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    Hello everyone,

    Let me explain what has happened in the last couple of months. I had a roommate for 8 years. Although we never hung out or anything I considered him a friend. Never had any issues over anything. Then one day he decided to physically attack me. I still not sure why. After that he packed everything and moved. That left me with a major financial burden. I was forced to move out but I had no place to go. I ended up at a friend’s friends house. Either that or the streets. Now I am living with some people who are addicts and party every night. Some of the people that show up are to be honest dangerous and scary. I did know that one of the persons there was in jail. I made an agreement with him on rent and to help his girlfriend out. His girlfriend has some health and mental issues so I agreed.
    So with that said I am working if I took on more than I can handle. I was hoping for some insight as to how things are going to work out and what do I need to do. My mind has been in a fog every since this has started. So any insight would be great.



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    If you could manage the rent for a small efficiency apartment on your own, this might work best for you. Or perhaps a professionally operated rooming house? It could help you immensely to be responsible for only yourself. Be careful about entering into any agreements to assist others when you don’t know their true circumstances. Look for housing from a company where you will have a written lease or rental agreement. If there is an agency within your city that could help find you housing within your financial means, that could be a good place to start. Best wishes~

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