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    I recently interviewed with 3 very different companies for a job. One company is a very established investment firm, the next one is with a pharmaceutical data company, and the last one is a start up chemical company. Which job would be most lucrative in the short term and the long term. Which job should I choose?


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    Which job would give you the most personal satisfaction? It is important to work at something that you like. If you are offered a position with more than one of these companies, you might want to select the one that is the most solvent. Insurance and other company benefits are also important.

    Please keep in touch and let us know which positon you accept.

    Best wishes,


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      I actually got a psychic pull towards the investment work, but doing it own your own, your own business. Not the only thing you could do to be happy, but my sense is that if wouldn’t be as difficult for you to set this up as most people, and it would offer more freedom than the other options in front of you; more flexibility with your time, more income potential. Also, I don’t see you being very happy working in the corporate box for too much longer. Let em know your thoughts-

      - Dale Sellers

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