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    I have a question. My partner and I have been in and out of our relationship for 5 years. We love each other dearly and we’re working on our issues. We have 2 children and were trying for a Third baby a few times over the last 3 years with no luck. We started trying in December and have still been unsuccessful.
    The last few weeks we havent been speaking to each other. I’m devastated as I haven’t fallen pregnant and I feel like this time it’s the end of us – I won’t list them but so many other things have happened and this time it feels like the end forever.
    I have seen 2 clairvoyants (paid) and BOTH of them saw another baby. Now she says ‘oh well it could go either way, I’m shocked but not shocked.
    Now Ive run out of money but can’t sleep, eat or function.
    I need guidance to move forward.

    Is this the end? Is there another man waiting for me and another baby?
    I’m hoping someone can tell me

    looking forward to hearing from


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    Another baby shouldn’t make or break ur relationship just love him an try to let things happen stop trying so hard An it’ll all work out


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    As I look at this psychically, I’m getting the same as @Jhopson29

    The stress and anxiety are likely keeping you from conceiving. Also, is your partner only worth something if he can get you pregnant? What about being appreciative for what you do have? What about taking steps to strengthen your relationship, regardless if you have another baby. Usually people don’t fall out of love, they allow it to happen. Then they play the victim card when it’s all over. Don’t fall for this trap. I’d suggest looking into meditation to deal with your stress. It will work if you don’t make excuses for why you can’t do it. This could also help with your fertility. And who cares what some clairvoyant said. I’m getting a sense this person is psychic line type anyway, not much accurate ability. Be wary. The future is not etched into stone. You can change it. Also, I keep seeing you at a church. Maybe it’s time to go back and spiritual.

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