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    My boyfriend and I were living with his older sister for about a month so we can start bettering ourselves and getting back on the track with our lives. About a week and a half ago he told me that his sister had told him that he had to go to Oklahoma City to help his little sister with her baby. The next day he had asked me if I had other place to live because his older sister said I can not live there since he’s not going to be there. He knew that I did not have another place to go to. I also didn’t have a job or no money or car but had filled out an job application to a job that’s going to be a guarantee hire. He seen and knew how scared I was and how hurt I was about him leaving me with absolutely nothing and not knowing how I was gunna survive or continue to stay on the right track. He had told his sister too that I had no place to go to and no help from no one. She said I still had to go. He was going to be gone a month but ended up only being gone for a week and he did not tell me he was coming back early or told me when he got back. While he was gone I would call him still express my feelings and hurt and he seemed liked he cared and still concern but tells me I need to figure it out and do what I need to do to better myself but before he left he said help me with what he can. He got really mad at me when I told him that I feel it’s not right that I have a boyfriend who says he does loves me but yet knows I’m struggling and still is letting me go through the struggles alone and has not yet helping me over come them. I’m making some progress but he says that I’m not/have not anything yet but got the job. I feel he’s not understanding that I can only do so much with nothing or no help. Am I wrong for feeling this way and why is he still letting struggle and hurt and gets mad when I express how I feel about the whole situation?

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