When a man leaves you due to your baggage

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    I am so depressed and can’t pull myself up. Tried apologizing yesterday for the words I said to him. He hasn’t responded. He wanted me to call him after I dropped him off with all his things to make sure I made it home safe. When I did he didn’t pickup my call. He told me he still loved me before I left him as I do him. He also said to call him in a couple of days and to FOCUS. Please if you are intuitive, I really need help.


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    I’m not intuitive but I’m big on reaching out in estranged relationships you want to fix. In that case, I think he may think you’re not ready to properly reconcile with him. It isn’t just about saying I’m sorry and moving on. It’s also about what you can do to come to a mutual understanding with him. It’s also about what you can do within yourself to better yourself. Ask yourself how things got to this point. In an ideal situation, he’d be ready to do the same thing. It’s important to know that this can be a lengthy process so hang in there and keep strong. It might be the toughest thing you’ve ever done but it’s always doable. Best of luck!


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    Hi Katie:

    My heart hurts for you.

    If someone refers to your life as “baggage”, they are not worthy of your presence. Everyone has darkness and though heartbreaking, if the person in your life has made you feel less of a person due to your past difficulties and experiences; they are emitting an emotional frequency that will hinder your healing rather than help you walk through it.

    I pray you attract someone who has grown to a spiritual level where you will be guided and cherished for overcoming a past rather than criticized for the hardships, and where they will offer a safe space for you to freely be you under grace. Often times, we can find ourselves in relationships without spiritual guidance, especially where severe trauma has occurred. When this is the case, it is important to have a partner with a strong guidance system, but compassionate understanding of your particular needs. It sounds like in this instance, this may not be the case?

    My journey, and I hope this helps, has taught me to let “whatever comes come and let whatever goes go.” Unfortunately, people can outgrow each other and love should never feel forced, nor should you be forced to live in a state of criticism – should this be the case, it is dangerous to your psyche and emotional well-being. I often refer to this as being held emotionally hostage and have found it never ends poetically. If your apology is not enough for this particular person, I would caution about unrealistic expectations.

    Many blessings and love to you.



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    “whatever comes come and let whatever goes go.”

    I really like that…thanks for sharing.


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    HIs actions reveal himself more than anything else. Self-realization is looking within and working on becomming aware of his own baggage he, too, drags around. To use your baggage as an excuse, is hurtful and simply means he is not willing to see his own. This type of situation usually brings a lot of blame, criticism, and can be disappointing when one-sided. Relationship is the arena where we can guage our own growth through another person’s eyes. Meaning we cannot possibly see our self fully, and also learn about ourself when others share their experience of us both positive and negative. Without relationship, it would take so so long to grow. Relationship is a gift, because we are challenged , like pushing buttons, for example, which we may react to. It is this reaction that is a clue. A clue as to where to begin self-awareness and unpeel the layers that hide our real self.

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