A glitch in the matrix?

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    So I’m sitting here scrolling the TV guide looking for something to watch and all of a sudden the TV froze sound and picture the birds got silent and the wind stopped blowing mid howl. My cat stopped moving mid step my house got dead silent. I didn’t imagin my cat stop walking all 4 paws off the floor. I felt everything go completely dead for 2 seconds tops it was so odd. Its not the first time it’s happened it felt like all time just stopped. I’m still freaked out. I know people say they hear a ringing from time to time in their ears but I head absolutely no sound no ringing nothing at all. Hearing the ringing is a disconnect in the nerves between the ear and the brain. I’ve had that happen before as well but what I heard was literal silence. After the two seconds were up everything resumed as normal.

    Can anyone explain to me what happened? Or why I’ve seen it happen a few times before?

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