How Do You Control Your Mind? [video]

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      Until now, this method has only been available to students of our Life Mastery Program. Because it’s so powerful and easy to use, I am making it available to everyone. Take the time to see this video and learn how to make radical changes in your life using this simple technique. Of course, please share this with your friends and family – it will help them. Let me know you thought or questions about the video.

      PS: Although very powerful, this is a beginning level exercise. For a complete approach to getting control over your life, developing incredible intuition, and manifesting what you want, see our Life Mastery Program

      - Dale Sellers


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      Thank you Dale. I can say from experience this works. I hope others will use it as I have to make the needed changes in life.


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      Lovelyl! I’m very enthusiastic to try this out, hopefully soon enough! Thanks for this 🙂


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      Thank you dale. Excellent tool to help eradicate negative thought and images in the mind before they lead to low mood and depression.


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      Thank you for the free video i am exited to try it out



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      I learned and tried to use this method over my difficult son. Instead of flushing his image into the toilet, i put his image back to his study table or bring his image to accompany me when i walk for exercise. After a while, i can calm down all my worries over his educational performance. The relations between us become smoother and i saw some positive indications from him for more attention to his studies.
      I will try this method every day to improve the situation this way, than to brooding him over and over.


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      Thanks for the video am going to put it practice right away


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      This exercise has helped me a lot when dealing with situations that are stressful


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      This actually helped me! Thank you for this instructive video. I plan to continue logging on to use this video whenever I feel outside control.

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