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      Hi Malinda, if at all possible could I get some healing for past life and present life trauma? It has manifested into my solar, sacral and throat chakra, probably all chakras but these are the areas of physical and health issues unexplained by doctor’s, especially the throat area. I would be so greatful thank you and infinite blessings!

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        Remote Healing Session
        April 9, 2020
        11:17 AM
        Namaste Beautiful Enchantres of Old: We have known each other in the past. Your energy feels familiar.
        Long have you carried past trauma. Your soul remembers the trauma of the last day in your beautiful home in Atlantis. There, you were a healer. In the opposing forces, as the end drew near, you were silenced and prohibited to use your gifts.
        Again, in 16th-18th century, you were a healer, clairvoyant, and herbalist (some of your gifts). I see you hanging from a tree in a forest in the midst of a young grove. It feels like Fall, early Winter. The branches are bare of leaves, and the colors are brown, orange, amber, red. (This also points to your lower chakras, and safety, protection, community is an issue for you.)
        We say, let your inner voice be heard. speak your truth. Practice the alchemical arts. Be the healer. Doubt not that you can heal from all past, present, future trauma in all dimensions of space and time.
        Lift your arms to heaven, and allow white light to shower upon you. Let it transmute to emerald, then violet. See all trauma burn away. Be filled with love and joy as the trauma is removed.
        There is inflammation on the left elbow. Digestive issues-eat balanced, nutritional foods. Avoid dairy. There is gluten sensitivity. The pancreas indicates some inflammation. You are asked to wear better shoes.
        The final message from all those that attended your healing is: Take time to meditate. Focus on your chakra/s every day. All or each one separately. Send energy from above to your crown down to your feet chakra, and then up again.

        May you be blessed in ALL ways.

        Love, Melinda


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          Hi Melinda, I don’t like to asking for things, especially when I have nothing to give in return, but I am willing to try anything to help emotionally heal the man I love, me and our relationship. Could I PM you? The details are just too private, too easy for anyone to judge.

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