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    Its me again. This time I would like to ask a question concerning a psychic i have benn seeing for a couple of months now.
    Her name is Sabrina ind she is amazing. She reinforces me everytime that i see her that My ex and I are soulmates and that we are meant to be together. So far i have paid her almost $200 to help me fix the negative energy I have to ensure that he comes back into my life. She explains that with her help he will definately come back. So far the work she has done for me and the prayers she has me say, have been working some what. Before I started doing a prayer that she had wrote for me to hold while holding my wedding ring, We never spoke it was all uncivil and our conversations were two three words tops. After i said the prayer for a week or so, my Ex decided to give my car back to me and we actually had a 24 minute long conversation! It didnt last long we are now back to being hateful with very short words to each other. My question is this, Will this work she is doing for me work? Am i wasting my time and money? My birthdate is 12-08-1984
    My husbands birthdate is 11-30-1982 and my name is Lindsey his name is Shawn. Please I know i ask alot of questions i just honestly need help, im desperate. I wish i could answer some questions for people but sadly im not gifted with psychic abilities. Thank you.


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    There are some excellent guidelines as to how to select a reputable psychic right here at the LifeLeap Institute site. From the Home page, just click on the “psychic counseling” tab, then click on the “free psychic facts guide” tab.

    I would have a very hard time trusting someone who would continue to take my money, and as you said–this has not been helping. It seems as if when your ex comes back into your life however briefly, it is only causing you more grief. You should not have to pay someone to take away negative energy. There are ways in which you can do this for yourself.

    If you still feel strongly connected to your ex, you may want to give it a maximum of another 90 days to see if situations should improve. If not, there are others out there who would treat you with the kindness and respect that you deserve.

    Please stay in touch and let us know how you are doing–

    Kathy N.


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    This lady sounds like a typical gypsy scam psychic. You would have better luck driving down street and blow your money out the window.

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