OBE or something else?

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    Hi I’m looking for advice and perspectives on regular experiences I have when meditating in bed before sleep as it can be terrifying sometimes. So basically what happens is that while lying down with eyes closed I can see the room I am in from the perspective of where I am lying I see another ‘me’ stand up out my body from where I am lying and it does various things in the room the things in the room, what terrified me was the other night I saw something dragging a body across the floor out of my bedroom door and then someone else lean over my physical body and put their hand to my face then leave the room. This isn’t an OBE as I stay in my physical body and see this from where I am lying it’s like I am witnessing an OBE I know this sounds mad and confusing just wondering if anyone knows what this is as I have searched everywhere and can’t find anything on this I only see things on typical OBEs but it didn’t fit here I don’t feel? Any advice would be appreciated

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