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    I am a 30 year old mother. I am also a student and will, hopefully, have a great career soon. I am also unhappily married. I married my husband when I was very young. I had a difficult childhood- father left and mother wasn’t nice- and felt like I needed to have a family of my own quick to fill a deep void in my life. My husband is emotionally and sometimes a little physically abusive. I have been and still feel I am lacking in self esteem and put up with it because I loved him. Something happened a little over a year ago that sent me over the edge. I lost all love I had for him. I was extremely depressed and feel like I lost my mind a bit. My grades started declining and I was doing things I dont normally do. I lost a lot of weight because I couldn’t eat much. I felt like I was in the darkest hole of my life. I am currently stuck where I am at the moment for financial and educational reasons. Among the things I don’t normally do, I met someone and fell in love. He feels like the closest thing to a soul mate I could have. He is a great comfort to me right now. I feel some joy in life and my grades have really improved. But I am scared for the future. I am scared about what will happen with my new love, about my career, and what the affect will be on my children. It would be a great comfort to have some guidance, whether the future looks good or bad.

    Firstly, I would appreciate any insight you have about my new love.

    I would also appreciate any insight about my future that you can see.

    Thank you so much!


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    Hi Shadow.. how are you. you really sound a bit depressed . but remember the darkest hour is before dawn. i see a lot of good future for you. first of all , i would sincerly advice you to leave your husband. the children would be better without having someone abusive in their life. please try to continue your education as it will open the financial doors for you.
    with regards to the new pweson in your life…take a chance you have nothing to lose… only the bnest to gain. hope this helps you

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