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    Hello every one from (not too sunny today), Southern California! I have to admit I am a little excited for the learning experience anticipated here. I have an unquenchable, (is that a real word?), thirst for knowledge and thrive on the topics, of which I have input based on experience. Every person is unique, and that is both wonderful and fascinating! I look forward to meeting you and hope you feel the same (I love to laugh, and seeing others laugh), because I tend to share my “humor” that is corny at its best. Please, accept my apologies now for any future attempts of wittiness. Thank you for having me! 🙂


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    Haha, what a lovely introduction! Nice neeting you 🙂


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      Myrna – welcome to the community. Keep sharing and participating. We are glad to have you here!

      - Dale Sellers


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      Im new as well but wanted to say hello to my fellow new traveler.


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      I love your intro! Very update and fun! Welcome to the community!

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