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    I was once told by a psychic that I can sense things & that my senses will get stronger .. but what exactly does that mean?


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    I was told this as well, this month by a psychic. She told me that I am a psychic as well and she can tell I have a powerful gift i haven’t yet discovered but can and will do great things with. When, she told me that, I started to think about everything she said to me, and took all of it in. I realized that a lot of what she was telling me about myself was true and that I really did experience the things she was describing all the time, since I was a child. So i stayed up all night, researching. Trying to learn how to expand my gift and the things i could do to help it grow. There are so many sights, and so many chat rooms where you can recieve courses, excerises and support that will help you discover your gift and learn how to embrace yourself.


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      Great to see both of you exploring your psychic gifts. Like Einstein said “Intuition is the most important thing.”

      I truly believe anyone can develop these abilities, it’s just a matter of proper training and experience.

      A word of caution though: many commercial psychics will tell you “you are gifted” just to play to your ego. It’s a common tactic. If they can get you feeling special about yourself, you keep calling them. Not always the case, but take this into account.

      Regardless, I say it doesn’t matter what some psychic says, especially about this. Spiritual awareness is not an exclusive ability available only to some people. It’s a natural innate human ability. We all have it available, just waiting for us. Some of us embrace this, and use it, and some of us don’t.

      I made a reply a while back which relates to this, which you may find helpful:

      Welcome to the LifeLeap Community. I’ve trained many people over the years to develop psychic awareness and abilities – college students, doctors, attorneys, house wives, construction workers, you name it. Anyone can do it – it’s just a matter or proper training and experience.

      No “one” person is more special than the “other.”

      You will hear so many people say things like “I was born with the gift” and “I’m a third generation physic” and “I am a natural born light-worker.”


      This is usually just an “angle” to make themselves feel “special” and/or to make you feel the same way, so you keep needing them, so you have to keep paying them.

      Psychic and healing ability are a natural innate abilities which are available to anyone. It’s just a choice to develop these things or not. Some of this just acknowledge this and use it to help ourselves and others. Most people simply don’t, for various reasons – fear, ignorance, arrogance, laziness, rigid beliefs, etc.
      Science, including researchers at Princeton University, have already done extensive research to validate these kings of abilities, abilities which exist in everybody.

      Everybody has it. There are simple test which can be used to validate this. But to be able to use it effectively and control it, most people require training.

      These abilities are actually easy to develop. I could work with anyone over the phone, with some simple exercises, and blow anyone’s perception open to an incredible level – full blown psychic awareness, psychic influence, mediumship abilities, healing abilities, etc.

      We’ve done field studies, where we accomplished this easily with people – anybody, regardless of their training or ability.

      So opening the abilities is not the challenge. What’s challenging is integrating this change in awareness into your life, in a comfortable and stable manner. This is why we spread our training out, over a period of time. We give you the time and tools to get control over yourself, and your abilities. It’s about opening you up, without terrifying you!

      So be careful with other approaches which don’t give you the tools and understanding to manage the changes you are going through – I’ve seen several courses and classes which will open you up, but fail at helping you to manage your new level of awareness.

      I always say “Power shouldn’t be feared or avoided, but it’s good to respect it!”
      So if you want to develop these abilities, get some proper training (we offer this here and there are other places where you can find this). Even if you are naturally experiencing abilities and awareness without training, training will help you to manage and understand these things. I’ve met a lot of “natural” psychics who just don’t have the control or precision needed in life.

      Hope this helps!

      - Dale Sellers


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      I agree that many ill-meaning readers say this to form a false sense of connection and trust. But i also feel many ppl undermine true gifts and do not trust their instincts intuition higher self. Since i was a toddler i have possessed claircognizance and slowly learned to not ignore what “came to me.”

      Trust in urself and allow these gifts to become stronger.

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