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  • Hi , i am a new student , but an old teacher so i hope that you find the message useful ❗

    there are times when it is best to let the relationship go ,rather than force what is not to happen. if he has distanced himself from you, consider that it is for the best and carry on your life.. i am sure that there are others who love you, give them a…[Read more]

  • rose replied to the topic Crossroads in the forum Free Psychic Questions 10 years ago

    Hi Shadow.. how are you. you really sound a bit depressed . but remember the darkest hour is before dawn. i see a lot of good future for you. first of all , i would sincerly advice you to leave your husband. the children would be better without having someone abusive in their life. please try to continue your education as it will open the…[Read more]

  • rose replied to the topic changed friend in the forum Free Psychic Questions 10 years ago

    Thanks Kathy, that really was very helpfull of you. i was feeling somewhat the same about the frustration and you confirmed it. i will do as you suggest. Have a great day. thanks

  • i would first suggest that u removethe words difficult , loss and problems from your list … all face these it is how u look at them that is the important thing… so why dont u sit down and put on paper what all is troubling you… maybe then frame a couple of questions and then post them… response will be better that way
    one important thing…[Read more]

  • i would suggest that u ignore the mails … the person is just preying on your fears and is trying to make money from them…
    instead block the mails and be free from her influence. how this helps

  • hi th only advice i can give is find something that you love and see which subject that falls in…
    dont worry graduation is just the begining. even if u feel that it is a mistake later on , different doors will open up leading to the things that u love.. hoep this helps

  • rose replied to the topic Hi from India in the forum Get To Know Everyone 10 years ago

    hi i am also from india goa in fact… ict to see u . i am new out here . hope to meet a lot of friends

  • hi one way to increase your power would be to try the seven times seven method.. i saw it on youtube.. sorry dont remember the site. it goes like this . sit in a comfortable position and rub your palms very slowely one over another seven times then faster seven times and again faster seven times till you rub them 7* 7 times. it will help raise…[Read more]

  • hi your experience sounds facinating. in fact there is something i read in steve pavline website about contact with the dead . you could make a contact with them and specify time when you would like to meet them …not at your bedside. that could be a horried experience 😡 . try it and see . best of luck

  • that is really wonderful. i have also noticed that very often my friends and i have the same colours , including shades and people ask us if it was planned. i love the idea that you caon influence the thoughts of others even with regards to clothes that we wear 😆