Will it get better?

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    Things just seem to be going horribly wrong..My marriage feels dead,my son is very sick, and I’m a nervous wreck. Advice?? Anything?? I doubt a response because I’ve always been an underdog that trys to help others and it usually backfires…


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    Sorry to hear things are rough for you. Life can be challenging sometimes, no matter who you are. People get sick, job markets change, people die. With spiritual perception, you gain the ability to see things in a clear way, which is beneficial. So, a good option is to develop a deeper sense of spiritual awareness. Working with the chakras is a good start. Also, rather than focusing on how bad things are and wondering if things will get better, I suggest taking immediate steps to MAKE things better. Of course, there are things you can do on the physical level: better communication in your relationship, better diet and supplements for your son, and so on. In my experience, I’d say what’s even more important is what you do on the emotional, mental, spiritual levels. Your emotions will tend to influence so much of life on the spiritual level, so I’d say this is a good start. Do whatever you have to do to get control over your emotions, regardless of how bad you perceive things to be. You may have already tried to do this and may think it won’t work for you, but this is possible and actually not that difficult. There is training offered on this site: emotional control lessons (it works for me) or you might be able to find something else. I get a psychic sense you can still repair your marriage, you can participate in your son’s healing, and you can be happier. You just have to start taking steps, which I don’t sense you have been doing. Things probably aren’t going to get better unless you get more active in making them better.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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