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  • Syn started the topic Help…. in the forum Free Psychic Questions 1 year, 10 months ago

    My husband just said he wanted an uncontested divorce meaning no lawyers No court we just sign papers and it’s over. I don’t wanna do it and he’s not giving me any options. I don’t want it to end like this….Is this really the end?

  • I just need a quick answer.

    Should I be worried about my husband possibly cheating on me or am I imaging things?

  • Atof_06 wrote:That is a very clear statement for him to say. It sounds to me like he is struggling financially and doesn’t know how to use words to tell you. Therefore, he has used an ultimatum to clarify his concerns with you. His time frame is likely for you to meet if you decide he does need your help financially. Perhaps the two of you need t…

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  • Atof_06 wrote:Hi Syn, I get those feelings about things as well. You may want to talk to your husband to see if there is something he is dealing with. We tend to think of the worst possible outcome when it is usually something that we need to be aware of. I am thinking that it is not a split between you guys but maybe something he needs to get off…

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  • But I am precognitive and it alerts me to future issues mostly.

    I get the sense me and my husband are about to split up. But I don’t have a huge grasp on my ability. So all I have is a sense something big is about to happen and it feels negative. So can anyone confirm or deny this for me? Any information can help. It will also help me to see how…[Read more]

  • FionaM wrote:Not as uncommon as you might think. People do these things all the time without ever realizing it or trying. Just another form of psychic remote perception. I don’t think the connection matters so much. These things can be be done whether or not there is a strong bond. It’s more about your ability to focus, your level of psychic awa…

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  • So I’m sitting here scrolling the TV guide looking for something to watch and all of a sudden the TV froze sound and picture the birds got silent and the wind stopped blowing mid howl. My cat stopped moving mid step my house got dead silent. I didn’t imagin my cat stop walking all 4 paws off the floor. I felt everything go completely dead for 2…[Read more]

  • Syn replied to the topic Healing Available in the forum Metaphysical Healing 2 years ago

    My aura is destroyed my character is useless. I’m broken entirely. If you can help you’d be a godsend. I really don’t know where else to turn.

  • I’ve known my husband for 12yrs. We’ve been married for two but my issue is this. I have a son who’s 4 by a different man. I want to be with my son more than anything. But my husband is a chicken shit and refuses to move closer out of fear. Hes lived in the same place his whole life. Hes afraid of change and because of it my son and me are…[Read more]

  • Tamison wrote:some studies where they blew people’s psychic perception wide open, in a short amount of time. I’m talking about complete strangers with no psychic awareness or abilities. From what I heard, they had unpleasant results.
    You making this statement made me think about… if people have this ability to do this, to open up others abili…

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  • I do apologize to anyone who replied to me I’ve been very busy and my financials are tanking so my phone isn’t always on. But thank you so much for all your advice I’ll definitely try because I really want my abilities to work. I want to be able to help others more so than myself.

  • Honey I’m so sorry I just got your message. I’d love to help but my abilities are underdeveloped. I’m not able to control them at will yet.

  • Syn wrote on Wanwanjia’s Wall 2 years ago

    I apologize I didn’t realize I had friend requests.

  • Syn replied to the topic Familiars in the forum Psychic Development Forums 2 years ago

    I forgot to mention in the dream the name yzael came to mind. And I know yzael to be my guardian angel. So it’s possible this is how he has chosen to present himself to me. Either way I’m blessed to have him in my life. For such a little kitty he has so much love to give. I couldn’t be more greatful I found him and he found me.

  • Syn started the topic Familiars in the forum Psychic Development Forums 2 years ago

    So I got a story about how I met mine.

    A few months ago I decided to adopt a kitty. I called only to find out he was already adopted they directed me to their webpage. The first one I see is a 5mnth old grey cat named snook. He had bright orange eyes. I decided to go meet him. They told me that he was extremely unfriendly ad skittish he had one…[Read more]

  • Currently I have to be at work so I don’t have time to reply completely but I’ve read your message I’ll reply when I have a chance!

    FionaM wrote:There are certain methods you can use to filter and control what you see, and what you don’t see. Your emotions are what control most of this. Find a way to get control over your emotions. Once you do t…

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  • The problem is I’ve tried to talk to him. Hes never lied to me and I can Trust him. But after our last separation my trust in anyone is shaken. I just want the love and the peace and the harmony back.

    Alize1974 wrote:Take a deep breath of two. Breath in and out relax yourself sweetie. People with special gift as yourself tend to sometimes let it…

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  • I am able to see future events with almost spot on accuracy. Who where what and when. I’ve predicted several important events in my life.

    If anyone can help me I’d be most appreative. My problem is this. After an event in my life I predicted when I was 9 I’m unable to see anything past it. It’s the same reoccurring precognition. The event has…[Read more]

  • I have minor psychic abilities. That include being a partial seer precognition on rare occasions I can see through another person’s eyes or a spirits. I’m also highly intuitive and can predict a serious situation whether it’s good or bad with almost precise accuracy with when and who will be involved as well as what the situation will be. As for…[Read more]

  • I appreciate you taking the time to message me. I’ve already lost him twice before.and k get the sense if it doesn’t work this time then it’s for good. And I don’t know if mentally I can handle that. I’ll try what you suggested for my own safety….Thank you.

    SamanthaJ wrote:The program on here is a little pricey but in the grand scheme of things…

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