Why do I feel such a strong connection?

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    There is guy I have had a crush on for around 3 months now! I have never talked to him only some of his family members briefly. Since nothing was happening, I have been trying to forget about the whole thing and move on, but each time I try to something happens such as meeting his grandparents accidentally and getting smiles and other vibes from the other family members! As a whole I feel like I have such a strong connection with the whole family and a sense of belonging! There is also another brother and i’m wondering if my future is with either one of them, or will there ever be anything that will come of these feelings! It has been really confusing me and I need an answer as to why I am feeling this way, as I never have before. Thanks for the help.


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    These things happen. As I focus on the situation, my intuition says it’s a matter of you being in energetic sync with this man and his family. Sometimes you encounter people and you are just on the same wavelength. It feels like you’ve known them forever or you are meant to be with them somehow.

    As I focus on your situation, it also feels like it’s a past life thing. We tend to travel in groups from lifetime to lifetime. We feel it when we run across someone with a previous connection from the past.

    Now, a word of caution, just because you feel this connection doesn’t mean something is meant to be. Connections are great, but they aren’t always enough to make relationships work.

    I would put some feelers out and see if you can somehow explore what can happen with the man. Right now, my intuition says it doesn’t feel like it’s going to happen on it’s own. You’re going to have take steps. And if something does happen, go for it If it doesn’t with a couple months, it might be time to walk away and go find someone else. Be cautious about putting your life on hold for this type of thing. This could prevent you meeting that aw some person you could be happy with.

    Just because you haven’t felt this type of thing before, doesn’t mean you can’t have it again. You can.

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