Colour co-ordinated!


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    There is someone who I am drawn to because of their personality, particularly their psychic ability. They no longer live near me, but whenever we meet we both are wearing the same colour. On one occasion we were both wearing red tops (and that is a colour not normally favoured by either of us!) This week we both were wearing white smart blouses/shirts. I have noticed a similar thing happening with other people when I have a close involvement with them – sometimes we are even wearing the same shade of a very unusual colour. Can anyone shed light on this? Thanks.
    Lyn Marie 😉



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    Lyn Marie,

    Thanks for sharing. Synchronicity is great. I too have have noticed these things throughout my life. Just the other day, I met someone new and then kept seeing them in public locations multiple times after this. I’m not in a small town so the chance of this is rare. These things have always been a sign there is more going on behind the scenes than most people realize or acknowledge. Carl Jung (forefather of psychology) talked about this a lot.

    One thing that may contribute to this is psychic tracking. When you make a link with someone, no matter how much you see this person or how far you are away from them, their thoughts become somewhat immersed with yours, and vice versa. So you think “you” want to wear a blue dress one day, but you could be picking up on this other person’s thoughts. I’ve seen this happen between to close friends more often. I guess the next question is how can we use these types of experiences for benefit, maybe to help others. Anyway, I just wanted to share my 3 cents.



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    You know that is so neat! I get that too! Sometimes it even happens in groups I was meeting with my family (the women mostly) and they are normally pastel people…it was not christmas and we all ended up wearing red sweaters…we all noticed but didnt know if it meant anything..


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    that is really wonderful. i have also noticed that very often my friends and i have the same colours , including shades and people ask us if it was planned. i love the idea that you caon influence the thoughts of others even with regards to clothes that we wear 😆

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