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    Will my twin-flame, Evan ever going to open up to me? Will he admit to me how he feels if I were to ask?


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    I’d be careful about the twin flame thing. This is some fairy tale concept somebody made up. There are many people on the planet you can have awesome relationships with, all different. The concepts of twin flames and soulmates create neediness and desperation in most people, even sometimes leading to suicide. So unnecessary. I’m sensing this person you are interested in is too selfish right now. He does care a little, but I’m sensing it might not be enough to really make a relationship work. Be careful about giving your life away to someone who won’t meet you have way. I do get a positive sense about you telling him how you feel. Get it out in the open instead of waiting around even longer. If he meets you half way, go for it. If he doesn’t it, dump him and move on. I keep seeing someone out there, around the corner, who will likely give you more attention and respect. Also, be careful about focusing too much on “what’s in it for you.” I’m getting there needs to be more compassion on your end. This should help to open you up more, and could help your romantic ability reach a new level. People aren’t pets.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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