Psychic abilities?

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      I believe I hear and see spirits, am I psychic? Can I really communicate with spirits? I’ve seen, heard, and felt spirits as long as I can remember but I’ve tried to “pretend” it wasn’t real when it really was. Now that I’m older and more curious I want to learn about how to safely interact with them. What and how am I supposed to do this?


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          Based on working with so many people over the years, I believe we are all psychic. Most people have the experiences you mention, but only some people pay attention to them. And less people have control over these abilities.

          And, the spiritual realm is highly populated. Loved ones and helpers are around most people. You see constant stories on the news of regular people having these encounters. Sometimes it can be imagination or mental illness, but oftentimes it’s real.

          Scientist all over the world have validated the truth of this, regardless of what a few stubborn, self-serving skeptics are preaching.

          To determine what you are encountering, I suggest trying to test the ability. For example, those in spirit will often show me a “unique indicator” which proves the experience is real. They may show a certain piece of jewelry or say something specific. Then, if you can verify this with a living loved one, you know you aren’t just imagining everything. This is just an example, but you can see where I’m going with this.

          Learning how to visualize better and just merely focusing on these abilities will help to develop them. Like so many things in life: What you focus on, expands.

          To really open up the ability, for most people it will be a matter of increasing the level of what you can tolerate. For example, if something freaks you out, it will tend to block your awareness of that experience.

          This is what blocks psychic ability in most people. They may think they can handle it, but psychic experiences are too intense for them. Built up reactive patterns from strict religious backgrounds, parents, movies, peers – these things get in the way. They block out everything just as people block out childhood trauma. It’s just too much for the untrained mind to handle, or there’s too much doubt.

          It’s really about getting absolute control over your emotions. The less you react, the more you will experience. There are specific methods for achieving this which are too involved to cover here. But, this is more important than learning some new method to developing psychic awareness, such as the ability to communicate with spirits.

          If you are serous about it, I suggest getting some training. We have an online psychic development course here, or you may be able to find something else which is suitable to you. Regardless, I encourage you to keep going. In my opinion, it’s much better than living blind, unaware of the deeper truths in life.

          - Dale Sellers

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