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  • Soonersfan18 started the topic Healing in the forum Metaphysical Healing 1 month ago

    I could definitely use some healing, I’m currently taking care of my mom who has stage 4 melanoma, it isn’t easy but I’m trying my best, I do wish my dad was here but he passed away in 2013. I’m also working so it’s hard, I could use healing maybe more energy for me, lately I’m so tired like I could sleep all day. Also I had a friend who used to…[Read more]

  • 2019 has been a rough year. First my mom has stage 4 melanoma and is going through treatments, she also has congestive heart failure, I feel like she might be getting worst but not sure. Second my mother in law passed away in July, we miss her very much, I still can’t believe she is gone. In August my wife was told she can’t have children, I…[Read more]

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