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    I, Jennifer, am thinking about my life and future. I am planning to get in a master’s program, and I am hopefully that a university will accept me in a counseling program for this fall. I am setting my goal that I try to move back to my hometown because it will be easier for me to start a new life, career, and money. Speaking of love? I do have a boyfriend, Mike, and we have been together for four months. He has a great heart and treat me a wonderful person. He shows me a lot of love but not enough. I know he is a married man. I feel frustrating for us that we do not have much time for each other because of his work and many reasons. He keeps telling me that he can wait for me until after I graduate with my master’s degree. If I become a successful woman, he can be with me. He is seriously-consider to divorce with his wife, but it takes a while for him make a decision. Well, I do not know how long it will take us to be a healthy relationship. Do you think there is a possibility for us to be together after he is a divorce? What would happen to me in 10 years?

    Thank you for your time.

    P.S. DOB: Jennifer-9.14.1984- Mike- 7.10.1973


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    I am speaking from experience not as a psychic but usually they do not leave their wives. Of the women I know involved with married men I only know one who actually left. I also sense you would not follow my advice to tell him you won’t see him until he shows you divorce papers. You are in too deep. I also sense kids around him???? Makes it harder to leave when kids involved. Also, “if they will do it with you, they will do it to you” is appropriate. I know that is not what you want to hear but honest. I don’t judge you as I made that mistake when young and lonely and believed he was divorcing and we would have a life together.

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