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    Maybe I’m stuck in a new rut of Metaphysical Healing.
    Do realize there are limitations one must adhere to, yet it begs the ‘question’ of ‘what actually needs to be done’ as opposed to doing a ‘general type healing’.
    When talking anything bible related, it will stir up caustic pro and cons dissuading one from entering any discussions. Yet there are words well written that say we humans are ‘spirit, soul and body’. Funny / sad thing I found, that ‘what’ one does to any one aspect of ‘spirit, soul and body’, does affect the other two aspects, in some way, shape or form.
    Like one song goes ‘know when to hold em, know when to fold em’, same applies to Metaphysical Healing. Enters that magnificent thing called ‘Free Will’.
    My understanding of it is ‘yes, we have ‘free will’, but only up to a certain point.
    Yes, humans say one thing but actually mean some thing else.
    Unless any healer, gets the ‘one thing’ and the ‘some thing else’, chances are there will be no true healing or any healing.
    You expected a precise methodology of Metaphysical Healing !
    There is none, as we are all unique. All healing must be approached from that perspective, At least is how I see it.

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