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      Hello, everyone!
      At 7th of January 2021, I met my current boyfriend. He’s from the US, and I’m from Bulgaria. We spent every day and night together since we met, and eventually we fell in love. Like every long-distance couple we had our highs and lows. But we still love each other, we communicate a lot and everything. Even my parents know about him, honestly only my mother and her boyfriend. They are really happy about us, and of course support us in this.
      September 2021 I applied for visa interview, but there were no dates available. He got really dissapointed when I told him that, and so do I. Since then I spend every day checking the embassy website for dates. Still nothing. At some point we are feeling a lack of hope, but trying to hold on. After all, we are planning to get married there, and live together in the US.
      So, my question is.. will I get the visa soon? Will I have an interview soon? Will we succeed in our goal?
      Name: Elena
      Birthdate: 26.11.1999

      Thanks to everyone that can possibly answer my question and give me some time frame, even if they can’t, I’ll still be thankful for the answer.
      Sending lot of love on your way! Stay safe!


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        I’m getting psychically that it will more than likely happen, but I’m getting there will be up to a 6 months delay. Keep visualizing, seeing it like it’s already happening, and try to get where you “expect” it to happen. I wish the best for you.

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