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    i’ve been pursuing this woman for over 6 months now and she won’t commit to a deeper relationship.i’m soooooo frustrated. Any ideas on what i can do? Will she ever love me as much as I love her? Here name is ann and she lives in new york.


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    It seems like you are in a tough situation. My psychic sense is this woman has two daughters and all of her energy is going into this right now. She feels shut down in the relationship area. I get a sense if you hand in there and keep reaching out, there is a good chance she will come around in the next couple of months. BTW, have you ever considered doing healing work yourself because I get a strong psychic sense you would be good at it. Put your frustration about her into this. Let me know if this helps. Also, let me know if you have any other questions.


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    I sense a business around her. She lives a fast paced life and is very independent. Neediness scares her. Show her you are also strong and independent. When you pursue less, she will pursue more.

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