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    Our angels, ascended masters and guides are always sending us love and support. Some individuals are unaware of the signs that are being sent to them; which, is totally okay because it’s not something that we are told to be aware of.
    A long my journey, I’ve noticed signs and synchroncites through repeating numbers, music, commercials, gifts from spirit (charms, coins etc.) physical sensations, and wild coincidences (which i don’t believe in). Everything happens in divine alignment for our own persobal development.
    What people are unaware of is the fact that we can ask spirit for signs! I do this by writing a question in my journal and asking for a specific sign to clarify my question. I’ll ask “please send me a pink rose to show that I am on the right path … ” At first, I didn’t believe that asking spirit from signs would work, but as I wrote things down I realized that spirit was fulfilling my divine request with love.
    Always thank spirit and have an open heart to be receptive to the signs that are being given. If we are still, spirit can be heard. ❤

    Shine on


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    Thanks for sharing!!!!

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