels. It’s good to take personal responsibly that we are participating in these things on some level, but find another way of looking at it that doesn’t leave you blaming yourself.

    As far as meditation, I think most…[Read more]

  • It really sounds like you are dealing with a lot. That’s a tough situation for anyone to have to go through. I get a sense he does still love you, but he is very confused right now. Either way, it’s not fair to you. Psychically it feels to me that you have challenges ahead either way. I don’t see him running home soon, although it does feel as if…[Read more]

  • Glad to see you in the forums. You are asking some questions which all require big responses. Just to get started, what is one thing that you would like to know about the most? I will do my best to help.

  • I’m not a doctor, but I do get a psychic sense conceiving is still a good possibility. I think a lot of times women don’t conceive for emotional, anxiety issues. My psychic sense is you body is very sensitive to this.

    Remember, what we fear and what we focus on, we tend to attract to ourselves. Get your mind off of your fears and what “might not”…[Read more]

  • Chris –

    Psychic insights are good for decisions coming up and sometimes fro future predictions. My sense is that your issue relates more to personal development. I would suggest working on getting your confidence up. See book Positive Visualization by Gawain.

    Also consider staying out of clubs – this can be is a rough place to try to meet…[Read more]

  • Crystal,

    Read this forum topic read-before-posting-any-psychic-questions-t7.html

    You have to be a little more clear about your question. Don’t ask such a yes or no question, but put some thought into it. I could say yes or no, but that won’t help you. Think about this and ask your question again.

  • Christopher,

    First things first – watch out about the soulmate thing. There are surely many beautiful girls on the planet you could be happy with, not just one. If one is all you have, and it gets screwed up, that’s not a good thing. As far as your future and relationships, psychically it feels better 3-5 months from now. It feels you will have a…[Read more]

  • angie_here,

    Here is my psychic sense – you are a very strong spirited person with much to give to others. I really think you would be good at doing something which involves some type of activism or something where you are fighting for other people’s rights. I see a lot of administrative experience in your background, so I think this could be a…[Read more]

  • RonTheMan,

    It seems like you are in a tough situation. My psychic sense is this woman has two daughters and all of her energy is going into this right now. She feels shut down in the relationship area. I get a sense if you hand in there and keep reaching out, there is a good chance she will come around in the next couple of months. BTW, have you…[Read more]

  • spiritualvortex replied to the topic in the forum spiritualvortex 12 years, 3 months ago

    I’m getting that it’s probably his ex-wife. Still feels like he is locked into that. A point of advice – be careful about the soul mate thing. As I mentioned, if it doesn’t work out, there is someone waiting for you around tho corner (unless you block it by thinking the healthcare man is the only one you could ever be happy with). Also, be careful…[Read more]

  • spiritualvortex replied to the topic in the forum spiritualvortex 12 years, 3 months ago


    Glad to see you in the forums. My psychic sense is this person is already in another relationship, although it may not be the best. This could be just an emphasis towards another person, and it feels like this person works with kids, healthcare, daycare, something like that. Are you aware of this? As far as his feelings for you, I do…[Read more]

  • Angleguard,

    Your questions are very vague. Because these are forums, you are better off asking more specific questions. Narrow it down some so we can help.

  • Hi dorthy73,

    I’m getting that this goes deeper than just getting a new job. I’m getting that you need to do some emotional work with your relationship money. You have to be able to visualize yourself having more and know deep inside that this is possible. I’m not seeing that you can do this now. I’m seeing that there is a lot of lack in self…[Read more]