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    so i’m in my teen years and i have no idea if it’s a phase or whatever but there’s this girl i have crazy feeling for, but i haven’t come out or anything i’ve only told one person… does anyone think they could help me in this really confusing moment in my life…?


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    Hi Piperrattay, Interesting that you wonder if your in a phase. As females we were created to be nurturing and loving. It is a survival technique that nature created to ensure we keep the human population going.This is in my own opinion of course.
    Yet,Why would it be un-natural to have feelings for someone of more than just in a limited friendship kind of way just because they are the same sex ?. Course it could pose problems if you wanted to have children via the nature made way if it isn’t just a phase. But there is solutions to that as well. Adoption, invetro-fertilization and by now I’m sure medical science has other options.
    And besides, it doesn’t mean you have to act on these feelings if they are more in depth than just a friend, or if you feel uncomfortable and they go against your beliefs and up-bringing.
    And I’m still asking myself, who made the rules that we have to limit who we love and have intimate relationships with anyway …I can’t remember agreeing to this, so it must have been before my time here on earth.

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