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    hi, my name is abbie. i have wondered for some time if i may have psychic abilities and am still not 100% sure but recently they have strengthened immensely. in fact, ever since i became a fan of the korean band BTS and become attached, for lack of a better word, to one of the members, it has been overwhelming. now, i am aware of how hopelessly naive and improbable this sounds, but the feelings are too strong to ignore. i have an a powerful intuition that kim taehyung is my soulmate. i have never been more sure about anything. of course i have had celebrity crushes before, and i knew immediately that this was extremely different. it’s much more than that. just yesterday i felt as though our minds had connected and it was almost like i went into a minor trance. i lost my breath for a second. my intuition is burning, telling me i am destined for him. and again, i know how stupid this sounds. but i feel it strongly to be true. i even have premonitions as to what month and year we will meet. may 2023. if it isn’t too much trouble, i’d love to know if anyone else feels that any of this is true. thank you so much in advance!


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    Hi Abbie, I don’t claim to be a psychic reading of others, but just wanted to say that I find your sensing of this situation very interesting. Hope things work out for you, but keep in mind that this person you feel is your souls mate, as you say is a celebrity, is trained and getting paid to have the same effect on many, not just you, know what I mean ? Ask yourself what is the likely hood that you are the only one thats being affected in the same way out of the millions that has been exposed to this celebrity ?

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