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    I am really struggling. I am currently working as an Administrator and I am not sure this is the right job for me. Actually, every job I’ve been in, I was completely unsatisfied. And those google career tests don’t help.
    Also, we are not dirt poor, we have a flat to live in and we eat okay but sometimes we don’t make it and have to choose food for our son versus food for my husband and I. How can I find the answers? I don’t even know where to look!


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    Hi JazzAzar, I can relate to your post, been there done that. It wasn’t at all fun. I’ve joined and signed up as a student on this site and very surprised with the results after only 3 lessons. Not to mention all the various reading articles thats offered in addition, perhaps some of these could help you in specific areas of developments if you decide to pursue this level of advancement. At 1st it was hard for me to understand the concept that I deserve and have the right to be happy, healthy and wealthy, but the these mental states and material things wasn’t what was lacking. So no amount of money, job changes or satisfaction or food helped for long after I got them. So, it took a considerable amount of time to find the right training and tools to understand how to go about achieving what I was looking for. Hope things get better for you soon.


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    I hope things get better soon, also at a job that gives me no satisfaction , a mother with 2 young girls were struggling also. I wish you the best

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