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    Read and understood.

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    Hello so happy to be here

  • Hello every one from (not too sunny today), Southern California! I have to admit I am a little excited for the learning experience anticipated here. I have an unquenchable, (is that a real word?), thirst for knowledge and thrive on the topics, of which I have input based on experience. Every person is unique, and that is both wonderful and…[Read more]

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    Hello FionaM
    Thank you for replying.things seem to be changing so fast and I’m not sure where things are going.I trying to stay positive and focused but feeling like things are spinning out of control.do you see what is wrong and how I can regain control again. Thank you for reading and thank you for your insights

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    Me too appreciate your work buddy. I am searching this book since months. And on on-line store its available with heavy prices.I love this forum because these forums is filled with great people like you my friend. You make other work easy. Thank you so much.