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    Hi Melinda

    I would really like a general spiritual reading if possible please?

    One specific thing I’d like clarity on is a time of my life around November 2016 – July 2017

    Not sure how this works so let me know if there’s anything else

    Thank you

    • November 2016-July 2017
      I sense a lot of turmoil in your life during this period. There is a sense of loss. Whatever happened during this time, brought you to a place of better focus. I am told you needed to be more focused in your life…motherhood, career, and relationships.
      I hear that you learned to stay strong when the going got tough. You m…[Read more]

  • Hi I’m looking for advice and perspectives on regular experiences I have when meditating in bed before sleep as it can be terrifying sometimes. So basically what happens is that while lying down with eyes closed I can see the room I am in from the perspective of where I am lying I see another ‘me’ stand up out my body from where I am lying and i…[Read more]

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