Trying to figure out how he sees our future based on random comments he makes

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    Hi. I have been with my boyfriend for 8 months. We have acknowledged our love for each other and have met each others’ parents. On our first date, I had expressed I had told a psychic that who ever were to love me would have to live in my house as this is where my daughter and self wish to stay. He has made random statements over the past few months like asking what I think of a family member’s marriage and them being soulmates, stating twice that he felt different from his brothers because they were both married but now he found the right one (me). Most recently we have talked about getting a hotel room for New Years. I asked what kind of room was he looking for so I can look at different places. He had said something romantic, with a jacuzzi, and balcony. He has in the past two weeks, made two different toasts to us. The first was to our future and the second was to us, no other statements included, just those words. In July, I had found out by accident he was in no hurry to get married (never married) when my daughter sent me a ring that she had liked with her favorite character on it, but it looked like a diamond ring until I explained the character on it to him. A week after, my brother was in a really bad accident (thankfully okay) and he would make random statements about if it was me, he would visit me in the hospital every day and most recently, what would I do if it was him in the hospital. Sometimes it feels like he has started to shift thinking toward more marriage minded. Other times, I don’t know. I won’t ask because I don’t know if I am ready to hear a negative response. The closest I came to asking about the topic was to state that while I was working on my dissertation (on marital satisfaction), and we married, would he have completed the study with me if someone else scored the information and I didn’t get to see any of the responses, and the information would not be given to me. He had said, if we were married, he would. I had then tried a second question that if we were married, would he continue to kiss me like he kisses me now when he sees me. He said yes. I had then said that if we were married, I would like that very much. I can never seem to figure out what he is thinking and it can be frustrating but at the same time, I am not completely ready to ask more details because I am afraid of how he might answer and I don’t want it to ruin anything in our relationship if I don’t take it well (me not being as lovey because I feel hurt type thing). I am usually clueless about things that happen to me, like relationships stuff and never seem to be able to pick up on those type of clues for myself. I was just wondering if anyone had any insight into where his mind might possibly be leading. Thank you.

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